Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lifestyle of the Nomad

 We all have decision to make regarding the life style we choose to live. Life after-all is the aggregation of life choices that we have made in our lives. Now I want to talk about the Nomad. The Nomad chooses a life that is unbounded by geography. To the Nomad life is a flurry of new experiences. Imagine hobo traveler types, they wake up and their morning routine consists of exploring something new. There is very little familiarity and little routine in the Nomad's life.

The Nomad must thrive on the unknown and he must possess endless curiosity to really explore what lies beyond the boundaries. He must leave before his accommodations are up, usually he is on the road before the working world have their lunch. The modern desert explorer traverses continents in a sea of ever shifting sands and mountains. I've always been enthralled to look at the lives of men nomad bloggers, best if they mix some game into it. It just seems so surreal that they are able to travel and get girls at the same time.

 How to become a Nomad?

Minimalism - Nomads must pack lightly for the road is long and the thieves are prowling the horizon 

Hustlers - Nomads have always relied on earning credits to fund their travels, but now a new generation of Nomad hustlers are digitizing their way of life

Tolerance for risk - Not really important What else is there about the Nomad?

The modern nomad tends to be flexible and create opportunities when he can. 

He maintains multiple passports to create the broadest and easiest access to the world. 

He knows cities that he's traveled to like the back of his hand because he's always walking around and exploring. 

He's usually multi-lingual and more well educated in cultural/international affairs than some so called "experts" in the U.S. 

He has family that is also scattered across the globe.

I agree, like to add that he just does it. He doesn't sit on the fence second guessing himself. 
He plans thoroughly and goes 
He gathers information from people around him. 
He adapts

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