Thursday, July 25, 2013

Effects of Race and Dating in The Philippines

//This is not a hate post. Just an observation of the interplay of race and dating.

I was talking with my Filipina living in Manila. She is young and easily considered top 15%. It is not unbelievable that she has been offered to "walk" meaning to sleep with politicians and businessmen, but she declines it for moral reasons.

Dating Sites

These girls are mostly hookers, provincial types, and single mothers.

The hookers will be found in bars. The hookers are PROs meaning they are actively looking for johns online and offline. Mostly they are motivated by greed and a desire to keep their current lifestyle. My Filipina complained that sometimes these girls will steal her facebook pictures to hook a foreigner.

The girls from the provinces are actively looking to improve their lives. They come from environments where marrying a foreigner becomes one of the few viable options. These girls will have good intentions. They are quite provincial in their thinking so keep that in mind.

The single mothers are there because it is close to impossible to find a man after they bear a child. They are also well intention ed but it does come with a baggage.

Filipina Girls in the City

They are what I consider normal girls. Just the day to day chick stuck in the mix of living in the city.

The Pretty Ones.

The pretty ones like my Filipina will have a leg up in the world. They get good source of income, like dancing in the casino or secretarial positions to pay for their studies,. They will mostly be exposed to other hookers, but it doesn't mean she becomes one herself -- this is all down to their internal moral compass. They will usually be pursued by local older men with money with offers such as 100k ($2.5k) a night, or a condominium. The girl might get blinded by the cash and go this route but it leads to emptiness and a sense of loss of worth. They soon become accustomed to luxury so when their sponsors leave them, they search for another john to keep them in check.

The Foreigner Effect

White men are considered "rich". Expect that people will automatically assign you as rich if you are white. The thing about hooking up for white guys is that Filipinas, like my Filipina, gets a bad image when seen with a foreigner. This is true. Filipinos will be quick to judge a girl when she is seen with a white man. When some white guys tried making a move to my Filipina under the pretense of a job, she was quick to shoot them down and declined the taxi money (lol). As much as possible, they will end up trying to avoid the white guy especially when they are at their prettiest. The normal Filipinas also think white men are too direct in their dealings.

The Foreigner Effect (for minorities)

Those who otherwise avoid white foreign men, are open to other men, especially Asian men. These girls get the advantage of having a foreigner men but do not get the negative image of going out with a white man. The reality is that local Filipino men will trump all others in the eyes of a normal cut-and-dry traditional Filipina. Much like what I noticed in my time in Colombia. I believe these girls are brought up to be not as materialistic as other girls, and will choose a local simple life without well-pocketed foreigners. Having said that, Asian men who date in this environment will come directly under local Filipino in their hierarchy or equal if they are staying. Black men or Latin, im not too sure about.

So if you are a minority man, I highly suggest the Philippines.


The below article is about a white guy finding love in the Philippines. He just had to go the deepest most dangerous province to find her. I still question their union but whatever floats your boat.

White Guys Reactions:

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