Friday, July 19, 2013

Game in Philippines

If you are mid-20s it wont be hard to meet girls through regular means. 

The local girls your age will be more open to you as your age will be quite different from the other expatriates. Just carry a friendly and jovial vibe that matches the locals. They are in my opinion much friendlier than the other Asian girls (Fil-am here). 

I suggest hitting up Manila first and heading to the clubs just to see what is out there. Just go an approach any of the girls and ask for directions first, your foreign status will keep them less defensive. Go for the number as a pretense of "just in case" 

In Manila, you can game in Makati Glorietta which has better quality girls than the mall of Asia. Just go about and talk to the girls as you would states-side. If you drop that you are an exchange student, all the better. Remember to get the number. I know filipinos are more helpful to foreigners so just act and smile. 

If you go to a club, there will be girls your age that are looking to hookup with a "gringo". They will make their presence known. The reason is that they get somewhat a local value bump from being with a gringo. If you have good logistics, then you can get these girls quite easily as it is what they are looking for. The best way is to befriend a local guy first that would introduce you to his friends. 

Bohol is nice but the quantity of girls your age might be limiting. You will arrive in Tagbilaran airport before you go the beach. The beach itself has whore mongering presence that you may want to separate yourself from. 

Cebu is also nice but somewhat more provincial. There are some attractions but don't go too crazy as there is an aspect of lawlessness here. Either way just go and try to play the foreigner game looking for some tourist spots. Always ask for a number as a "just-in-case". It shouldnt be hard as most girls speak English. 

PM for specifics. Happy hunting!

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