Thursday, December 26, 2013

Can Love Exist Between A Playboy and A Kindergarten Teacher?

It was a strange face that poked me in the jeep. She asked if she could sit next with me. Bitch, this was the front of the jeep (see jeep guide) and I am a resident of the village.

She was cute so I let her.  

I started talking to her. Building comfort. I am quite good with navigating the culture now. Expert level. She was a kindergarten teacher in an exclusive school for the rich kids. She was cute. You had to be cute for that.

I met up with her in the park. I did all the psychological test on her. All my “game” psychology tricks. Amazingly, she passed it all with flying colors. I was shocked. Never had anyone demolished my test as she did. I’m talking about samples of hundreds of girls across the globe. And only now did I get a consistency of answers.

27 years old.. cute as a button.. Kindergarten teacher in an exclusive school. Graduated magna cum-laude. Oh shitzz. This could be serious material.


She told me her story. She has a kid.


But in fairness, it was a really a sad story. Please give me time before passing judgment.
She had a kid in marriage. She is married but her husband passed away.


Dilemma. I had never experienced this before. I wasn’t sure. I'm still not sure. For one thing, I am already a player and this girl is a fragile creature.

Anyways.. I didn’t have an answer of what to do. So I kept in contact with her. She was hesitant.. like she knew the deal. I kept meeting up with her after her class and we would walk together to the van service.

I liked our time together and I felt getting more and more emotionally attached to her.



Bizarre story to say the least. So I pushed and got her to go on a movie date with me. Desolation of Smaug. If you’ve been reading this blog you know I love the Hobbit. The thrill of the battle between good and evil. The philosophy that lies in the nature of good and evil.

She fell asleep mostly.

But not until I made my moves.. and locked a kiss.

Now.. if Bilbo was me? What would he have done? Would he have let the smaug creature, the greed inside men consume him?

Should he have let her go? Or ride it until the wheels fall off? All this game is suddenly becoming philosophical. What would you do?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Online Income Madness: The Problem Of Scaling From A Zero Exposed

//edit I have already surpassed this level

I have reached a threshold on my online income goal. I have essentially doubled the amount I earn online passively. Not one dollar. But two! This is $2 of gold!!!!!!! Here is a Chinese store cat of gold.

While this post will seem rather satirical, understand that this to me is an accomplishment.  I. Am. Dead. Serious. This income which is not just a dollar but a full one dollar + one dollar is worth way for me than any form of wage. It means something.

I would like to say that this income was created out of thin air, but reality is.. and what I’m learning is that online work is grueling.  And it will take more from me. More time.. energy.. sweat.. tears.. and other bodily fluids.

On a purely cost-benefit standpoint – this is lunacy. Yet I assure you that I would rather be doing this than working for corporate land.. or retail land.. or whatever large conglomeration of organization you put out to create profit.

This to me is $2. And it is real income.

And it will grow.

I have already surpassed the first big challenge. Which in true economist fashion I dub “scaling from zero.” The challenge of scaling a zero is that it cannot be done. A zero multiplied by any real number cannot be anything other than zero. You can not just make 0 into a 1.

But you know what you can make into 1?

Try this number.

0.01  (zero-point-zero-one)

This number is something and has the potential to become something. If you increase/double it per time period you will at some point reach the integer 1. I have surpassed 1. I am now at 2.

It is something. So don’t give up with whatever you have. You may want to move to out the USA. Maybe start something.  But realizing that the something can be doubled and double and doubled.. until what you have is something significant. That is how most people in this sphere got started. And it can be done. Just believe in yourself and keeping scaling it up. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Manila Club Scene -- Why I Avoid It

Backstory @ bottom

I had three weekends of partying and I’m feeling tired of that scene.

The bar scene, the alcohol, the women waiting to be hit on, the beautiful girls that are shallow inside, the foreigner pick-up artists, the fags, the frustrated jerks, and the rich kids.

Manila will suck you into this lifestyle if you’re not careful. #itsmorefuninthephilippines indeed

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy it but I can see how something like that could morph into a complex… and into an addiction.  

All in all, as I approach 30, I think I don’t really want to be an active player in the club scene. I like to check it out for sociological investigative reasons, or if there’s a fellow expat in town. This is great for the young guy. 

I will still go as it truly is fun! But I’ll employ the “no-drinks for me” stance from this day forward. My recovery time is increasingly getting higher and I do not want to squander this opportunity. I also view alcohol as a personal weakness, something I need to work on.

The clubs should be relegated to when I need to get some of my desire for debaucheries out. If I need to grab a tit or ass. Then bring home to my local sogo.
Manila Clubbing Scene- Oh My!

And there are options.

Another Manila option is the health scene. Basically the marathon people. Manila has a trending demographic of the fitness people and I would rather be in this scene than the non-producing clubbing scene. At least check it out. It might be too boring.

From what I see, these types don’t really go out on Saturday’s.. you hang out with them on Sunday mornings. The concentration of beauty is lower than the club scene but you meet down to earth girls that are much much better quality than their party girl cousins. Wife-material. You also meet executives and the deep pocketed people.

health: another Manila "scene"
The Back Story:

I got mugged and a Filipina came to see how I was doing. I was floored when I saw her. She is a fashion designer with works featured overseas. Accomplished and rich. Funny how our first date was supposed to be in Jollibee (she agreed).

She invited me to Prive. Which is the most upscale club located in Fort Bonifacio. From the website, Prive is a member’s only club with annual membership fee of $2,500 (big sum here for clubbing).

Me and a fellow expat went to a dinner in a fancy Italian restaurant for wine and champagne and were introduced to the Fashion people. Then went to prive for bottomless drinks basically.. tequila shots and Johnny walker black label (a Filipino favorite it seems). I got drunk but my wing didn't.

Tequila shot to get your date more "tolerable" costs: PHp300.00

So I am now questioning myself for drinking.

With Fashion chick.. I think there is no romantic future between me and her.

//Videos will be up soon.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

How Moving To Asia Stopped My Porn Usage and Saved My Life

The USA is a cold place with limited sterile interactions. The Female/Male dynamic is so that if you do not meet certain requirements, you will eventually miss out on satisfying man’s most basic need: Sex.

If you find yourself in a socially harsh environment this can wreak havoc on your health. The need to feel touch is an important element in the production of certain chemicals that does the body good.

Using porn, which is most prevalent in developed nations due to harsh social dynamics and the virtualization of every aspect of life,  can wreak havoc to a man’s health.  When women are not looking to bang your dick then you most likely resort to using porn.

Porn is a lethal addiction that plagues a MAJORITY of men in developed nations. It is only increasing as men turn into virtual world to escape the realities of their lives.

The thing is it is hard to stop porn usage in the USA for most men.


To stop porn, you need an outlet. You need women/vagina that you could use to empty out your stress accumulated from daily life. You need these women/vagina on standby.

But what if you cannot procure these women?  What if you do not want to get into a relationship for pussy?

You will need an incredible amount of will-power not to succumb to porn.

Non-porn usage gives men one option: the need to hunt. But what if you fail pussy hunting missions?

The porn cycle will grip you again.

Thing is ejaculating to a vagina is a need for men. Especially for young guys who has lots of testosterone.

Every porn use warps the brain a little. You empty out the stress but little by little you are warping your mind. Soon you might be fantasizing about banging Thai dolls in dungeons. Ten at a time.

You are releasing to a digital contraption, an artificial creation that hooks you, and warps you little by little.  

In the USA, with every failed vagina hunt your stress builds up. On top of that, you have other worries: tanking economy, competition for jobs, healthcare, what your friends think of you. Your stress is high. Everyone around is also stressed.

Most men resort to porn and it hooks them. They become emptied out shells of their former selves.

Now a different world.

Imagine an environment where your Sexual Market Value is high or just normal. You have as much a choice as when and with whom you release. You are in control of the level of days or weeks that you will sustain before a release. The women know this as well.

When you have control on the release then you are not susceptible to the grips of porn addiction. You hunt and you score on the weekends if you do not want to get into relationships. You can get in and out of relationships.

You start manipulating your masculine energy. Storing up to become more aggressive then releasing when appropriate. This gives you the masculine edge. This affects areas of your life including your work, your mental health, your physical health, how you view women, and how you view life as a man. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Understand Manila's Political Society with Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, and Elves

This is a non-PC article on the the inhabitants of Manila society. This is a who's who of the inhabitants of middle earth.. I mean Manila, Philippines.

The Goblins

The Goblins are the de-facto most numerous segment of the population. They represent 70% of the total Manila population. They live in slums and dilapidated squalor conditions. Life is harsh to them. One thing to note is that they breed exponentially. Baby factories located in slums keep the Goblins in squalor while their leadership exploits them. They also have limited education and limited opportunities for advancement. They are so poor and disorganized that life revolves around selling goods in street corners. Prostitution, alcoholism, and theft is a way of life. Dirty water is a luxury. Water is piped in community wells, sewage is almost none existent. Their life in the streets browns their skin to shade of the Navajo Indians. They wear tattered clothes or the men simply remove their tops. They spit, they shit, and they rob. Like the Navajo, the men resort to drinking, gambling, and the vices that keep the goblin horde “happy” but ultimately desperate. Their power is in their numbers and their affinity to chaos. Theirs is a sad story.

The Goblin King

The Goblin King is personified with one man. The Goblin king is actually a half-mutt that parades himself as the rest of the Goblin horde. He champions the vices that Goblins love: womanizing, alcoholism, and most astutely theft. The Goblin king sits on top of the great Goblin society and controls the electoral votes of his underlings. He wields power over the slums, through numbers, and through chaos. Manila is under his reign as its Mayor. Under the Goblin king are an army of other Goblin officers, but due to their cunning and intelligence they will be considered a separate class.. they are the Orcs.


The Orcish class is a class that used to be Elves. But through their need for survival and their thirst for power, they have allowed immorality to lead them astray to lord over their domains and territories. The Orcs are found in the political class of the dynastic families and empires that span provinces to provinces, barrios to barrios, police districts to police districts. Manila is their center. They are usually quite adept survivalist and organized into families and into fraternal brotherhoods. They are the old boys clubs of the Philippines. They will kill when crossed. The Orcs are seen as warring among themselves on National TV. Through slander, scandal, and threat, they keep the change of power dynamics at bay. The Orcs are clannish in nature and operates on a Hierarchical pyramid. There are several chieftain of the Orcish class – with each specializing in a necessary evil to keep Philippine machinations humming. The time of the Orcs is threatened by the return of the Dwarves.


ms. anti goblin culture - Bianca Gonzales

The Dwarves are the middle-class to upper-middle class Filipinos. They have introduced order into their lives. They are roughly 20% of the population scattered world-wide. They carry a different set of values than the Goblins and through it they rise in rank into comfort and stability. They have almost been wiped out with the ascent of the Orcs in the 80’s. Driven away under threat or pressured to leave for greener pasteur’s. But the winds of economy are giving rise to the new generation of Dwarves. The Dwarves holds the Filipino culture and society in positive light. The majority of the Dwarvish class live overseas where they monitor and hold intellectual arguments over the plight of their country. The new generation of Dwarves are learned in both the old and new ways. They are great at running businesses, new operations, and establishing new legitimate institutions. They challenge the existing order held by the Goblins-Orc . The age of Dwarves has not come, but slowly the Dwarves are gaining traction. The Dwarvish girls are pretty, refined, with a strong sense of honor, and strongly nationalistic.


The race of men are the foreigners. Beings from foreign places, usually developed nations, these men have a role to play in the development of Philippine society. The answer lies in their thoughts and in their hearts. Their natural understanding of “the ways of men” makes them especially valuable to the introduction of new materials, thoughts, and operations vital to the continued survival of the Philippines. They come from across the globe, an army of fresh arrivals seeking new life in the pearl of the east. The men are usually weary from battle and seek refuge in the Philippines. One thing to note. They are easily corrupted, for they seek power above all else. But hope lies in them.


The great kingdom of the Elves. They are few and almost forgotten. They belong neither to the Philippines nor to any other nations. They are beautiful and gifted. They are also ruthless and deadly. They are remnants of the oldest order. A class that holds the values of the ancients. The elves are full of wisdom, but they are old, and the world is changing. They hole themselves in beautiful hallways lined with gold and silver. They produce offspring’s that shine with light and order and beauty. Yet, the Elves are only concerned for their own continuation. They care nothing about the plight of others. The Elves are unheard, unseen, but where they cast their interests sway the definitive path of the Philippines. They will not return to glory for they have opted to leave instead of battle.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I Got Mugged and What You Can Learn From It

Manila, the Bruja, at night. 
The night has fallen. The city rats come out to forage dirty left-overs.

3WH steps out of the bus. He breathes the foul air of the public market nearby. He is happy.

He looks around the Christmas bazaars that has formed around the public market. He notices the whole of the market has closed but the vendors have poured outside in the street to sell their wares. He is amazed at what he sees. A truly different alien world mixed of Chinese goods and poverty class army of hawkers. He looks for a worthwhile product. He reminds himself it was his mission to investigate.

Investigate he did.

He goes around the public market to see what sorts of critters he will find in the graveyard of stalls. He advances into the darkness of an alley that line the side of the desolate market. The calm moon barely lit the way and nothing else. He took his iPhone to illuminate his way.

He hears rustles. He sees a small figure of a man. 

It must be vendors sleeping here,” he mutters to himself.

He didn’t think he was in danger. He had been too far shadier places in Latin-america.  He thought he blends-in even though countless others have told him that he stands out.

He advances armed only with the light of his iPhone.

On the very back of the market he sees lights and the faint hum of music. There were people. It quiet his mind. He takes a closer look and peers inside the shanty bar. Wooden chairs, and a music machines, and maybe 8 men. He looks at them. They look back with a drunkard glance.

Someone has entered their territory. 3WH knew it. He has pushed his luck this night.

He steps away. Proceeds to go back to the bustling of the street away from the quiet corner. He cannot see so he uses his iPhone.

30 meters away to the lighted street. He could see more figures in the darkness following him. Through closed stalls they were obviously stalking him.

It will be just a matter of time,” he mutters to himself.

from the shadow, they stalk
He removes his gold chain off his neck and quietly stuffs it in his shoes.

A figure arises from the front. He stops.

Just give them what they want,” he remembers a voice uttered by a friend on what exactly to do in this situation.

One in front. Two in the Back. 30 meters from the street. A closed market.

This was not a pickup. This was a hold-up.

They approached. I gave my wallet and the iPhone. I did not see a blade, but I was told there was one.

They left. I walked to the street. WTF next? Went to a police station reported the crime. Went to a taxi and went home.

Went home, reported and reordered everything. The next day I had my license back.

It was an interesting story. I have lost some things, but interestingly, they didn't’t take what was important to me. 
If your surrounding is increasingly turning into this picture.. you should turn back
Leather Wallet
Cash – Php600 ($15)
Iphone 4 (w/ cracked screen) 3 years old with hardware problems.
ID – Village ID, American License, American Debit Card, Philippine Debit Card, Philippine ID, numbers of random girls.
What they didn’t take
Gold Chain with my Patron – Priceless
Go-Pro with Mounts and Peripherals - $400 dollars.

The good thing about this venture was that it taught me what exactly it is I am dealing with. I now have upgraded instincts of what constitutes dangerous situation. I was dumb for doing what I did, but I had no clue.

Now I do.

Do not explore slummy looking areas at night, stay in developed places
Carry a hidden stash of cash with you
Have a back-up wallet at home  
Primary wallet should contain Debit card #1 and Local ID 
Backup wallet should contain Debit Card #2 and Local ID
Have all the numbers to report theft handy
Never bring a passport when you go out
Never bring US Identification (if you have local ID)
Never bring US bank card

Most important: always give them whatever it is they want.  Do not put up a fight. 
Look out for any place that has men drinking outside.
dark brown, no shirt, cards, drinking, unpainted hollow blocks, ghetto wood table, alcohol = signs of bad news

All in all I had it good. I lost some sleep over it but it really wasn't that bad. Those guys were drunk and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Slummy people know who is from there and who isn't. In a way, I had a true crash course of Philippine society. Don't let it happen to you. 

Maybe it was Karma. From breaking hearts. If it was penance it was not enough. I think I’ll chill for a bit get my Karmic level up. I think this experience had made ready. Maybe it is time to write the 3WH guide to Manila.

Stay tuned. 

A moment of peace for my IPhone


You have been there for countless years



your pearly skin had led me to many skins



I only wish I had left you in better hands



We used to listen to this a lot in the train



Dedicated to you


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life Overseas Is a New Beginning

I talk the talk for going overseas and changing my environment. But let me tell you something you may already know: leaving the cocoon of your environment is not an easy task. 

First, if you really want to leave then you must have a valid reason for doing this. Maybe you were born in the wrong country. Maybe your vibe is not with your current environment. If that is the case then you must find the inner motivation to leave and search the vibe. Without leaving and searching for it, what you are doing is giving up on your life and the idea that things should happen for you.

I will tell you a story. It was a boy who always felt that he wasn't really part of the home that he lived in. He knew that his spirit belonged in a different place another family, that life had more to offer him. So he did what he could to see what other types of life was out there. He didn't have money so he had to get a job. He couldn't get a job so he had to get an education. He started reading online about all these places on earth where he felt he belonged in. He read these things online that it warped his brain. Yet, one day, when he had enough -- he bought his freedom and  went to look for the place where he belonged.

Now this boy thought everything was falling into place. When he got there he realized it was just the beginning of his journey. He knew nothing of what it really was. He knew he could have just visited but that would be an easy route. He was in it to win it. He wanted to stay. So he pushed himself hard trying to scrape enough to make things happen to him. He happened to a lot of things. He became all those he read about.

Slowly this boy found that it is no cake walk to move abroad. He was getting his ass handed to him and the world was no sunshine. Yet, he held firm because he wasn't going to give up. He knew a ticket way back to the cocoon would alleviate his problems but he wasn't having it. He was in the thick of things and would only return once he achieved the life that he wanted. Coming back to the coocoon was not part of his story.

What the boy realized is that his life overseas was his new beginning. He realized that the very act of living there was transforming him. His purpose was to stay and that's what he devotes himself to do. He wants to achieve by staying than leaving. He was not going to be an old retiree but a young hustler using his game to achieve what very few had done.

The boy then thought of a quote.

“Imagine if you will being on your death bed – And standing around your bed – the ghosts of the ideas, the dreams, the abilities, the talents given to you by life.
And that you for whatever reason, you never acted on those ideas, you never pursued that dream, you never used those talents, we never saw your leadership, you never used your voice, you never wrote that book.
And there they are standing around your bed looking at you with large angry eyes saying we came to you, and only you could have given us life! Now we must die with you forever.
The question is – if you die today what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what talents, what gifts, would die with you? “
– Les Brown
You can do what ever you set your mind to. Find your river and flow with it!

Monday, November 25, 2013

3WH goes to a KTV bar

My date night didn’t pan out right so I was stuck in the innards of Manila until sunrise to wait for the jeepney ride back home. So I entered a KTV bar. This was a local KTV bar unlike the ones in Makati filled with foreigners. Upon entering I caused a commotion. It was my first time. J

I guess they have not seen anyone as good-looking as me enter their fine establishment. Actually, the establishment was dingy as fuck and had a depressed air to it.

I sat down. I was unsure how these things worked. A lady walked up to me. She said hi’s hello’s and then she brought me girl. This girl was not my taste. I signaled the lady to get the girl out of my side! I was annoyed bc I bought her a beer. So the lady then bought another girl to me. I still was not pleased! I told her to give me someone that is my level or I leave.

Finally an 18 year old girl was brought to sit next me. I wondered how I should proceed? Should I put my arms over? Grab her ass? Grab her tit? I didn’t really know. So I talked to her and did the cube game! Haha! I did the cube game on a bar girl! Needless to say, the bar girl was mesmerized. She gave me her number (against the rules) and I still don’t know what to do with that thing. Do I call her for sex? Am I going to date a bar girl? WTF do I do with this.

Another girl sat next to me. I blew her off. This thing continued for 3 more girls until their top earner sat next to me. She was wearing a red dress. I was told I could bring her to private room. I didn’t want to go that private room as the public room was dingy enough. All eyes were on us now. Good looking (compare to all the loserfucks drunkards in the bar) young guy meets top earner who has looks.

Felt awkward. I liked top-earner as she just talked and talked. Our conversation was merely an information dump about what the bar scene was all about. You would have thought it were two business partners talking. Haha! She told me how the guys who went there were all stupid losers. That I was stupid for going there! Haha! I wanted the experience and could probably start one if I wanted.

I felt I had to touch her ass so I grabbed her ass. But it got boring so I tried grabbing her pussy. Then realizing that many guys have gone through that, I backed out of it. The girl was actually good looking. Top-earner was a good looking bar girl with curves and I say this having dated model quality girls. She gave me a peck on the lips before leaving. I didn’t ask for it or wanted it. Top-Earner will always be there in my memory.

All in all I spent 500pesos on the deal. I don’t think I will ever come back. First of all 500 pesos gets me laid with a normal chick. It all felt depressing as shit. The whole atmosphere was just drunk loser guys and poor girls. I don’t want to give them hope, cuz I really won’t EVER EVER date a bar-girl, they could be a friend or a business partner but I cannot take these girl seriously.

After I got home, I showered a shit lot. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

How Game is Helping Me Pay for Expenses Overseas

I’ve been spending time working on projects so that I could stay overseas for an extended time. I did recently receive a work-permit; however, I am not too keen in going back to the corporate world and giving my time and abilities (however little they  are) to enrich another. I am a generation Y millennial and am pretty jaded about  the corporate sector and the cost-benefit associated with it. I could go back and get a premium salary as an American but that I don’t really want to yet. So how do I make my money?

I teach English. How I happened to teach English involves a failed pick-up. I talked to a girl in a jeepney and she turned out to be a helpful character. She’s an English teacher who just got back from China as an ESL teacher. One day she messaged me if I wanted to teach English. I said yes. So I went to a house, a Korean house and taught some Korean kids some English. It’s fun. But it’s not great. It stems the flow of expenses somewhat. I get paid $10 an hour because I have an American accent and I have experience doing this when I worked in Guatemala working in a Spanish school for room and board. Korean girls are cute.

I sold flowers. One of the Filipinas I started hitting on hinted that I have not bought her flowers. It’s  true. I have not bought her flowers and she was starting to resent it. I thought about it and I decided to buy her and TEN more Filipinas that I’ve been seeing some flowers. So I went to the mall and my balls fell-off seeing the price of flowers. So I did research.  I went to the flowers market in QC and got really good prices. I got somewhat entrepreneurial and bought a whole lot of flowers, paid a fee in a barangay Christmas bazaar, a guy to stand there selling flowers from a bucket, a jeepney to transport it. All in all I cleared good coin for a whole weekends work.

I’m now getting into exploring if I could do more of selling goods. I actually bought a license for a food franchise and should be putting it all together for a soft launch sometime next year. I have to get lots of documents like clearances just to set-up that small kiosk. It’s good experience though, and I hope I can make some good cash flow doing that.

The online work has been largely time consuming and still has not paid off. I am still learning about this avenue but it is something that is more in tune with my goals and where I want to take my life (an iterant traveler). Since my life theme has been dating (success and failure)  I decided to start a site regarding this. This is partly why I left. This still been considered a taboo topic. Check out my site here. It was quite a technical challenge for someone who is relatively new with technology. However, it was something I wanted to do so I did it. I’ll be diving in to more e-commerce related ventures when I have enough information and organization. I wish I had started this sooner.

This is the best part of my expatriation journey. I am doing what I like which is starting and launching projects. My costs are so low so my opportunity costs are balanced. I have complete control over my time and the directions of where I want to go. I think of myself as going Sigma. Like how 50cent saved enough locked himself in the apartment to make music. Like a start-up guy who has bootstrapped himself to the kilt. It is fun and it is exhausting. I will do this lifestyle for a year, a dream chaser if you will. I will by the end of it all have done something worthwhile.

The chasing poon gets old and I will only dabble in gaming Filipinas once I really get horny (that is how strong my pull is here) as I am sure I can get good poon or a girlfriend if I wanted.  If I decide to go back to corpo work, I believe my social reach will explode and I will be fully integrated into society, but I don’t want to do that yet. I still want to enjoy this time starting projects that are worthwhile.

she helped me
franchise seminar = time to mack

my life is increasingly turning into this. in front of a computer working. sbux was a splurge.
Holloween as the "Sweetest Guy" - Handing out lollipops to girls! haha! Yes I did!!

Made her cry. :(
Flower Market in QC. If you need directions here (to score some with  ur Filipina for cheap!) msg me

Flower vendor lady

Expats shopping
Distraction -- A Third World Problem

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Leave the USA and Live the Life You Want (My Story)

Leaving the USA is a difficult undertaking. Many men have tried to leave the USA but only a few succeed. Why? I believe expatriation is akin to losing-weight and building muscle. It is a product of years of work.  My story started after my repeated burns in US society. I took upon myself to work on my expatriation. It took me a total of 7 years to get to leaving. The road was ambiguous but along the way I had learned Spanish, developed a bank roll, made good friends, collected and compiled information, and I actually left.

I could have done it in less time than that. However, the idea was not formed yet. After college I still didn’t know enough of the world; I didn’t not know what soul crush the professional world. I did not know about feminism and racism and the effects of this in my well-being.  I was inexperienced about the world and had to go through the process of being pwned by the real world before exploring the options. Looking back, I’m thankful for all that as it have me a deeply rooted idea of why I left.

Yet, what is it that set the successful escapist from the rest? In my humble opinion, it is the willingness of the individual to exist outside of his comfort zone. I got so much flak from family for going back to the motherland. The idea of extended travel is nothing but existing outside your comfort zone. It is living outside of your bubble.

As an example, I am still reminded of my former life. 

I am still reminded every time I check my email and see recruiters eager to hire me for another white collar job sucking me back to my cozy northeastern existence.

I am reminded of the waste of time I put into my professional specialty just to see it unable to fruit. I die a little when I think about it.

I am reminded by my current lack of social capital. All those friendships I left that will not blossom anymore and the idea that I am a perpetual new-comer.

There are plenty more that remind me of how uncomfortable my path outside the USA.

Yet, it has taught me the power of ideas. Going abroad all starts in the mind. This idea needs to be organically grown in the mind. It could be any guy heading to Brazil, China, Africa, Russia and any other place that they want to go. It all starts with the mind.

When my friend left for Brazil I knew his idea had formed.  My idea would take another two years to fruit. He was the catalyst to the idea of me leaving. Why were my friend and I able to leave the USA?
We both had the same idea. The same idea, at different times, given to different men. We had the mindset that the taboo leaving is actually doable. He studied Portuguese, I saved my cash, did many readings, and started short traveling.

What we had was the idea of being happy abroad. It was not popular. It was an uncomfortable idea and it made me miserable at times knowing that I’d rather be out there.  Thus the lesson is that when you have an idea, you run with it, sleep with it, fly with it, and live with it.. no matter how uncomfortable it becomes.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Negging" is Ineffective on Non-American Girls

Neg -- A light insult wrapped in the package of a complement. (urbandictionary)
Why does the "neg" work so perfectly towards American women and fail so miserably else where?

I think this has to do with not just the ego of the females, but the ego of a nation. I think in America people are extremely careful of crafting and protecting their unique personalities and identity. The idea of the mercantile west is the idea that I am better than you.

Almost every facet of western world is predicated on this idea that we are better. This manifests as competition, and foster competitiveness in the citizens, which in turn leads to a cold sterile environment. This is why there are hierarchies in the west, a pecking order.

This "I" has a concern for only the survival of the self. Thus, it will sooner or later exploit anything that is exploitable in its environement.

American girls reflect this. They are blatantly hypergamous, but that is beside the point. The point is why negs work for American girls?

I think it is because of their American egos. The idea that they are better. PUAs exploit this ego and what these girls get is a dissonance. Filipinas and Latinas (same thing happened to me in Colombia) view the neg as a rude thing to do. It is pretty rude to neg somebody you just have met when you think about it. Negging is really just demolishing an ego by being an asshole. In places outside the USA, being an asshole is being an asshole and you will get flak for it.

So there you go. The neg.

"Works perfectly for American girls, fails for non-American girls." 

Monday, October 28, 2013

4 Quick Tips on Transitions Abroad

When you are in a transition period in a foreign land, you are in a state of incomplete information so you should follow some of these tips. 

A lot of men who are going abroad will only be staying there for a short time. What they see is only the surface of society not the underlying themes that play beneath it. When you are visitor, not an expatriate, what you are is clueless.  That is how most men from USA who move to Asia are: clueless. I too from my first weeks here was clueless.

If you had charged me Php100 peso for an orange? I would not have questioned you.

If you had taken me to a fancy restaurant to take my cash. I would have unknowingly paid for it.

If you had asked me what I do for a living within 5 minutes of meeting me. I would have not thought malice.

If you were being aggressive of being my girlfriend. I would have made you mine without consulting my dating market value.

There are lessons to be learned from moving overseas. There is a transition period where your information is incomplete and things are not what it seems. As time goes by you start to acclimatize to the local vibe, the local aura. You will be a man whose environment only plays part to his purpose.
So what are the lessons? 
  1. Keep your cash tight – as time moves, you will develop a natural inclination for the economics of the prices of goods that you require in your target coutnry. Internet expensive. Fish? Cheap. Fruits? Cheap. Restaurant with php700 per plate. Expensive. Taxi wants to do a contract. Do not let him. Bar charges too much for drinks. Locals prefer this over this. You should keep your cash tight and your spending to a minimum. After getting your bearings is when you should let the dollars flow.
  2. Ask questions – locals are helpful. They have perfect information of the market and an inkling into what consititutes a bargain. Ask them where they hang out. Ask them what they do on the weekends. What is important is that you ascertain the lifestyles of the locals. Ask them their opinions on certain things. They provide valuable information. 
  3. Do not over-game – I know American women are the suck but don’t  go crazy with gaming girls here. They have a metric of how long a foreigner has been overseas, and generally, the shorter staying expatriate is fresh meat. Start with going on some dates. See what dates revolve around. Maybe office hours ends late due traffic so dinner is not an idea. The clubs are open late. Maybe malls are there for a reason, maybe there are other day gaming venues. Who are these women? What is my value as a male in my new environment?
  4. Focus on your work – the anchor of man is his work. The environment only poses a challenge into whether it is suitable for you to do your work. You must always find time to focus on the things that will give you income and not just hedonistic pleasures of women. If you are still trying to launch something, spend your time with the launch instead of working on it when you have free time. Make your money making activities take the majority of your time.
The important thing to remember is that during a transition, or a quick stay, your information will be incomplete making you vulnerable. Reading information online helps and having your trip and your work already structured makes things easier.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

When East Meets West

>Establishing telepathic link to girl at the kids table.. waiting.. waiting..
> connected!

I see you glancing at me. A young girl of only 19? You have been charged with keeping the kids, as we dine in this fine upscale Chinese restaurant. You are playing with the kids at the kids table – a fine mother you will become. I am entertaining my side, my cousins from Europe, half-mutts with the dad the Filipino. Grandma was right the circle does indeed complete itself.

Do you like Chinese food? Our families had dined here for years, on occasions such as this, much like our ancestors. You belong to a political clan now. I belong to the free-thinking clan. Both old families. I am from the 6th generation and you are already from the 7th generation. Steeped in the old ways you are, but you are still a child. Most people do not even get us, but we understand each other perfectly.  Is that why we intermarry? 
But alas. A union between you and I is an impossibility. You see first and foremost, I am an American and do not follow the old conventions established by the old order. I will only ravish you as I care not about social conventions. What I have is game and understanding of the female energy. And unfortunately, I have a western concept of love and tradition. Today, I must save my face as it is a requirement in the protocols as when our families meet. See? The old ways are not lost to me.

You are glancing at me again. Does your parent’s even know this about you? Let’s not get into this. We both know this is a bad idea. For one thing when these types of love are concerned, I call it matters of the familial heart. There is a part here where I am a representative. You are quite a looker, you already know that, many guys will die to be with you. Why me? Ah! For the same reason that our kin has married each other? The reason we are here eating. This is a dangerous game we play. This is not the American way.

Ok. Next time I look, I will wait for you to break the eye connection. You held it for 7 seconds. That’s 7 generations our influence should last. I like that about you. A woman who knows what she wants.  Your feminine instincts are highly developed, girl. But seriously, this is a bad idea. I do not want to get into these types of agreements. I am an independent man not a familial member to be absorbed. I will get far in life if I marry you, but I care not for it. I am individualistic and you will learn to hate it. I move alone and I risk it all alone. I am from the west  and you are from the east. Maybe, just maybe, the circle will complete itself. 

> session ended.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anatomy of Leaving. Chapter 1: A Night in Phils

It starts with a night out in Phils. I don’t mean Philippines, I mean Philadelphia.

I was in Frankford terminal at 4AM. Amidst drunkards and drug addicts tweaking, there I was. Gotham city in real life. I just got to the bus station from a night of Salsa. My last ever Salsa night in the USA. It was disgusting to see the girls and the desperate men who had to learn the craft to sleep with them. There was a time I enjoyed the scene and had good many females, but that was a different time, a different place, and a different me.

Nevertheless, I was there, in one of the highest crime areas in the whole of USA. The reason I was staying there was because I had no place to live. I had moved out of my tiny Boston apartment and had sold every last possession that I had. Everything that I owned would need to fit in my luggage for my one way ticket to Manila. Everything was gone and I was just a ghost in a city of ghouls.

I was always the guy everyone felt safe to talk to. I also prided myself of navigating the world of streets, as I had been in an ethnic enclave in California. But at 4am in Philadelphia this would test my limit. I knew I was target and any sign of weakness would be quickly exploited. This is the way of the declining west.

A young black man sat beside me as I had the taken the best position in the area to survey my surroundings. Instinctively I knew he was an ally and I knew he knew we were on the same spectrum.

“got a light?”

I asked him. This had always been a tactic of me to keep a spare cigarette in my bag as to be used when the situation warrants.

“sure” here it is.

As if on cue, a white guy with tatooes all over his eyes with a baseball cap came up to us.

“got a cigarette?”

A fckin beggar. In the land of the plenty here this guy was asking a young black man for a cigarette.

“it’s a dollar a piece” the young black man said.

“naaaaah……. I’m cool”

“fucking crackhead got money for crack and aint go no money for my cigs” my cigarette vending
hustler friend whispered to me.

While watching each other’s back, we talked about his business, and I told about some of mine (I sold electronics on ebay when I was teen). We were both children of struggle this boy and I. Maybe his life is somewhat harder than mine because of his environment but I could tell he was nice inside

just a soldier lost in the struggle.

The bus arrived and we boarded. I could tell he was interested in what I have to say so he sat beside me.  A young white girl sat in front of us and started talking to us. She too, was a survivor. She sat beside us to get some protection. I smiled my non-threatening Asian smile. We were now a wolf-pack.

The black guy told me about his life. I already know the story. Young black man, very little opportunities, bad parenting, in a city of crime, got a girl knocked up, had to pay child support, and now slanging cigarettes in the bus station to make do while waiting for his army enlistment form.

“why don’t you leave the USA?” I said non-threateningly.

Suddenly his face lit up. He has not considered this before. He became full of hope of knowing another life lay wait for him in the corner.

“yeah” I told him, “my friend moved to Brazil”

The idea of him leaving the USA to a foreign land to meet foreign girls entered his cranium. It was an idea so simple but in effect so powerful.

“listen,” I started to tell him “others have done this from the same situations – why do you put up with this? “

I didn’t have the heart to tell him his statistics. I knew he faced a hard road in front of him. He is also indoctrinated by the mainstream, just like a long-term prisoner is afraid to enter the light of the world as a free man.

“but how will I make money?” he asked.

“well.. you can teach English for starters”

“well I don’t have money to pay for ticket”

“well.. then you can save up”

He ponders it. I continued,

“ionno.. hustler.. maybe you can even open a credit line, buy the electronics I was telling you about, then dump it in the ground once you’re there.. it’s called an arbitrage.. just like selling cigarettes”

His stop was coming up.

I continued, “ok so maybe think about it – I leave in approximately one week to do the exact thing I was telling you about. I’m done with this country. I aint taking this shit. I’m moving out”

He seemed deep in thought, as if he were actually considering it. He was an intelligent mind!

“then check this site and see for yourself. Give me your phone and I’ll write the URL”

I gave him the address.

He got down. Shortly, I also got down at my stop. Amidst Mcdonalds and Burger Kings with the cool summer air of the east-coast I started walking. This was the last time I passed here. Last time I got out and enjoyed the night life. That guy was my last American friend.

In a week’s time I would have left. I would have said good bye to the system and institutions that marked my life. It was like I was leaving plato’s cave. I’ve read all about overseas and exploits and a better life. It was a developed idea in my cranium and it had manifested. I was happy to have at least shared it.


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