Saturday, July 27, 2013

When I went to Colombia

When I arrived in Bogota my initial impression was that it looked like Manila. I was expecting light skinned women the kind in the Telenovela, but surprisingly most were dark, and the men kind of looked like me.

I took a couple Spanish classes from the North part of town. My teacher kind of looked Mexican. She explained that Bogota was experiencing lots of changes due to the influx of Global trade. She carried somewhat of a liberal attitude.  I shared my classes with a blonde American girl who married a local petroleum engineer, she has been basically been locked in her apartment due to fear of anything local.

Colombians are typically laid back individuals it turns out. I didn’t find any strong personalities while I was there, they were mostly subdued. This also reflects in their cuisine, the food didn’t have that much flavor. Pork rind, beans, and a soup of carrots and corn seems to be the order of the day. Compared to Manila, Bogota seemed rather organized. The people waited in lines, the people would throw their trash at the garbage bin; I never felt like I was in direct danger.


I was reading roosh’s work heavily so I tried to day game. I was in the northern part of Bogota in a nice district near the suburb so I guess things worked out.  I would just wander around town after my classes befriending locals. This was great bc I wanted to practice my Spanish. I didn’t receive that much attention from day game as my friend who is a typical blond and blue eyed German. I would see girls in my periphery of my eyes checking him out. My friend is like an average looking guy who is shorter than me and has an overbite.  Nevertheless, I had a total of 10 numbers on my first week.

Two Girls in Bogota

The first one I met in a bus. Her name was Manuela and she spoke really good English.  She had traveled to the USA and Europe. She was working as a head hunter in one those big Colombian companies. She seemed to be somewhat disinterested at first but I got her number anyways. We met up the next couple of days and she showed me around the zona rosa district as she went shopping for her family. She was from Cali and was a catalyst to why I moved to Cali.  A girl from USA would never take care of me as much as she did. Turns out we live close to each other so we started hanging out and I would meet her after she got off from work. I am still in contact with her.

The second girl was a 19 year old sales girl from the cellular store Tigo. Tight body and a cute smile. Her hair was silky smooth. I would rate her a 6.5 accounting she was somewhat short. She was really friendly to me so I asked her out lunch. We went around the corner and had lunch. We would see each other several times after this encounter. She would later confess that she was into me. Things took a wild turn to the worse when she would start demanding that I spend time with her and to pick her up after she got off work. She became slightly loony as she told me she pulled my account record from the Tigo systems and said I was macking girls. It was true, but I thought that was somewhat extreme what she did. I was supposed to only see her? She was getting very possessive. It ended horribly but we both learned something.

There were several other girls that I was texting with. They wanted to meet me and show me around but I had scheduling conflicts. I had met them in one of those gringo nights in a local bar. The local Colombians would often invite me to drink with them, there was one night where I was severely drunk from drinking aguardiente courtesy of the Colombianos – the girls can outdrink me even with their tight frames.

In summary, the girls in Bogota are more attractive than in the USA. For one thing, they are a lot slimmer. I hardly saw a fat girl when I was there. They were also well dressed and presentable. There are not many white-skinned Latinas that I saw. The majority were brown to golden hue. The Zona Rosa has a whiter complexion of people but the prices were not to my liking. I would like to work in Bogota and then take little beach trips to the smaller city with my girlfriend.

Cali -- let the party begin!

I decided to go to Cali and meet more girls like Manuela so I packed my bags and went to the airport. I bought the ticket at the airport. First impression in Cali was the girls were more receptive to me. Like waiting in the Taxi the girls would check me out. My time in Cali is somewhat of a haze now. However, I got my own place and was involved in Hostel life. I really like the hostel as it had free Salsa classes and then we would go out to the clubs. My focus kind of shifted at this time. I was more into Salsa and making friends. I also had some white girl at this time. The vibe of Cali really clicked with me but it was a party atmosphere and I can’t see myself as a professional there.

The Girls in Cali

The girls in Cali have a vibe. Hard to explain. But they stuck me as less ego centric than their Bogotan counterparts and moreso than the paisas of Medellin. Just be a genuinely happy person and you’ll get along well in this city. I lucked out here. I was walking one after noon and met three latina girls who were in their first year in the working world. I chatted with them and had an interesting vibe with the second pretty one. We would go out on cheesy dates like the park and the zoo. I really liked her and felt a future with her was in the horizon. The girls here are darker than Bogota, they have african mix or indigenous mix in them.

Game in Cali

My Cali game became more like my USA salsa game. Basically I learned to pipeline the girls from dance schools and take them out on dates. This turned effective. The downside was that I kinda lost perspective on my travels and my time just became a party, then a girl, then some random excursion, repreat. I felt burned in Cali even though it was enjoyable.  

Random Excursions

After this I went to Manizales with a traveling Asian-Chick from aussie who whored herself to get company and Medellin (hot but stuck-up girls). I didn’t like Medellin because I saw it as a backpacker’s place and as a backpacker myself I just didn’t want to get through the motions of settling down. It seemed like the place was ruined from the amount of tourism going on. If I were Colombian, I would stay in Medellin. There were absolute stunners in Medellin though. I want something a lot more chill so Cali was it.. so I went back.

The Korean

I had met whom I considered one of the most intense guys I have met. This guy was a Korean, and he had a certain vibe around him. He would straight talk to girls and the girls would just get magnetized to him. He has super game or something, it was surreal. Anyways, he became my friend. It was his 8th time going to Colombia and finally was in the process of relocating. He was going to practice acupuncture. So I asked to come along him to set-up his business by walking around and getting permits.  In Cali, this dude would just randomly approach people and then the magnetic force would kick in so we would have an insta-group to hang out with. This guy would text me to meet him on the hill so I would go on sunset and there would be group of people he was hanging out with. He never hung out with hostel crowd, and he never danced salsa. He was very in-tune with the vibe of Colombia so I guess everything fell into place for him. He left his stuff in Bogota and I was about to leave so we met up again in Bogota.  Girls would just come up to him, it was surreal. He was also banging the waitress in the empanada place.  We would get stopped while walking and some random Columbiana chick would recognize him and they would talk like they were old friends. He told me he was banging that one girl and the sister. That dude was a riot. He was around 40 years old and had interesting life stories. Apparently he moved from Korea to the USA when he was 14 and never felt in tune with the US culture. He then started traveling around and eventually got to Colombia. He has a straight up itchy travelers feet, very restless. There was a bit there about him being homeless in the beaches of Hawaii with no money and scrounging for food, but got a job with a local acupuncturist and that’s how he became an acupuncturist. He was dating multiple girls from what I’ve seen, but he would complain sometimes that the girls were always trying to get cash from him. He played guitar like a champ and was fluent in Spanish almost like a native. He had been every nook and cranny in Colombia. I believe he was a truck driver in the USA.

Final Lessons

My Colombia experience made me think about my life. What I saw was that the Colombians live a good life even though they are not as materially rich than the USA. The average Columbiana will go for the average Colombiano and most are friends with each other. They had culture and common beliefs that made them into a community.  It made me reflect that I also have a personal Colombia – which is Manila. I had friends, family, and had access to local cute girls.. why am I doing this to myself. I realized this, gathered my resources, and flew to Manila. 

cali girls. girl on left.

Zona Rosa - shopping with Manuela


Manuela @ her pad


She got me drunk of aguardiente

The Korean

This guy got a lot of looks

My cali girl in her street art mode
girl to my left (looking up) said I might be the one for her. the girl on right peruvian had crush on me but i was weirded out by her tomboy demeanor.
aaaaw -- i bring girls up here for makout sunset session lol


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