Monday, July 22, 2013

Asian Poster Asks: Why do Blacks continue to want to live in the USA or any other White-dominated country?

Honest question: Why do Blacks continue to want to live in the USA or any other White-dominated country? As an Asian American, I see just how badly Blacks are mistreated in the USA. I also know the feeling of hate and discrimination towards my race, and how angry and resentful I got because of that. So then...why do Blacks continue to want to live here? All I see is Blacks complaining and whining about their situation, but it hasn't done any good, has it? Honestly, very little has changed since the Civil Rights Movement. I see many Blacks, to be honest, angry and frustrated with their situation. Many Blacks harbor great hatred and resentment towards White people (and many other groups such as Mexicans and Asians) but it's hard not to see why Blacks feel this way.

But then, having said all this, why do Blacks continue to pour into Europe and the USA--if they know they will be mistreated in those countries. It's the same way with how Asians are brainwashed to believe that everything 'Western' is somehow better than their own. I've always said that Asians would be a lot happier if they stayed in their own countries rather than immigrating to Western countries, en mase. Think of it: I'm on my way to permanently living in Asia in the future; I want-out of the country. Why don't more Blacks think like me, and escape their situation? The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation has really opened my eyes to how much White people despise Black people in the United States. It's been pretty shocking tbh, even though I supported Zimmerman in the court case. The vitriol of White America towards Blacks has shocked me in a lot of ways.

Black guys respond

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