Monday, July 8, 2013

Pre-Move: The Liquidation Phase

On my move abroad, I had the frenzy of selling my stuff online. Why?

The things that you own end up owning you. I was a mid-career guy and even though I tried to stay honest with minimalism, I still found that I had accumulated lots of junk. Why would I need these things to keep me happy anyways? It felt like there were only holding me back from freedom. All I really need in life is a laptop and an internet connection. Asides from these I could sell and would sell everything. For my small electronics, I utilized EBAY. As a techno-junkie, I had a plethora of small electronics.

How to use E-bay efficiently:

The idea is to extract as much resale value from your stuff. The buyers are sensitive to two things: price and your rating. The market will ultimately dictate the price but surprisingly, I found, that your rating had to do with the price your receive.

1.) If you are starting from scratch then sell your small value items first and be open to take a loss. The idea is to build your rating. When your bid ends, quickly ship it, and provide the tracking number. On receipt of the item -- message the buy to leave you a rating. This way I was able to sell ipods, stereos, jackets, once used branded shirts and winter gear

Rinse, repeat.

2.) On higher value, I had already accumulated rating, so I was selling items like my enterprise-grade Cisco router, I set a minimum price that I would accept along with a buy now price that was an average of similar items sold.

3.) Furniture and bike and car - I had a fancy foam mattress (one of the worst purchases ever). For something like this, I used craigslist. My bike was quick to go. The car is still listed.


The last problem I had was my lease of my apartment. I just listed it on craigslist and waited for the email to pour in. I required half the first month deposit which turned out good bc a guy had back out and I kept his deposit. Finally I was able to rent out my place through skype from a dude in California. We drafted the lease through skype and iphone pictured our IDs to each other. He made the final purchase by sending me cash through paypal.

Final thoughts:

Liquidation phase takes time and I would suggest that if you are sure to move abroad to get started early and get rid of things that will absolutely not help you. In the end, I managed to raise some cash but I also had to throw out many things, many junk. At this point, my life weighs approx 60lbs and I'll even reduce that as I will be moving to a tropical country. I still have to digitize old photos then I am done!

my prized possession -- my bike. It stung but it had to go!

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