Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Expatriation for the Millenials

This is for the current generation characterized as the millenials, base-line would be born upwards 1982. 

The America that you live in is different from the America that Winston lived in. But what happened? The economic collapse called the mortgage crises and the subsequent government reaction of plowing borrowed money to fix the problem: an economic red pill.

Before the millennial, they still bitched about life, but America was in a better economic position. Thus the previous generations had little problems obtaining wages to at least start their expatriation (unless they were losers) or at least build capital. Nowadays you see highly educated kids that are going to the workforce for wages that barely rises while their cost of living is ever increasing. Coupled with globalization and the commodization of skills. Is that engineering job really an attractive option?

Also with the falling of the middle class into the poverty line. The alternative is to start businesses usually done online.

The pros: 
At least our generation have more exposure to the internet and we have become experts at absorbing new information and distilling wisdom from the quackheads of the previous generation.

We were born with technology, our attention spans are shorter, but we dissect info-bites at lighting speed: have you tried teaching an older person how to do something on the puter?

With mass production our costs for expatriation are much smaller and with information our intel collection procedures are much faster. Time to expatriation these days are much faster due to information being out there.

New platforms to help us in expatriation. Need income? Try odesk. Housing? airbnb. Banking? online. Specific questions? Forum. These trivial things were not available to Winston.


We are more susceptible to falling into the system of materialism and wage-slavery as marketing and business systems are now at weapons grade. Your mind is now their bitch but you will hardly recognize this because of the sophistry.

With information we are bombarded with an equal quantity of bad information that would seize the lesser minds.

Competition. These same technology is also informing other citizens and the skills required is now higher.

Economic forces are now translating to social forces and people are increasingly becoming more concerned with increasing social rank and the egos associated with it.


Either way we are here as the next happierabroader, hopefully we can do it with more flair more artistry. 

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