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Race And Dating In America.

//edit: Teh internet's forum for race and dating:

This is a taboo topic so be warned. Talking about race in dating will be sufficient for a banning in most dating forums. This is called race-baiting and generally frowned upon. Having said that, let’s go right in to race and dating in America.

There exists strict racial boundaries in the USA, these are more like hierarchies in the dating world.  If you are minority man and wonder why it is tough for you then you might blame yourself. Ok, so you didn’t get enough exposure in dating in life. Ok fine that can be fixed. So you delve into PUA and game and learn about picking up chix and being more social. That is all fine and you get success, but you still wonder why aren't my successes equal to x guy? Well maybe x guy is good looking and doesn’t need game -- you aren't so stfu and approach. Fair enough.

Then you see the hierarchies in action. In my case it was Asian Females dating White men in droves. Ok fine, but why isn’t there that much Asian males with White Females? Ok then you start getting deeper in the rabbit hole. You see, this topic is considered taboo in PUA, this is a little aspect that they fail to amplify.  The general solution offered is that the problem is you. Yup, the problem is you, bc you haven’t done enough approaches, bc you haven’t fixed your logistics, bc you haven’t fixed your body. Ok fine so you fix yourself. Then you see the hierarchies in action again. Asian guy who is successful with a penthouse graduated from an Ivy League and is a successful entrepreneur who is muscular, but his Asian girl left him? This guy should be swimming in chix! What is going on.

Then you start to consult the forums, you get banned or you get trolled for bringing the subject of race. So what do you do? You talk to a fellow minority man and see what is going on. More often than not, he will acknowledge the hierarchy. Talk to a black man and see what it’s like for him. Talk to an Indian guy and see where he stands. By now you are deeper and deeper in the rabbit hole. Maybe this “loser” talk has some truth to it. Then you look around, and you see that what you are gaming are the scraps and you still have to succumb to a certain image of your race. Go to an Irish pub then game girls there, it is a pitiful thing and I pity that guy who is opening all the girls who obviously are not into him. Then you go to a club and you see an Asian girl or a minority girl, then you have your hopes up – I surely deserve this one! Then she automatically rejects you bc shes eyeing another guy. (In Asia she would have licked my balls for me to talk to her ugly ass)

It is painful. I’ve seen minority guys who are in pain because of this. They truly blame themselves for their failures in getting girls. Then you think well what's the point in this? I’d rather be alone. Well, you see, women are the prize, they contain in them a little organ that is capable of replicating your genetic code. They bring for you a future, a sense of normalcy, a sense of belonging to society. You bust your ass off by working, you give your life to the system, but you’re rewarded by non-desire? It’s a good feeling being desired. Worst is that guys who are not as economically better than you or not even as attractive are getting girls by a ton. Then you realize maybe it’s their race. Uh-oh. Their color gives them access to all these girls.

Or maybe not, still.

Still you work and you say just a little bit more and I’ll have x amount of cash to get the hell out of here. Now you are thinking of leaving; now you have acknowledged that there is something wrong. What is wrong is not you, it is society. This is the yellow pill. The definition of game does not take into account race, when it is a verifiable aspect of attraction . There are winners and there are losers, and you happen to be in the losing side of the dating pole. My question is why would you even support this society who has basically relegated you to a slave-existence? I’d be happy to work if I get a good amount of poon. Maybe I’ll work harder. But you’re not so in essence you are enriching the society that is not open to you or your offspring. The females of your own race have betrayed you.

In a way most minority are already at this point. The smart ones at least. They have essentially opted out and their actions are now towards living overseas. Overseas you do not have to deal with the hierarchy. Overseas you do not have to deal with the awkwardness of being the only minority dude while everyone is hitting on the other minority girl, who has ignored you. Overseas things are normal. Overseas you do not have to be squattingcassanova – approach machine extraordinaire. There you are not a foreigner, but a local catch, a good one at that.

In the end, it is still a taboo to bring up race in dating. “It’s not proven!” But seriously? Let’s take a walk downtown and let’s see if race does not correlate to dating success. For an ethnic man, you will forever be on the losing side but you might get lucky so who knows. I simply do not support this especially when I have traveled abroad and seen that the racial mixes are not as they are in the USA. I don't want to get into PUA that much, I want enjoy other things like aquaponics or some shit like that. I don't want to revolve my life around chasing girls. I was in Colombia chasing poon and I envied the local Colombians, they have a chill existence and access to the best chicks Colombia has to offer; then I realized, wow, I also have a Colombia! Indeed I do! This is why I am thankful to realize it this early and I urge other minority men to instead of becoming PUA machines to go abroad and find their own nirvana. 

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