Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Expatriation in Models

So you decided that your want to leave?

Then what are your options. 

A.) Suck it up
B.) Leave

Since you reading this blog then you must have chosen #2. Ok. Then I will meet you to the point where you will be asking how will you be able to survive? This assumes that you have no savings to draw-upon and you had to leave now. 

Remember Maslow's heirarchy? You must at least cover your basic needs in your location. 

Directive One: Calculations

1.) Obtain the lowest cost-of-living available. This will be your minimum amount needed. 

Example: you calculate that you need at $350/month in target country. This is your "need" 

2.) Obtain your minimum standard-of-living costs. This will be minimum-cost + extra

Example: you calculate that you need to live at $550 bc you want worth of "wants" for $200. So your standard of living is $550

Directive Two: Building

1.) The basic requirement is to obtain income-source#1 to cover your lowest-cost-of-living. 
(This is ESL jobs or anything convenient) as you build for a source that covers your standard-of-living

2.) Obtain income-source#2 to cover your standard-of-living. 

Directive Three: Freedom

There is really no Directive three, as the two directives had already satisfied the minimum requirement. But for the sake of argument, you will want to want freedom.

1.) Once income-source#2>standard-of-living, you will have surplus-cash in the form of capital. 
2.) Employ surplus-cash

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