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Expat Minority Males pt.2 - Looks and Ranking in the USA

 The below post is a recurring theme in American as life as a minority guy. This black guy's case is typical here in HA. 

djeanp7898 wrote:

I'm 35 years old, 6'5" tall, handsome, athletic, and intellectual, however I still suffer from the same issues. For those of you who think I get approached a lot because of my looks and height, think again.


The board basically advised him to move to Brazil with the caveat of not expecting the world. Pretty standard. My reply to this was 

mguy wrote:

When blacks from USA are concerned the OP is ranked a 5 in the USA. When blacks from Brazil are concerned the OP is ranked an 8 in Brazil.

5 vs 8

This is huge. Why settle to be a 5 when you are naturally an 8.

As a Fil-Am I have the same effect when I go to the Phils, I get higher quality girls consistently and the attraction is noticeable even before I talk (the give away that i'm American). In states-side I'm pushed down a couple of points as there is competition from other perceived higher valued race (white) and operating within this environment consistently hurts my chances with the hotter babes of my own race. That hot filipina in the states is harder for me to get than an equally hot filipina living in the Philippines, based purely on my look.

It's been largely established that in the USA there is a standard of beauty that happens to agree with the white look. Thus, ethnic males whose looks deviate from that established look are ranked lower. The more your looks deviate (ie. a really chinese looking chinese guy or really african looking african guy) the lower your rank in the scale. However, interestingly, when you move abroad the white male look is deemphesized and there will be a local standard of beauty that will more resemble your look. This relativeness allows ethnic-American males to find and enjoy their true dating value in the dating pool based on looks by expatriating. 

Here is a bell chart curve I created. I know it's crude but I hope to get my point across. 


As you can see, a change in environment changes your dating rank based on looks alone. Imagine that red line as a 6 (top image) then after an environment change it shifts to an 8. As a new 8 you are able date more attractive women... NATURALLY. 

If you are younger cat who still have youthful looks, please really take a look at this and understand the dynamic that is playing out. It might be shocking to some, especially to untraveled men, to know that they are actually better looking than what they think they are. And that they are entitled to a hotter class of females for simply existing. It's like being a white guy almost... but for minority men.. if that makes sense. 

One's race has a correlation with dating success. If you want to debunk that statement then we will open a thread. I'll let the readers personal experience on this color their thoughts. 

Either way, the poster, the black guy, who has an electrical degree 6'5 and is relatively good looking is doing poorly in the states. Since the caliber of minority men here are usually high we can go more into an abstract discussion. 

Think of a society's standard of beauty as an object. This object, the standard of beauty, has mass. With mass there's gravity. This pulls those that are closer to it at a stronger force. If you are a close approximation of the standard of beauty in a given platform the more of "looks" you are awarded since you are closer. But remember, there is one dominant standard of beauty but MANY standards of beauty each with different pulls depending on their mass (importance) in each environment. 

With expatriation, or change of environment, the standard of beauty objects change their mass (importance). Below the Sigma males are males that have non-mainstream looks, in US environment they are far from the dominant std of beauty object so they are given less "looks" award. However, in other environments, the standard of beauty object is closer to these males thus resulting in more "looks" points. 

This is not hard conceptually but here's a drawing representation. 


The third is basically the same as #2 but I wanted to account that since white is the global standard of beauty (for reasons not going to be discussed here) they still get that plus point represented by the link.

Here is more resources

Asian Men under the American Beauty Standard


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