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Dark-Hat Salsero: Salsa Game Guide

I started game about three years ago, after reading tons of gaming advise from game gurus. I gamed bar scene in slay-town but had bad results. I simply wasn't selling what they were buying. I now hypothesize it is because of my non-association with the mainstream, my race, my color.. whatever. Instead of leverage I had negative-leverage.


I tried the same with day game quackery and had some success but I am a working young professional and cannot be bothered by that quackery. I needed something quick and efficient that worked!

I learned salsa. This is my story, my gift to other alienated men.

Why Salsa? 

The first thing to consider is the amount of girls you will encounter in salsa. Try the equation.

Σ x>i

Summation x to i. i = number of girls you will be in close physical contact with. Win. The turn around of girls is quick so you get to test what works and what doesn't work on a flurry of faces. This gives you a large set to use to build contact lists (more on this later). Importantly, in the dance floor racial bias and other superficial factors are given less weight as compared to sarging in bars. Former-frat boys with big muscles, perfect shiny teeth, who are charming talkers are effectively deleveraged. Alpha dynamic changes.

Prime Numbers

My conversions were low at first but improved as I slowly gained experience. At the apex, it got to a point where I had an excel spreadsheet to help keep track of my salsa girl projects. On a given week, I was working with approx 10 to 20 girl leads and generating around average of 30 new numbers added to my excel list. The list contained hundreds but I feel it passed a thousand. For a little amount of work on my free-time I built an unstoppable system of poon. :-)

The Number Generating Theory

This is the essence of the salsa game. The creation of massive lists of numbers. Numbers are generated by 1.) Class and 2.) Going out. Here is a progression rated on their difficulty and what to do.

Beginner-Level: Class

The class will be the biggest number generator. In class you build rapport with your partner by dropping comments such as "this is so hard" "are we getting it right?" "where can we practice?". Get the number after class. I straight up became an expert at this by announcing a group practice session to practice what we learned in class. Asking people to write their numbers and email on piece of paper so we can get "group practice" is quite effective. I repeated this in every skill level and other dance classes. haha!

Pro-tip: always ask for the number and always go to class early and linger for awhile.

Intermediate: Salsa Club

Arrive in class given prior to the dancing to build rapport and scope targets. At the dance floor, if she makes a comment about "what's your name?" this means she likes you and is open to be banged. In my case she will ask "where you from?" at which point my conversation rate will go up a factor of ten. I will guide the conversation so that I will get at least a number at the end; I have done this hundreds of times. Notice there is nothing about me writing dancing here. The dancing is just a platform for mack. True macking skills is what really gets her.

Pro-tip: If the song is salsa ask her "is this bachata?" if it is bachata ask her "is this salsa?". She will laugh if she knows anything and lower her guard. If she asks what you do counter with "I sell coconuts" to get a playful jibe.

Advanced Level: Targeting: Salsa Clubs

You need to acquire the insight of grading dancers according to skill level. You can mack all of the girls but you don't want to eat where you shit. I suggest to mack on beginner girls first -- spotting them is the advanced game aspect to it. Their holes are just as tight. You will need to develop the experience of knowing when to approach. I usually hang out by the exit after "sets" and talk to them as they leave.

pro-tip: you wanna practice? you come often? we should go together -- we should trade contact info. 

The One Night Stand

This hat trick is quite difficult to execute as my game is geared towards a slow funneling technique I refer to as the back end system. To do the One Night Stand you must luck out with the slut and execute quickly. As a baseline, if you are able to get her out of the club into the bar where she consumes lots of alcohol then it is a done deal. I however do not like this approach as I become too aggressive and lose the target. Now let's talk about the back-end systems.

The Back-End Systems

Now armed with your list of numbers is where game comes in. The idea is to get her to convert through a series of steps. Thanks to the PUAs out there who are constantly innovating game logistics. This is basically a logistics game at this point and everyone has their own implementation. This is mine.

At work enter her information on excel to track their conversion status.
Text her something about salsa just to refresh her mind.
Drop the idea of practice there somewhere, she will most likely agree.
Make it easy for them by choosing the place (mine is at a classroom @ the uni)
Set the appointment

If she is slow to respond then get at her by calling between hours of 8-9(thanks roosh!)
If she stops responding then schedule an auto-remind in three months
She will eventually go out with you when she feels like she needs to work on her salsa/social again
salsa practice has a low flake rate or she will inform you at least
She will even associate going out with you
Most girls it turns out have a fantasy about being a dancer like in dirty dancing

She may even be just down for drinks under the pretext of going to salsa club after (protecting her non-slut image)
Hell if I want to go to a beach I'll just random select a girl from list then run beach game
I can run museum game of "latin shit dont give a fuck" weekend
I can run Spanish learning game or watch "latin dont give a fuck movie"
The point is I have the list and I use it to test other fledgling gaming systems

You can schedule practice on weekdays, but my favorite are Saturday or Sunday afternoon. This way I can get to salsa club to generate more numbers at night if it doesn't work. Best to appropriate two dates back to back and flake if you have full conversion. Weekdays also work but you should use it for class (generating numbers) or other activities like working out. My Fridays are reserved.

Practice Dance Dates

1. Don't mistake this for what it really is: a date. A date masked as practice and thus should be escalated. I'll teach you when to escalate. The important thing to remember at practice is that it has a very low next-date conversion. Meaning you can easily get friend-zoned if you don't make a move; in general, setting up the next one is unreliable (girls are not consistent after).

2. You will need a laptop with internet connection to point at youtube. It is also nice to have this type ofspeaker.

3. Practice a move that you see in Youtube! Use your speakers. Be serious about practice and make sure you both perspire. Going-in for the kill is next.

4. At the end of the actual dancing when she is resting or changing or something. You need to start making your move. Run the talk-game or go straight for another "position" then go for the kiss. Youhave to go at least for the kiss (or something) between here and her leaving. This part of the dance game leaves a lot of customization depending on the situation. More than 50% of the time I am kissing a girl at this point or grabbing a tit.

5. Go straight to your your place if possible. Since that is a hard sell, you can try softening her by going to a bar first. Walking around to check the town (conveniently walking near your place). Logistics game. WHATEVER but remember that you will probably wont have another chance to escalate so you must be able to close that day or get as much as you can as quickly as possible. The beauty is that attraction has been building and physical touches are now established so the space is essentially removed leaving only a mental barrier.

6. I caution here that you do not want to lose her by going to the salsa club. The salsa club makes for a horrible end. I only enter that salsa joint with my date with an expectation of going somewhere after. If I get a female who does not convert and see her in the salsa joint. I don't dance with her.  Don't shit where you eat.

7. This is pretty much standard issue PUA at this point so don't fumble. Getting your house. What to do when you are there. Getting her to her house. What to do when you are there. Standard. Refer to bang guide.

In summary, if you follow this correctly you will get a massive list of numbers for a minimum amount of time and funnel them through these mini-dates masked as dance practice. However, don't be a Johnny Salsero who dances for the sake of dancing. This is just a tool.

End Game

I am done with this type of game. I learned about game like PUA from roosh but I really didn't amount to much bc of what I think are societal concerns. Don't think i'm sulking as I turned my disadvantages to a master hand resulting to some good stories and this guide. I didn't think I would find this leverage here but I did. So there. I am leaving the salsa game as I am now relocating and want another system (maybe a business that draws on females). I am a point in this salsa game where I bring it to other US cities or anywhere I go. I have already tested it other countries in Europe. Because of the massive contact-list building, you are also able to run harems on this type of set-up with enough experience.

I recommend the salsa game for anyone who are not mainstream, it is excellent for minorities or anyone that doesn't want to get into the bar-scene and/or have little success in day game.

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