Thursday, March 27, 2014


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I finished reading your memoir Flip.
Awesome stuff!
I feel I can relate to you more than any other Asian PUA groups because they're usually based in those English speaking countries.
I'm a Malaysian-Chinese currently in Brazil.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

For Asian-American guys

Poster in another forum asks,

What about Filipinas and Chinese/Taiwanese guys? I don't have money, status, nothing. I'm shy and it takes time for me to open up. If I go to the Philippines, will I score well with a good lady? Do they care that much about age differences? 

I like girls that are kind, sweet, and caring, but also someone that I can talk to and really have conversations. 

Should I switch to another country or keep Vietnam and China? 

For Asian-American guys 

Listen to me on this. I have the means to guide you correctly. I am partly Chinese whose ancestors moved when the British started going crazy. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find Filipinos without Chinese ancestry. That is a proven fact with science behind it. 

Here are the facts

- It will not matter much what Asian-American ethnicity you are (minus the revered Japanese), they will just lump sum you. 

- You are not white. But American. That counts. It puts you automagically to upper-strata and open up the girls in that strata. 

- What are you looking to get? A wife? A girlfriend? What is your station in life? I need more statistics. Who you are determines who you get. It isn't magical place where the universe rewards you with a quality female. 

The easiest way: go to whore-city Angeles and get a desperate Filipina. This is the easiest way but it will BITE you in the a**. You have been warned. 

- You can do online dating. And masturbate yourself to death talking to girls who are obviously talking to other men. Go on week long trips to the Philippines and bang as much as you can as possible. This leads to more despair, bro. 

- The path of most reward: you stay in Manila, find a supporting gig, and a quality chick will soon follow. 


I'd design you a program if you email me. Chinese-American and Filipino-Chinese are two different things you will find out. With the latter more Filipino than they are Chinese. 

I opened up a thread on my site for Asian-American men and offered to act as wing to those who come here as part of my karmic mission. Others who need advice get at me there too. I teach Korean kids and they are about to go on Summer break so I'll be putting energy to this venture. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

“I wish I was a Colombian”

That was what I told myself when I had met Simon. He is a college student from Bogota, and he has a beautiful girlfriend. He also rides in a beat up motorbike, with a faded leather jacket. I had met him while scoring some bakes from the city center with Jin, the Korean-American. 

Sensing opportunity to sell more to the gringoes he invited us later that afternoon and we embarked into a sharing of our world (Jin would later ride all over Colombia with him -- Koreans are seen as a special curiosity).

During our time together, I had an insider view of his life. He opened up to me in a way that is unheard of in America. To readily share lives with a complete stranger, a foreigner at that, is a trait shared among the inhabitants found outside first world nations. 

His dad works for the bus transit operator as a foreman and the mom has a bakery. They were solid middle-class Colombians. Their house is small: 2 bedrooms with one old school TV and a Toyota 1990’s car. He sells bakes to have money for fun, and go to concerts.

His friends ranged from mediocre to pretty. Most of the girls were pretty Latinas. The kind that would send an American-man building shrines and temples and flexing their muscles and revving their cars. 

However, these types of Latinas weren’t into that. There were the subdued non-Americanized Latina versions. The traditional Latina with gentleness as part of their femininity. They remind me a lot of Asian girls from Asia. They were into emancipated Simon and the Colombian culture. His bike and his cool leather jacket, the aguardiente and city politics.

This kid has everything good going for him.. in a simple sense. He lives in a fantastic place, surrounded with a beautiful culture, a beautiful world, a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend, loyal friends, and a never-ending stream of top-picked Colombian beauties in his social circle. Simon, middle-class Colombian, statistically, is happier than most American guys will ever be.

When Simon gets older, he will enter the work-force. The workforce is an excuse for productivity time in Colombia. They get shit done, but they don’t take it half as seriously as in the USA. What they take seriously is community, compadres, fine women, Colombian culture, and aguardiente on the weekends. It is a relaxed existence to live the lifestyle of a middle-class Colombian.
Simon will never leave his family until 30 probably. He will live a less stressful life than the average American. He will be integrated to be part of a unit instead of a lone wolf type. He will never hear about “red-pill,” “manosphere,” “feminism,” "MGTOW" - these are absurdities to him. He will probably not even enter a gym (play soccer weekends most likely) and "bulking up" will not even enter his lexicon. Since he aspires to little, he will be content. The irony is that he will always have a beautiful girl that is loyal to him and loyal to his culture and his ways of thinking. The house that his parent bought would soon increase in value as more gringoes flood into the area. 

In a way living in a first world nation is not everything, it’s actually not even something. Happiness is not measured in material forms and 401ks. Happiness is finding contentment in your role in an environment that you share a vibe with. It is a feeling of home that Simon has, a place that nobody can take away from him. In a month time, I would be booking my trip to Manila.

I wish I was Colombian

That was what I told my Korean-American friend as we walked across the city centre and on our way to Manuela’s dinner party.

I wish I was Colombian too,” Jin replied as we heard the cali music playing from Manuela's apartment getting louder. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Jeep Files: Multiply Positivity

  • //the jeepney files is a collection of articles written and posted inside a jeep by a man who calls himself third world hero1

The real benefit of life is to be able to be in the service of another. As the last bit off accumulated American negativity bleeds away, I realize that the mission is not just freedom but to help as many people in this lifetime as possible. Maybe I am now in a different aspect of living abroad, I feel as a whole stepping into the positive.

 Life is too short to be living in the negative light. I don't exactly know if it was America that was making me negative or if it was just me. I think it was both feeding each other. I had to leave the toxicity. If reader doesn't know my story, I am a late 20s america who even with a safe secure life, felt unhappy and generally miserable in America.

 Looking back this misery had been a blessing as it allowed me to push myself to become a better version of myself. Thanks to american classism, racism, bigotry, and general evil I am a much better person.

Concretely, if i hadnt experinced all that shit i probably would not have been able to travel, speak Spanish, landed a virgin latina, had awesome friends ( sup skate!! ) around the world, developed a business, became excellent with women, got into body building, took risks. In all honesty I would have been typical ethnic American man always bitching, stuck in the enclave with a crew on the weekend. I really am pretty beta inside. We all are.

So here we are in a cross roads. How exactly do we spread posivity? Well the only thing I'm decent at is landing quality pussy and traveling to exotic lands. On that note I'm making my book free(email me if interested this is temporary). I hope to take make it easy for you, and get people away from destruction that is mongering which is prevalent here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Third World Startup

/written in a jeep

The 3 immutable rules of 3rd world startup

1.) Though shall live like a local, not like an expat
2.) Though shall make income the mission, not slaying poon
3.) Though shall believe in yourself

The importance of planning your day

To increase the odds, you will be concerned with efficiency. You will plan the day in advance (50% work + 50 % travel/fun). You will have your targets prepared the night before. You will hit your targets before doing anything, even before price cruising or day approaches.

Price Cruising and Approaches

To relax and enjoy your life, you will go around your city exploring. What I like to do is check prices. I call this price cruising. This is when I do approaches.

For example today, I needed to replace a belt. So I cruised for a belt. It had been my mission to find a belt. I now have a belt is the best my money can get. I also have 2 new numbers, and have new areas that I have explored. In process of looking for a belt I stumbled to the biggest app hawker lol. I will be searching for apps to buy from him at 1/100th price.. Maybe a game.

What is the perfect business?

This is up to you. Its not called startup for nothing. You can either had figured this out beforehand or not (like me). You will be surprised what desperation can do to your creativity and focus. Not many people know but I had done the exact thing while in guatemala. I lucked out with being a school admin and created the registration system for students to pay before heading out to Guatemala, which I receive commission.

The perfect business, IMO, is something that can be done online. You should ideally allocate an entire year for the entire startup project. You should look at it as an opportunity not a vacation. You can think of it as an adventure because that's exactly what it is. An adventure wrapped in an adventure. I digress. One of the important aspect of your venture is your speed to execution. Which means you will pump out your idea into form as quickly as possible. If it works great, if not, then at least you didn't lose time. Ideas are your bullets and execution is the gun.

How about poon? 

The interest for poon will dry down and you will realize exactly how the first world had made you a sex starved maniac. When pussy is plentiful you don't think highly of it. But females are fun! I swear I know what you mean. Do your approaches as they are superior to online dating. I keep my dates to once a week. I now have a chick and she was on TV last night, I swear I am not making this up. Do not monger: it is bad juju for the soul and it will destroy you.

What exactly do you need?

You will need a lot less than you think. Learn to live like a local. Your first six months will screw your numbers as you acclimatize. My friend skate does it for less than 500 and I believe mine will be around that area. The longer I stay the more the monthly costs goes down.

You will need a laptop, (or android tablet) a phone, a place to stay. Most important is that you must believe in itself to make it worth. The jeep is almost here so I gtg...


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