Friday, July 12, 2013

#1 Reason for Expatriation -- what?!!????

I believe that USA is an awesome country. It has good infrastructure, good schools, and civilized people. Sure it has flaws but still would use the word awesome to describe it, and I'm not even that young (late 20s). Then why would anyone leave the USA? In my research, it turns out that most leave for the other half. What do you mean other half?


Oh yes. For some reason these expatriates go to their target country with reasons that has to with issues regarding their relationships with females from the USA.


Younger Guys

Mine has something to do with that as well so I guess I can't say it isn't true. The younger guys are looking for dating opportunities for themselves abroad, most are looking to leverage their race into better environments. More are just sick of the females in the USA or simply can't get any. The younger guys are mostly looking for new experiences and dating options.

Older Guys

The older guys are usually jaded experience in the USA. My girl in Asia told me she was the only happiness that her ex-bf felt. Wow? I'm guessing at the point there is very little happiness a person feels. Either way, the older guys are more methodical in their research and have more money to invest. They are also looking for something specific: a wife.

Both demographic are mostly interested in the Latin America and Asia which is interesting. These future-expatriates have also a lot to complaints about the USA which makes me question if thoughts do indeed color perceptions. Some have gone through nasty divorces and other equally horrific things (getting busted for your race).

The most surprising trend for me is that younger crowds are getting younger. Younger cats in college still. That means there is already at that point something life-impacting that a society change is being seen as an option. I'm just surprised how young they are to notice these things. I was a wage-drone wannabe at that point in my life.

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