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Dark-Hat Salsero: Salsa Game Guide

I started game about three years ago, after reading tons of gaming advise from game gurus. I gamed bar scene in slay-town but had bad results. I simply wasn't selling what they were buying. I now hypothesize it is because of my non-association with the mainstream, my race, my color.. whatever. Instead of leverage I had negative-leverage.


I tried the same with day game quackery and had some success but I am a working young professional and cannot be bothered by that quackery. I needed something quick and efficient that worked!

I learned salsa. This is my story, my gift to other alienated men.

Why Salsa? 

The first thing to consider is the amount of girls you will encounter in salsa. Try the equation.

Σ x>i

Summation x to i. i = number of girls you will be in close physical contact with. Win. The turn around of girls is quick so you get to test what works and what doesn't work on a flurry of faces. This gives you a large set to use to build contact lists (more on this later). Importantly, in the dance floor racial bias and other superficial factors are given less weight as compared to sarging in bars. Former-frat boys with big muscles, perfect shiny teeth, who are charming talkers are effectively deleveraged. Alpha dynamic changes.

Prime Numbers

My conversions were low at first but improved as I slowly gained experience. At the apex, it got to a point where I had an excel spreadsheet to help keep track of my salsa girl projects. On a given week, I was working with approx 10 to 20 girl leads and generating around average of 30 new numbers added to my excel list. The list contained hundreds but I feel it passed a thousand. For a little amount of work on my free-time I built an unstoppable system of poon. :-)

The Number Generating Theory

This is the essence of the salsa game. The creation of massive lists of numbers. Numbers are generated by 1.) Class and 2.) Going out. Here is a progression rated on their difficulty and what to do.

Beginner-Level: Class

The class will be the biggest number generator. In class you build rapport with your partner by dropping comments such as "this is so hard" "are we getting it right?" "where can we practice?". Get the number after class. I straight up became an expert at this by announcing a group practice session to practice what we learned in class. Asking people to write their numbers and email on piece of paper so we can get "group practice" is quite effective. I repeated this in every skill level and other dance classes. haha!

Pro-tip: always ask for the number and always go to class early and linger for awhile.

Intermediate: Salsa Club

Arrive in class given prior to the dancing to build rapport and scope targets. At the dance floor, if she makes a comment about "what's your name?" this means she likes you and is open to be banged. In my case she will ask "where you from?" at which point my conversation rate will go up a factor of ten. I will guide the conversation so that I will get at least a number at the end; I have done this hundreds of times. Notice there is nothing about me writing dancing here. The dancing is just a platform for mack. True macking skills is what really gets her.

Pro-tip: If the song is salsa ask her "is this bachata?" if it is bachata ask her "is this salsa?". She will laugh if she knows anything and lower her guard. If she asks what you do counter with "I sell coconuts" to get a playful jibe.

Advanced Level: Targeting: Salsa Clubs

You need to acquire the insight of grading dancers according to skill level. You can mack all of the girls but you don't want to eat where you shit. I suggest to mack on beginner girls first -- spotting them is the advanced game aspect to it. Their holes are just as tight. You will need to develop the experience of knowing when to approach. I usually hang out by the exit after "sets" and talk to them as they leave.

pro-tip: you wanna practice? you come often? we should go together -- we should trade contact info. 

The One Night Stand

This hat trick is quite difficult to execute as my game is geared towards a slow funneling technique I refer to as the back end system. To do the One Night Stand you must luck out with the slut and execute quickly. As a baseline, if you are able to get her out of the club into the bar where she consumes lots of alcohol then it is a done deal. I however do not like this approach as I become too aggressive and lose the target. Now let's talk about the back-end systems.

The Back-End Systems

Now armed with your list of numbers is where game comes in. The idea is to get her to convert through a series of steps. Thanks to the PUAs out there who are constantly innovating game logistics. This is basically a logistics game at this point and everyone has their own implementation. This is mine.

At work enter her information on excel to track their conversion status.
Text her something about salsa just to refresh her mind.
Drop the idea of practice there somewhere, she will most likely agree.
Make it easy for them by choosing the place (mine is at a classroom @ the uni)
Set the appointment

If she is slow to respond then get at her by calling between hours of 8-9(thanks roosh!)
If she stops responding then schedule an auto-remind in three months
She will eventually go out with you when she feels like she needs to work on her salsa/social again
salsa practice has a low flake rate or she will inform you at least
She will even associate going out with you
Most girls it turns out have a fantasy about being a dancer like in dirty dancing

She may even be just down for drinks under the pretext of going to salsa club after (protecting her non-slut image)
Hell if I want to go to a beach I'll just random select a girl from list then run beach game
I can run museum game of "latin shit dont give a fuck" weekend
I can run Spanish learning game or watch "latin dont give a fuck movie"
The point is I have the list and I use it to test other fledgling gaming systems

You can schedule practice on weekdays, but my favorite are Saturday or Sunday afternoon. This way I can get to salsa club to generate more numbers at night if it doesn't work. Best to appropriate two dates back to back and flake if you have full conversion. Weekdays also work but you should use it for class (generating numbers) or other activities like working out. My Fridays are reserved.

Practice Dance Dates

1. Don't mistake this for what it really is: a date. A date masked as practice and thus should be escalated. I'll teach you when to escalate. The important thing to remember at practice is that it has a very low next-date conversion. Meaning you can easily get friend-zoned if you don't make a move; in general, setting up the next one is unreliable (girls are not consistent after).

2. You will need a laptop with internet connection to point at youtube. It is also nice to have this type ofspeaker.

3. Practice a move that you see in Youtube! Use your speakers. Be serious about practice and make sure you both perspire. Going-in for the kill is next.

4. At the end of the actual dancing when she is resting or changing or something. You need to start making your move. Run the talk-game or go straight for another "position" then go for the kiss. Youhave to go at least for the kiss (or something) between here and her leaving. This part of the dance game leaves a lot of customization depending on the situation. More than 50% of the time I am kissing a girl at this point or grabbing a tit.

5. Go straight to your your place if possible. Since that is a hard sell, you can try softening her by going to a bar first. Walking around to check the town (conveniently walking near your place). Logistics game. WHATEVER but remember that you will probably wont have another chance to escalate so you must be able to close that day or get as much as you can as quickly as possible. The beauty is that attraction has been building and physical touches are now established so the space is essentially removed leaving only a mental barrier.

6. I caution here that you do not want to lose her by going to the salsa club. The salsa club makes for a horrible end. I only enter that salsa joint with my date with an expectation of going somewhere after. If I get a female who does not convert and see her in the salsa joint. I don't dance with her.  Don't shit where you eat.

7. This is pretty much standard issue PUA at this point so don't fumble. Getting your house. What to do when you are there. Getting her to her house. What to do when you are there. Standard. Refer to bang guide.

In summary, if you follow this correctly you will get a massive list of numbers for a minimum amount of time and funnel them through these mini-dates masked as dance practice. However, don't be a Johnny Salsero who dances for the sake of dancing. This is just a tool.

End Game

I am done with this type of game. I learned about game like PUA from roosh but I really didn't amount to much bc of what I think are societal concerns. Don't think i'm sulking as I turned my disadvantages to a master hand resulting to some good stories and this guide. I didn't think I would find this leverage here but I did. So there. I am leaving the salsa game as I am now relocating and want another system (maybe a business that draws on females). I am a point in this salsa game where I bring it to other US cities or anywhere I go. I have already tested it other countries in Europe. Because of the massive contact-list building, you are also able to run harems on this type of set-up with enough experience.

I recommend the salsa game for anyone who are not mainstream, it is excellent for minorities or anyone that doesn't want to get into the bar-scene and/or have little success in day game.

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When I went to Colombia

When I arrived in Bogota my initial impression was that it looked like Manila. I was expecting light skinned women the kind in the Telenovela, but surprisingly most were dark, and the men kind of looked like me.

I took a couple Spanish classes from the North part of town. My teacher kind of looked Mexican. She explained that Bogota was experiencing lots of changes due to the influx of Global trade. She carried somewhat of a liberal attitude.  I shared my classes with a blonde American girl who married a local petroleum engineer, she has been basically been locked in her apartment due to fear of anything local.

Colombians are typically laid back individuals it turns out. I didn’t find any strong personalities while I was there, they were mostly subdued. This also reflects in their cuisine, the food didn’t have that much flavor. Pork rind, beans, and a soup of carrots and corn seems to be the order of the day. Compared to Manila, Bogota seemed rather organized. The people waited in lines, the people would throw their trash at the garbage bin; I never felt like I was in direct danger.


I was reading roosh’s work heavily so I tried to day game. I was in the northern part of Bogota in a nice district near the suburb so I guess things worked out.  I would just wander around town after my classes befriending locals. This was great bc I wanted to practice my Spanish. I didn’t receive that much attention from day game as my friend who is a typical blond and blue eyed German. I would see girls in my periphery of my eyes checking him out. My friend is like an average looking guy who is shorter than me and has an overbite.  Nevertheless, I had a total of 10 numbers on my first week.

Two Girls in Bogota

The first one I met in a bus. Her name was Manuela and she spoke really good English.  She had traveled to the USA and Europe. She was working as a head hunter in one those big Colombian companies. She seemed to be somewhat disinterested at first but I got her number anyways. We met up the next couple of days and she showed me around the zona rosa district as she went shopping for her family. She was from Cali and was a catalyst to why I moved to Cali.  A girl from USA would never take care of me as much as she did. Turns out we live close to each other so we started hanging out and I would meet her after she got off from work. I am still in contact with her.

The second girl was a 19 year old sales girl from the cellular store Tigo. Tight body and a cute smile. Her hair was silky smooth. I would rate her a 6.5 accounting she was somewhat short. She was really friendly to me so I asked her out lunch. We went around the corner and had lunch. We would see each other several times after this encounter. She would later confess that she was into me. Things took a wild turn to the worse when she would start demanding that I spend time with her and to pick her up after she got off work. She became slightly loony as she told me she pulled my account record from the Tigo systems and said I was macking girls. It was true, but I thought that was somewhat extreme what she did. I was supposed to only see her? She was getting very possessive. It ended horribly but we both learned something.

There were several other girls that I was texting with. They wanted to meet me and show me around but I had scheduling conflicts. I had met them in one of those gringo nights in a local bar. The local Colombians would often invite me to drink with them, there was one night where I was severely drunk from drinking aguardiente courtesy of the Colombianos – the girls can outdrink me even with their tight frames.

In summary, the girls in Bogota are more attractive than in the USA. For one thing, they are a lot slimmer. I hardly saw a fat girl when I was there. They were also well dressed and presentable. There are not many white-skinned Latinas that I saw. The majority were brown to golden hue. The Zona Rosa has a whiter complexion of people but the prices were not to my liking. I would like to work in Bogota and then take little beach trips to the smaller city with my girlfriend.

Cali -- let the party begin!

I decided to go to Cali and meet more girls like Manuela so I packed my bags and went to the airport. I bought the ticket at the airport. First impression in Cali was the girls were more receptive to me. Like waiting in the Taxi the girls would check me out. My time in Cali is somewhat of a haze now. However, I got my own place and was involved in Hostel life. I really like the hostel as it had free Salsa classes and then we would go out to the clubs. My focus kind of shifted at this time. I was more into Salsa and making friends. I also had some white girl at this time. The vibe of Cali really clicked with me but it was a party atmosphere and I can’t see myself as a professional there.

The Girls in Cali

The girls in Cali have a vibe. Hard to explain. But they stuck me as less ego centric than their Bogotan counterparts and moreso than the paisas of Medellin. Just be a genuinely happy person and you’ll get along well in this city. I lucked out here. I was walking one after noon and met three latina girls who were in their first year in the working world. I chatted with them and had an interesting vibe with the second pretty one. We would go out on cheesy dates like the park and the zoo. I really liked her and felt a future with her was in the horizon. The girls here are darker than Bogota, they have african mix or indigenous mix in them.

Game in Cali

My Cali game became more like my USA salsa game. Basically I learned to pipeline the girls from dance schools and take them out on dates. This turned effective. The downside was that I kinda lost perspective on my travels and my time just became a party, then a girl, then some random excursion, repreat. I felt burned in Cali even though it was enjoyable.  

Random Excursions

After this I went to Manizales with a traveling Asian-Chick from aussie who whored herself to get company and Medellin (hot but stuck-up girls). I didn’t like Medellin because I saw it as a backpacker’s place and as a backpacker myself I just didn’t want to get through the motions of settling down. It seemed like the place was ruined from the amount of tourism going on. If I were Colombian, I would stay in Medellin. There were absolute stunners in Medellin though. I want something a lot more chill so Cali was it.. so I went back.

The Korean

I had met whom I considered one of the most intense guys I have met. This guy was a Korean, and he had a certain vibe around him. He would straight talk to girls and the girls would just get magnetized to him. He has super game or something, it was surreal. Anyways, he became my friend. It was his 8th time going to Colombia and finally was in the process of relocating. He was going to practice acupuncture. So I asked to come along him to set-up his business by walking around and getting permits.  In Cali, this dude would just randomly approach people and then the magnetic force would kick in so we would have an insta-group to hang out with. This guy would text me to meet him on the hill so I would go on sunset and there would be group of people he was hanging out with. He never hung out with hostel crowd, and he never danced salsa. He was very in-tune with the vibe of Colombia so I guess everything fell into place for him. He left his stuff in Bogota and I was about to leave so we met up again in Bogota.  Girls would just come up to him, it was surreal. He was also banging the waitress in the empanada place.  We would get stopped while walking and some random Columbiana chick would recognize him and they would talk like they were old friends. He told me he was banging that one girl and the sister. That dude was a riot. He was around 40 years old and had interesting life stories. Apparently he moved from Korea to the USA when he was 14 and never felt in tune with the US culture. He then started traveling around and eventually got to Colombia. He has a straight up itchy travelers feet, very restless. There was a bit there about him being homeless in the beaches of Hawaii with no money and scrounging for food, but got a job with a local acupuncturist and that’s how he became an acupuncturist. He was dating multiple girls from what I’ve seen, but he would complain sometimes that the girls were always trying to get cash from him. He played guitar like a champ and was fluent in Spanish almost like a native. He had been every nook and cranny in Colombia. I believe he was a truck driver in the USA.

Final Lessons

My Colombia experience made me think about my life. What I saw was that the Colombians live a good life even though they are not as materially rich than the USA. The average Columbiana will go for the average Colombiano and most are friends with each other. They had culture and common beliefs that made them into a community.  It made me reflect that I also have a personal Colombia – which is Manila. I had friends, family, and had access to local cute girls.. why am I doing this to myself. I realized this, gathered my resources, and flew to Manila. 

cali girls. girl on left.

Zona Rosa - shopping with Manuela


Manuela @ her pad


She got me drunk of aguardiente

The Korean

This guy got a lot of looks

My cali girl in her street art mode
girl to my left (looking up) said I might be the one for her. the girl on right peruvian had crush on me but i was weirded out by her tomboy demeanor.
aaaaw -- i bring girls up here for makout sunset session lol

Race And Dating In America.

//edit: Teh internet's forum for race and dating: www.raceanddating.com/forum

This is a taboo topic so be warned. Talking about race in dating will be sufficient for a banning in most dating forums. This is called race-baiting and generally frowned upon. Having said that, let’s go right in to race and dating in America.

There exists strict racial boundaries in the USA, these are more like hierarchies in the dating world.  If you are minority man and wonder why it is tough for you then you might blame yourself. Ok, so you didn’t get enough exposure in dating in life. Ok fine that can be fixed. So you delve into PUA and game and learn about picking up chix and being more social. That is all fine and you get success, but you still wonder why aren't my successes equal to x guy? Well maybe x guy is good looking and doesn’t need game -- you aren't so stfu and approach. Fair enough.

Then you see the hierarchies in action. In my case it was Asian Females dating White men in droves. Ok fine, but why isn’t there that much Asian males with White Females? Ok then you start getting deeper in the rabbit hole. You see, this topic is considered taboo in PUA, this is a little aspect that they fail to amplify.  The general solution offered is that the problem is you. Yup, the problem is you, bc you haven’t done enough approaches, bc you haven’t fixed your logistics, bc you haven’t fixed your body. Ok fine so you fix yourself. Then you see the hierarchies in action again. Asian guy who is successful with a penthouse graduated from an Ivy League and is a successful entrepreneur who is muscular, but his Asian girl left him? This guy should be swimming in chix! What is going on.

Then you start to consult the forums, you get banned or you get trolled for bringing the subject of race. So what do you do? You talk to a fellow minority man and see what is going on. More often than not, he will acknowledge the hierarchy. Talk to a black man and see what it’s like for him. Talk to an Indian guy and see where he stands. By now you are deeper and deeper in the rabbit hole. Maybe this “loser” talk has some truth to it. Then you look around, and you see that what you are gaming are the scraps and you still have to succumb to a certain image of your race. Go to an Irish pub then game girls there, it is a pitiful thing and I pity that guy who is opening all the girls who obviously are not into him. Then you go to a club and you see an Asian girl or a minority girl, then you have your hopes up – I surely deserve this one! Then she automatically rejects you bc shes eyeing another guy. (In Asia she would have licked my balls for me to talk to her ugly ass)

It is painful. I’ve seen minority guys who are in pain because of this. They truly blame themselves for their failures in getting girls. Then you think well what's the point in this? I’d rather be alone. Well, you see, women are the prize, they contain in them a little organ that is capable of replicating your genetic code. They bring for you a future, a sense of normalcy, a sense of belonging to society. You bust your ass off by working, you give your life to the system, but you’re rewarded by non-desire? It’s a good feeling being desired. Worst is that guys who are not as economically better than you or not even as attractive are getting girls by a ton. Then you realize maybe it’s their race. Uh-oh. Their color gives them access to all these girls.

Or maybe not, still.

Still you work and you say just a little bit more and I’ll have x amount of cash to get the hell out of here. Now you are thinking of leaving; now you have acknowledged that there is something wrong. What is wrong is not you, it is society. This is the yellow pill. The definition of game does not take into account race, when it is a verifiable aspect of attraction . There are winners and there are losers, and you happen to be in the losing side of the dating pole. My question is why would you even support this society who has basically relegated you to a slave-existence? I’d be happy to work if I get a good amount of poon. Maybe I’ll work harder. But you’re not so in essence you are enriching the society that is not open to you or your offspring. The females of your own race have betrayed you.

In a way most minority are already at this point. The smart ones at least. They have essentially opted out and their actions are now towards living overseas. Overseas you do not have to deal with the hierarchy. Overseas you do not have to deal with the awkwardness of being the only minority dude while everyone is hitting on the other minority girl, who has ignored you. Overseas things are normal. Overseas you do not have to be squattingcassanova – approach machine extraordinaire. There you are not a foreigner, but a local catch, a good one at that.

In the end, it is still a taboo to bring up race in dating. “It’s not proven!” But seriously? Let’s take a walk downtown and let’s see if race does not correlate to dating success. For an ethnic man, you will forever be on the losing side but you might get lucky so who knows. I simply do not support this especially when I have traveled abroad and seen that the racial mixes are not as they are in the USA. I don't want to get into PUA that much, I want enjoy other things like aquaponics or some shit like that. I don't want to revolve my life around chasing girls. I was in Colombia chasing poon and I envied the local Colombians, they have a chill existence and access to the best chicks Colombia has to offer; then I realized, wow, I also have a Colombia! Indeed I do! This is why I am thankful to realize it this early and I urge other minority men to instead of becoming PUA machines to go abroad and find their own nirvana. 

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Effects of Race and Dating in The Philippines

//This is not a hate post. Just an observation of the interplay of race and dating.

I was talking with my Filipina living in Manila. She is young and easily considered top 15%. It is not unbelievable that she has been offered to "walk" meaning to sleep with politicians and businessmen, but she declines it for moral reasons.

Dating Sites

These girls are mostly hookers, provincial types, and single mothers.

The hookers will be found in bars. The hookers are PROs meaning they are actively looking for johns online and offline. Mostly they are motivated by greed and a desire to keep their current lifestyle. My Filipina complained that sometimes these girls will steal her facebook pictures to hook a foreigner.

The girls from the provinces are actively looking to improve their lives. They come from environments where marrying a foreigner becomes one of the few viable options. These girls will have good intentions. They are quite provincial in their thinking so keep that in mind.

The single mothers are there because it is close to impossible to find a man after they bear a child. They are also well intention ed but it does come with a baggage.

Filipina Girls in the City

They are what I consider normal girls. Just the day to day chick stuck in the mix of living in the city.

The Pretty Ones.

The pretty ones like my Filipina will have a leg up in the world. They get good source of income, like dancing in the casino or secretarial positions to pay for their studies,. They will mostly be exposed to other hookers, but it doesn't mean she becomes one herself -- this is all down to their internal moral compass. They will usually be pursued by local older men with money with offers such as 100k ($2.5k) a night, or a condominium. The girl might get blinded by the cash and go this route but it leads to emptiness and a sense of loss of worth. They soon become accustomed to luxury so when their sponsors leave them, they search for another john to keep them in check.

The Foreigner Effect

White men are considered "rich". Expect that people will automatically assign you as rich if you are white. The thing about hooking up for white guys is that Filipinas, like my Filipina, gets a bad image when seen with a foreigner. This is true. Filipinos will be quick to judge a girl when she is seen with a white man. When some white guys tried making a move to my Filipina under the pretense of a job, she was quick to shoot them down and declined the taxi money (lol). As much as possible, they will end up trying to avoid the white guy especially when they are at their prettiest. The normal Filipinas also think white men are too direct in their dealings.

The Foreigner Effect (for minorities)

Those who otherwise avoid white foreign men, are open to other men, especially Asian men. These girls get the advantage of having a foreigner men but do not get the negative image of going out with a white man. The reality is that local Filipino men will trump all others in the eyes of a normal cut-and-dry traditional Filipina. Much like what I noticed in my time in Colombia. I believe these girls are brought up to be not as materialistic as other girls, and will choose a local simple life without well-pocketed foreigners. Having said that, Asian men who date in this environment will come directly under local Filipino in their hierarchy or equal if they are staying. Black men or Latin, im not too sure about.

So if you are a minority man, I highly suggest the Philippines.


The below article is about a white guy finding love in the Philippines. He just had to go the deepest most dangerous province to find her. I still question their union but whatever floats your boat.


White Guys Reactions:

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Lifestyle of the Nomad


 We all have decision to make regarding the life style we choose to live. Life after-all is the aggregation of life choices that we have made in our lives. Now I want to talk about the Nomad. The Nomad chooses a life that is unbounded by geography. To the Nomad life is a flurry of new experiences. Imagine hobo traveler types, they wake up and their morning routine consists of exploring something new. There is very little familiarity and little routine in the Nomad's life.

The Nomad must thrive on the unknown and he must possess endless curiosity to really explore what lies beyond the boundaries. He must leave before his accommodations are up, usually he is on the road before the working world have their lunch. The modern desert explorer traverses continents in a sea of ever shifting sands and mountains. I've always been enthralled to look at the lives of men nomad bloggers, best if they mix some game into it. It just seems so surreal that they are able to travel and get girls at the same time.

 How to become a Nomad?

Minimalism - Nomads must pack lightly for the road is long and the thieves are prowling the horizon 

Hustlers - Nomads have always relied on earning credits to fund their travels, but now a new generation of Nomad hustlers are digitizing their way of life

Tolerance for risk - Not really important What else is there about the Nomad?

The modern nomad tends to be flexible and create opportunities when he can. 

He maintains multiple passports to create the broadest and easiest access to the world. 

He knows cities that he's traveled to like the back of his hand because he's always walking around and exploring. 

He's usually multi-lingual and more well educated in cultural/international affairs than some so called "experts" in the U.S. 

He has family that is also scattered across the globe.

I agree, like to add that he just does it. He doesn't sit on the fence second guessing himself. 
He plans thoroughly and goes 
He gathers information from people around him. 
He adapts

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Asian Poster Asks: Why do Blacks continue to want to live in the USA or any other White-dominated country?

Honest question: Why do Blacks continue to want to live in the USA or any other White-dominated country? As an Asian American, I see just how badly Blacks are mistreated in the USA. I also know the feeling of hate and discrimination towards my race, and how angry and resentful I got because of that. So then...why do Blacks continue to want to live here? All I see is Blacks complaining and whining about their situation, but it hasn't done any good, has it? Honestly, very little has changed since the Civil Rights Movement. I see many Blacks, to be honest, angry and frustrated with their situation. Many Blacks harbor great hatred and resentment towards White people (and many other groups such as Mexicans and Asians) but it's hard not to see why Blacks feel this way.

But then, having said all this, why do Blacks continue to pour into Europe and the USA--if they know they will be mistreated in those countries. It's the same way with how Asians are brainwashed to believe that everything 'Western' is somehow better than their own. I've always said that Asians would be a lot happier if they stayed in their own countries rather than immigrating to Western countries, en mase. Think of it: I'm on my way to permanently living in Asia in the future; I want-out of the country. Why don't more Blacks think like me, and escape their situation? The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation has really opened my eyes to how much White people despise Black people in the United States. It's been pretty shocking tbh, even though I supported Zimmerman in the court case. The vitriol of White America towards Blacks has shocked me in a lot of ways.

Black guys respond


Why many Asian-American women hate Asian men

Posted By Repatriate @

I've been thinking of whether or not to make a thread about this but I figured it's interesting enough to talk about. I have dated quite a few asian-american women, some quite hard to break the ice with initially. A lot of non-asian guys experience AA women first as their "minority" experience. Laughing 

First off there's this misconception that Asian-american women are the same as asian women everywhere else. This is absolutely false and AA women are 100% americanized western women. This is something that a lot of guys can't separate in their heads for some reason. This means Asian-American women have largely the same demands, attitudes, and unrealistic expectations as white American women but also a thickly layered on level of emotional and racial insecurity as well. I'll get into that a bit more later.. 

Here are some reasons why Asian-American women dislike Asian men: 

1) Daddy issues. Very few girls are going to admit this if you don't know them well but 1st generation asian fathers in the U.S. are usually awful to their daughters. The dads are too strict, fobbish, uncool, and very beta in behavior. They daughters aren't taken care of in any meaningful way or given any life lessons. It's not unusual for a lot of 2nd generation AA women to absolutely hate or have no respect for their fathers on some level. I found this to be very common with the hardcore insecure asian-american women. They dated outside the race to piss off daddy as well as to erase their own dysfunctional upbringing. 

2) General self loathing. Barbie is blonde. Ken is blonde. The media shows the best looking women and men as white. You have Latino and Black women who are pretty famous and pervasive in American media. Asian women have Lucy Liu and a piece of trash like Tila Tequila. That's about it. When they see asian women on tv they are usually supplicating to some white people or having sex with white people. So their standards of beauty are internalized as white only. Just like good ambitious asians they want to be the white ideal for competitive reasons too. That's why you see some asian-american girls run around with cheesy dyed hair and blue contacts or adopting hilariously stupid valley girl type accents. They are mental cripples. 

3) Status. The second best thing you can get aside from trying to look white is to date white. Asian women latch onto predominately white men as a status symbol. You hear a plethora of reasons why they prefer white men etc.. but really it just comes down to asian style hypergamy. Dating a white man is like purchasing a Hermes bag. It's used to show off her social status. It has nothing to do with bigger dingalings, wallets, height etc.. it has everything to do with racial approval seeking. That's why you don't see asian women dating black or latinos anywhere close to the same proportion. 

4) Beta asian males. I read mguy's critical comments about asian-american men in another thread and I have to agree on some level. The same things that cripple asian-american women mentally and emotionally in the U.S. also have some effect on a lot of asian-american men. Except with men it tends to create passive betas with no social skills. This is not as true if an asian guy grew up in a major U.S. city like Honolulu, NYC, or the LA area but it's very true if they grew up in 2nd tier cities or in the boonies where there are no asians. So a lot of AA guys come off as weaklings or social retards if they have no positive social group of friends growing up. The U.S. media reinforces that image. Other minorities relentlessly rip into us whenever they can too. So it builds up to an overall negative portrayal of Asian men in the U.S. 

5) Religion. This is a pretty minor thing but significant in the bigger picture when it comes to culture. Most asians are secular. There are a lot of practicing catholics, buddhists, etc.. but when you look at daily life most asian-americans actually live very secular lives. This means any kind of mentality to preserve the cultural family unit for traditional reasons are non-existent. Compare Asian-Americans with Indian-Americans. Indians are very adamant about marrying other Indians because their culture and religion demands it in most cases. Arab-Americans marry mostly Arab-Americans if they are muslim. Again, religion. 
In the past asians followed this type of culture with marriages of convenience and arranged family marriages but it doesn't really happen much anymore. Asians who come to America almost never practice this. 

6) Lack of identity. Asian-Americans are only 4% of the U.S. population. I'd say maybe a third to half of those people are fairly recent immigrants. This means you have some 2nd generation born AA's mixed in with a lot of fobs too. There's no cohesive pan-asian identity. You have dumb asian kids trying to act, talk, and dress black. You have asian kids wearing A&F trying to act like preppy whites. You have dumb a** fobs who try to act like they are back in the motherland. You have asian pride guys who are mostly angry virgins. Not to mention there's all sorts of inter-ethnic asian rivalries. Koreans hating Japs hating Chinese hating Vietnamese etc.. etc.. It's a huge cluster f**k. 

It's not like latinos or blacks in the U.S. who have developed a solid American cultural foundation and identity. If you're black at least you know where you stand. Asian-Americans don't know what the f**k is going on half the time. So when you have a lack of your own cultural identity it's easy to latch onto the mainstream as your identity. 

These are the top 6 that I can think of for now. Feel free to add your own and i'll vet it for authenticity. Laughing I dated several asian-american girls and really got into their heads about a lot of these insecurities. I understand this demographic very well.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Game in Philippines

If you are mid-20s it wont be hard to meet girls through regular means. 

The local girls your age will be more open to you as your age will be quite different from the other expatriates. Just carry a friendly and jovial vibe that matches the locals. They are in my opinion much friendlier than the other Asian girls (Fil-am here). 

I suggest hitting up Manila first and heading to the clubs just to see what is out there. Just go an approach any of the girls and ask for directions first, your foreign status will keep them less defensive. Go for the number as a pretense of "just in case" 

In Manila, you can game in Makati Glorietta which has better quality girls than the mall of Asia. Just go about and talk to the girls as you would states-side. If you drop that you are an exchange student, all the better. Remember to get the number. I know filipinos are more helpful to foreigners so just act and smile. 

If you go to a club, there will be girls your age that are looking to hookup with a "gringo". They will make their presence known. The reason is that they get somewhat a local value bump from being with a gringo. If you have good logistics, then you can get these girls quite easily as it is what they are looking for. The best way is to befriend a local guy first that would introduce you to his friends. 

Bohol is nice but the quantity of girls your age might be limiting. You will arrive in Tagbilaran airport before you go the beach. The beach itself has whore mongering presence that you may want to separate yourself from. 

Cebu is also nice but somewhat more provincial. There are some attractions but don't go too crazy as there is an aspect of lawlessness here. Either way just go and try to play the foreigner game looking for some tourist spots. Always ask for a number as a "just-in-case". It shouldnt be hard as most girls speak English. 

PM for specifics. Happy hunting!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Expat Minority Males pt.2 - Looks and Ranking in the USA

 The below post is a recurring theme in American as life as a minority guy. This black guy's case is typical here in HA. 

djeanp7898 wrote:

I'm 35 years old, 6'5" tall, handsome, athletic, and intellectual, however I still suffer from the same issues. For those of you who think I get approached a lot because of my looks and height, think again.


The board basically advised him to move to Brazil with the caveat of not expecting the world. Pretty standard. My reply to this was 

mguy wrote:

When blacks from USA are concerned the OP is ranked a 5 in the USA. When blacks from Brazil are concerned the OP is ranked an 8 in Brazil.

5 vs 8

This is huge. Why settle to be a 5 when you are naturally an 8.

As a Fil-Am I have the same effect when I go to the Phils, I get higher quality girls consistently and the attraction is noticeable even before I talk (the give away that i'm American). In states-side I'm pushed down a couple of points as there is competition from other perceived higher valued race (white) and operating within this environment consistently hurts my chances with the hotter babes of my own race. That hot filipina in the states is harder for me to get than an equally hot filipina living in the Philippines, based purely on my look.

It's been largely established that in the USA there is a standard of beauty that happens to agree with the white look. Thus, ethnic males whose looks deviate from that established look are ranked lower. The more your looks deviate (ie. a really chinese looking chinese guy or really african looking african guy) the lower your rank in the scale. However, interestingly, when you move abroad the white male look is deemphesized and there will be a local standard of beauty that will more resemble your look. This relativeness allows ethnic-American males to find and enjoy their true dating value in the dating pool based on looks by expatriating. 

Here is a bell chart curve I created. I know it's crude but I hope to get my point across. 


As you can see, a change in environment changes your dating rank based on looks alone. Imagine that red line as a 6 (top image) then after an environment change it shifts to an 8. As a new 8 you are able date more attractive women... NATURALLY. 

If you are younger cat who still have youthful looks, please really take a look at this and understand the dynamic that is playing out. It might be shocking to some, especially to untraveled men, to know that they are actually better looking than what they think they are. And that they are entitled to a hotter class of females for simply existing. It's like being a white guy almost... but for minority men.. if that makes sense. 

One's race has a correlation with dating success. If you want to debunk that statement then we will open a thread. I'll let the readers personal experience on this color their thoughts. 

Either way, the poster, the black guy, who has an electrical degree 6'5 and is relatively good looking is doing poorly in the states. Since the caliber of minority men here are usually high we can go more into an abstract discussion. 

Think of a society's standard of beauty as an object. This object, the standard of beauty, has mass. With mass there's gravity. This pulls those that are closer to it at a stronger force. If you are a close approximation of the standard of beauty in a given platform the more of "looks" you are awarded since you are closer. But remember, there is one dominant standard of beauty but MANY standards of beauty each with different pulls depending on their mass (importance) in each environment. 

With expatriation, or change of environment, the standard of beauty objects change their mass (importance). Below the Sigma males are males that have non-mainstream looks, in US environment they are far from the dominant std of beauty object so they are given less "looks" award. However, in other environments, the standard of beauty object is closer to these males thus resulting in more "looks" points. 

This is not hard conceptually but here's a drawing representation. 


The third is basically the same as #2 but I wanted to account that since white is the global standard of beauty (for reasons not going to be discussed here) they still get that plus point represented by the link.

Here is more resources

Asian Men under the American Beauty Standard


Expatriation for the Millenials

This is for the current generation characterized as the millenials, base-line would be born upwards 1982. 

The America that you live in is different from the America that Winston lived in. But what happened? The economic collapse called the mortgage crises and the subsequent government reaction of plowing borrowed money to fix the problem: an economic red pill.

Before the millennial, they still bitched about life, but America was in a better economic position. Thus the previous generations had little problems obtaining wages to at least start their expatriation (unless they were losers) or at least build capital. Nowadays you see highly educated kids that are going to the workforce for wages that barely rises while their cost of living is ever increasing. Coupled with globalization and the commodization of skills. Is that engineering job really an attractive option?

Also with the falling of the middle class into the poverty line. The alternative is to start businesses usually done online.

The pros: 
At least our generation have more exposure to the internet and we have become experts at absorbing new information and distilling wisdom from the quackheads of the previous generation.

We were born with technology, our attention spans are shorter, but we dissect info-bites at lighting speed: have you tried teaching an older person how to do something on the puter?

With mass production our costs for expatriation are much smaller and with information our intel collection procedures are much faster. Time to expatriation these days are much faster due to information being out there.

New platforms to help us in expatriation. Need income? Try odesk. Housing? airbnb. Banking? online. Specific questions? Forum. These trivial things were not available to Winston.


We are more susceptible to falling into the system of materialism and wage-slavery as marketing and business systems are now at weapons grade. Your mind is now their bitch but you will hardly recognize this because of the sophistry.

With information we are bombarded with an equal quantity of bad information that would seize the lesser minds.

Competition. These same technology is also informing other citizens and the skills required is now higher.

Economic forces are now translating to social forces and people are increasingly becoming more concerned with increasing social rank and the egos associated with it.


Either way we are here as the next happierabroader, hopefully we can do it with more flair more artistry. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

#1 Reason for Expatriation -- what?!!????

I believe that USA is an awesome country. It has good infrastructure, good schools, and civilized people. Sure it has flaws but still would use the word awesome to describe it, and I'm not even that young (late 20s). Then why would anyone leave the USA? In my research, it turns out that most leave for the other half. What do you mean other half?


Oh yes. For some reason these expatriates go to their target country with reasons that has to with issues regarding their relationships with females from the USA.


Younger Guys

Mine has something to do with that as well so I guess I can't say it isn't true. The younger guys are looking for dating opportunities for themselves abroad, most are looking to leverage their race into better environments. More are just sick of the females in the USA or simply can't get any. The younger guys are mostly looking for new experiences and dating options.

Older Guys

The older guys are usually jaded experience in the USA. My girl in Asia told me she was the only happiness that her ex-bf felt. Wow? I'm guessing at the point there is very little happiness a person feels. Either way, the older guys are more methodical in their research and have more money to invest. They are also looking for something specific: a wife.

Both demographic are mostly interested in the Latin America and Asia which is interesting. These future-expatriates have also a lot to complaints about the USA which makes me question if thoughts do indeed color perceptions. Some have gone through nasty divorces and other equally horrific things (getting busted for your race).

The most surprising trend for me is that younger crowds are getting younger. Younger cats in college still. That means there is already at that point something life-impacting that a society change is being seen as an option. I'm just surprised how young they are to notice these things. I was a wage-drone wannabe at that point in my life.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Expatriation in Models

So you decided that your want to leave?

Then what are your options. 

A.) Suck it up
B.) Leave

Since you reading this blog then you must have chosen #2. Ok. Then I will meet you to the point where you will be asking how will you be able to survive? This assumes that you have no savings to draw-upon and you had to leave now. 

Remember Maslow's heirarchy? You must at least cover your basic needs in your location. 

Directive One: Calculations

1.) Obtain the lowest cost-of-living available. This will be your minimum amount needed. 

Example: you calculate that you need at $350/month in target country. This is your "need" 

2.) Obtain your minimum standard-of-living costs. This will be minimum-cost + extra

Example: you calculate that you need to live at $550 bc you want worth of "wants" for $200. So your standard of living is $550

Directive Two: Building

1.) The basic requirement is to obtain income-source#1 to cover your lowest-cost-of-living. 
(This is ESL jobs or anything convenient) as you build for a source that covers your standard-of-living

2.) Obtain income-source#2 to cover your standard-of-living. 

Directive Three: Freedom

There is really no Directive three, as the two directives had already satisfied the minimum requirement. But for the sake of argument, you will want to want freedom.

1.) Once income-source#2>standard-of-living, you will have surplus-cash in the form of capital. 
2.) Employ surplus-cash

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pre-Move: The Liquidation Phase

On my move abroad, I had the frenzy of selling my stuff online. Why?

The things that you own end up owning you. I was a mid-career guy and even though I tried to stay honest with minimalism, I still found that I had accumulated lots of junk. Why would I need these things to keep me happy anyways? It felt like there were only holding me back from freedom. All I really need in life is a laptop and an internet connection. Asides from these I could sell and would sell everything. For my small electronics, I utilized EBAY. As a techno-junkie, I had a plethora of small electronics.

How to use E-bay efficiently:

The idea is to extract as much resale value from your stuff. The buyers are sensitive to two things: price and your rating. The market will ultimately dictate the price but surprisingly, I found, that your rating had to do with the price your receive.

1.) If you are starting from scratch then sell your small value items first and be open to take a loss. The idea is to build your rating. When your bid ends, quickly ship it, and provide the tracking number. On receipt of the item -- message the buy to leave you a rating. This way I was able to sell ipods, stereos, jackets, once used branded shirts and winter gear

Rinse, repeat.

2.) On higher value, I had already accumulated rating, so I was selling items like my enterprise-grade Cisco router, I set a minimum price that I would accept along with a buy now price that was an average of similar items sold.

3.) Furniture and bike and car - I had a fancy foam mattress (one of the worst purchases ever). For something like this, I used craigslist. My bike was quick to go. The car is still listed.


The last problem I had was my lease of my apartment. I just listed it on craigslist and waited for the email to pour in. I required half the first month deposit which turned out good bc a guy had back out and I kept his deposit. Finally I was able to rent out my place through skype from a dude in California. We drafted the lease through skype and iphone pictured our IDs to each other. He made the final purchase by sending me cash through paypal.

Final thoughts:

Liquidation phase takes time and I would suggest that if you are sure to move abroad to get started early and get rid of things that will absolutely not help you. In the end, I managed to raise some cash but I also had to throw out many things, many junk. At this point, my life weighs approx 60lbs and I'll even reduce that as I will be moving to a tropical country. I still have to digitize old photos then I am done!

my prized possession -- my bike. It stung but it had to go!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Spanish Learning Path

My Spanish learning path. 

Shortly after I graduated college at the eve of worst American recession, I was unable to find a job. Bored, I decided to learn Spanish to increase my job opportunity as everyone around me was telling that learning a language increases marketability. 

I started off as a complete newbie. The first thing I did was to torrent the Rosetta stone. I woke up in the morning and blasted myself with Rosetta stone learning. It just became routine for me at the time, to wake-up and do at least half an hour of Spanish clicking pictures and listening to audio. Spanish then became "my thing" and soon I started amassing music on my ipod even if I couldn't understand a word they were saying. 

Spanish round 2

I was able to secure a part-time position (I think the Spanish helped) and filled my time learning Spanish. At this point I discovered meetup.com Spanish meet up. It became the best thing for my learning Spanish. Once a week we would convene in a downtown mall and speak Spanish for a couple of hours. I realized at this time that even after training myself, that I was a complete newbie. I could not for the life of me make a conversation with these people. Looking back, I realize that my level was so low. However, I didn't give up. 

Spanish round 3

The genius of my now conversant Spanish ability is the fact that I was able to procure a job overseas. I lived in Guatemala for one year and it was truly an eye opening experience! The fact that I worked in a Spanish school helped lots to force language learning in my head. Nevertheless, it still took me a good 3 months to be able to have a baby talk level conversation with my teachers. Rosetta helped, but it is not best for conversations. After 8 months I could get around the country and was organizing trips for myself and others. 

Spanish round 4

Back in the USA, as luck would have it, I got to work in a Spanish owned enterprise. English was the language most used but still had Spanish people talking in the background. I kept attending meet-ups and around this time which was year 3 I believe, my Spanish was getting quite good. Also, I started getting into Salsa which helped maintain the level of Spanish that I have. 

Spanish round 5

I am now in the last wings of Spanish learning. At this point I could converse with any local (having made several trips to different countries) without significant problems. I'm also at the point where the Spanish language is starting to degrade (not working in Spanish enterprise anymore). I still try to attend meetups, but the fact remains: my Spanish skills is now starting to degrade because I am back states-side. 


The best take of this is that learning the language has given me a lot. It has given me employment, most of my friends are Spanish learners. Most of my girlfriends had been Spanish speakers. I am now badass in Salsa. And I have a new perspective -- which is the latino perspective. 


1.) Realize that learning Spanish is a lot of work. Language learning is no joke and don't fall for the Spanish is an easy language to learn crap. Basically you will have a language that encompasses a vocal representation of all the physical world plus the meta-physical which is the basis of semantics. 

2.) Set aside time to study. You have to put in the time and SUSTAIN it for a long period of time. 

3.) The key is to really study abroad. There is not amount of self-study that can replace the immersion. It was nice getting into the Rosetta stone but it was all memorization, and not internalization which is the essence of immersion. 

4.) The trick is to craft a life-style that is exposed with Spanish. It was for this very reason I got into Salsa/Bachata/Merengue -- at least I was exposed. I also made it to a point to mack Spanish-speaking girls. haha

The journey, not the destination, is the reward. :)


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