Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Giggly Filipina in a Day Trip

Imagine a world where the Sun rises at the exactly the same time every day. In this world, the sun sets the rhythm of life.

Welcome to the Philippines.

The heat and the noise give way to girls with sweaty breasts. The sight is of warm developed cleavages and small youthful school-girl chests sitting around me in a cramped Jeepney. From my seat I peered inside a loose shirt spotting large brown round juggs and the edges of dark areolas. She is a woman of 30. Too old for me. I smirk when I remind myself of my sex-starved American brothers who will not skip a beat wifing this specimen. She must be a helper at some rich house inside the village.

We got down. I waved her to come near me and asked for directions. She smelled like some flower. Must be her shampoo. The Filipinas are particular about their smell unlike their American counterparts who do not exude any feminine fragrance. I could do better, I thought to myself.

The mall, ah yes, I need to pick up supplies.

My beauty standard still has not set. I am still in the phase where an average looking girl looks pretty. The common Filipina looks mouth-watering. As time passes, as I become more accustomed to the faces of the local talent, I should be better able to discern who is pretty.  

After I finished shopping for initial supplies, I gravitated to a small kiosk selling beauty accessories. I locked eyes with the sales lady.  She is 5’2 23 year old with pale white skin with a powdered face, chinky eyes, and full red lips; average looking with a petite slender body and very bangable.

She grins and I know instantly what it is.

“I’m here to shop – do you have anything for me?” I asked.

“Siirrrrr????” she addressed me with the polite tact of a Filipina. She giggles more and so her co-worker approaches.

“Do you have something for my hair?” I tried to keep my smile.

“Yes. We have it here.. please look“ said the giggly girl who mustered enough calm to say it.

I peered at the selection: a bunch of headbands of the girly sort with flowers adorning it.

“Are you kidding me?” I smiled at the giggly girl.

Suddenly she does the Filipina thing of laughing with her hands to cover her mouth. The she smacked my arm in a sort of teasing way but it was hard enough to sound.  I don’t think she meant it to be that hard.

“Why did you hit me?” I asked.

The girl was still giggling. I know what this is. Typical Filipina behavior. She’s being playful because she likes me. She’s like a child. This is the essence of their femininity I thought to myself. It is pretty big change display of femininity from American girls with their scowl faces.

My mind races to the hypothetical. So maybe I can bang her. This one already? Should I? I could get one of those motel deals for P700 ($10). I could ask her to take a break (her co-worker already suggested it) and I would use it to for a meet-up rendezvous when she gets off. Maybe in the future I could just get a van and park it and offer to take her home and bang her there in the parking lot?
Uncertain of what to do and thinking it was too early for this type of missions. I should just get her number.

“Put your number on my phone” I told her directly.

But she was still in a uncontrollably love-shy state from realizing she showed too much interest by hitting me and giggling like retarded school girl with her back against me while throwing furtive glances. And now I’m asking for her number.

Her co-worker who had asked me all of the basic questions (married? girlfriend?) put her friend’s number on my phone.

“Goodbye” I said to the still giggly girl as I felt my hard-on brought-on from imagining the possibilities subside.

That night when I got home, I started thinking if whether it would be useful for me to get an operation with my sperm. It might be prudent to get spermicide for me in this country: I already had a new number and there was also another girl, a young morena with a slender body and a cute face, who gave me her facebook who offered no resistance at all. Moreover, there is still my HB8 who will be coming back tomorrow from a convention.

Should I get the sperm operation now? Wow. To think that I was struggling in the states for dates.  I shrugged. Tomorrow is another day. The sun will rise again and will set the new rhythm of my life.

Welcome to the Philippines. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Filipina in Qatar

I missed my connecting flight so I got rerouted to Doha, Qatar.

I had six hours to kill in Doha airport. I saw a cute Filipina girl standing in the corner charging her phone. She was posting in the corner, a strikingly feminine pose with her pink carry on.Well what the hell.. might as well get started with this after all. I already had my newest pickup line and I wanted to test it out. I walked straight to her and locked her eyes and said

 “I think you’re cute”

“Excuse me?” unsurely she answered.

“I think you’re cute” I repeated with a smile on my face.

“oh.. thank you..” she was looking at her phone and was not sure how to proceed.

“are you Filipino?” I asked because she could pass for another Asian girl

“yes I am. Are you Filipino too?” she responded with a slight smile

“yes I come from America…. So how many cats did you kill to get your sweater?”


Insta-rapport was built. We had an instant connection. It turns out she was a nurse in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. 26 years old with a cute smile and nice eyes. I had a hard on on various times while talking with her.

We spent the next 3 hours chatting and trading information. How she works for a rich hospital and what her life was like working as a nurse. She recounted how strict dating was in Jeddah. How she can’t be seen with any boys holding hands in public. She told me she was dating a Chinese boy. How she already knows that I’m a womanizer. I shrugged.

The conversation was getting stale so I suggested we walk around because I wanted to check out the duty free store. While walking, I teased her about her pink hand carry and about her being girly girly. I asked about what she told me about not being allowed to be holding hands in Jeddah in public. Then I grabbed her hands. She hesitated and pulled it away. I grabbed it and put my fingers in between her smooth silky fingers.

I bought some chocolates  and led her to the window overlooking the night desert runway. Put my hands on her waist. She pulls away.

“I know what you want” she said sheepishly
“I want you.. I think”

Then I did my signature move. Grab the back of the neck. Went for the kiss. She pulls away.


I didn't let go and went again. We locked lips as the airport window reflects a plane zooming across the black desert runway horizon of this mysterious land and into upward oblivion. She responds by kissing back gently. She bites my lower lip. Why do Asian girls always kiss aggresively I thought to myself.

I grab a tit.

Then security comes and suddenly asks about our flight. It was obvious that we were being watched and our public display of affection isn’t sitting well with the Arabian overlords. Maybe they saw me approach her earlier and thought I must be harassing her. They left. We parted ways.

Fuck it. There will more to come I thought to myself. I got the number and will see what happens as she is here in Manila vacationing. 
she was updating her fb in the exact moment I approached her

i have a new fb friend! lol

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pre-Move: Adopting a positive attitude

Thoughts of a man leaving USA for good soon.

The key difference in finding happiness abroad, or just finding happiness in the comfort of your living room lies in setting positive mind set within the individual.

Most of the analytic readers here have been subjected to humiliating defeats brought on by the highly unequal dating platform of the current modern world. Yet, out of all this, we have the positive gain of the proliferation of ideas and perspectives from individuals who now guide each others thoughts and prejudices. For every negative force, there is an equally positive reaction through the universal force that which permeates all known space. Call it Karma.

Mr. Winston, a flag carrier in the movement, certainly held onto beliefs that happiness lies in finding oneself in a different environment that is conducive to self-growth and honest introspection. As result most of the men reading this forum are disgruntled from their experiences and look to him as an inspiration -- and as a model solution.

However, in grand scheme of things what we have here is not a crises in society but a crises in the individuals manifestation of their objective definition of happiness. There is no global dating solution, there is only global dating. And I will let you in a little secret. Global dating has not been proven to increase the satisfaction of males. If anything, it had led to a decline to overall happiness by hinting at the idea of a solution that could somewhat alleviate the pain caused by suffering rejection.

Again, global dating is not the solution. What it is, and I say this with certainty, is that it provides the individual to come to grasp with himself. The moment you leave, once the initial rush subsides, the monotony entrenches itself, then you are left with a confrontation with the self. Maybe then the problem is not wholly societal maybe the problem... is you.

Directly, an ability is needed to be injected to the men on this forum. This ability is to adopt a positive attitude while they are still at home waiting to leave. The attitude hedges the bet. The attitude is the thing in itself. The shift in attitude is what leaving is for. It is best for it to occur now and here, not there and later. This is the solution, this here and now, not the there and later. IT is the happy in the happy abroad -- the positive mindset.

In all honesty, most men in the forum will not even get to a point that I am in now. G-Minus days to departure -- staring it square in the eye. What I see through all this is myself most of all. I have to confront myself now, the man who has forsaken millions of dollars in unearned income from a lifetime to subsist at a third world country. Don't worry, I'm buying a scooter and will be video'ing all this shit.

rotten banana on a bike soon!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bushido code for macking? Asian thoughts on Asian guy's game.

I think Asian guy game will essentially be different from anglo-game the way african-american or latin-american game is different, thus the game should be broken down to reflect an Asian guy perspective. The Asian culture has the advantage of a huge knowledge bank of wisdom it can collectively draw upon. In this life-cycle we find ourselves in western territory; Asian women are fleeting from their traditional roles while our penises desire the other unyielding pootang. Shit happens. Yet I don't think Asian guys should not have to westernize themselves completely to compete. Expression of game could be channelled and contained through our modes of thinking, as illustrated below.

- Jui-jitsu was invented to incapacitate a larger opponent. So why not use Zen stoicism to calm the mind and steel the nerves in approaching a hottie in the bar?

- When Mao Tse-tung wrote "The enemy advances, we retreat; The enemy camps, we harass; The enemy tires, we attack", he must have been macking the aforementioned hottie (and banging the sister).

- Why not think of words and body language, together, as a [i]katana[/i] -- principal weaponry -- that must be sharpened and maintained so it cuts smoothly and cleanly, always in good game-form condition. 

- Will your pride/face really get hurt if you get rejected? And should we start trading homework for ass?

- Bruce Lee on his critic of Asian males (but he meant it for everybody methinks) said, "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it." 

*sips on green tea*'

[size=small]Opinions welcome. I believe there is a lot that the Asian culture could bring to the enrichment of the Art of Game. Also, i'd like to know of an Asian guy game centric forum. [/size]

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Race, the American Dating Taboo Topic

Race is considered a taboo topic in most dating/PUA websites. Americans are not fond of bringing the topic of race especially in dating. It is considered a taboo topic. However, race is a factor in dating economics in north america. There is statistical proof of this from okcupid that is backed by statistical data from large sample sets.

okcupid study

If you don't believe this study, you can even run your own experiments. I will personally help you design the experiments to satisfy basic statistical rigors. But why bother? There are tons of other academic studies of this issue.

chicago board of economics study on racial preferences in dating.

Yet, bring the topic of race in most gaming/dating websites and you will get banned. Why?

I suppose it is self-defeating attitude. There is really no way around it... or is there?

From my anecdotal experience in a free RSD seminar, the heaviest purchaser of gaming instructor products are ethnic men. The clients of these gurus are ethnic men. I have a friend who purchased one of their hot seats (at $350), still couldn't hack it, and was left defeated and married an Indian woman from his hometown.

From an economics perspective, these gurus would lose profit margins if they acknowledge race in dating. Instead, they will retort to the usual, "you have not approached enough" and you need to work on your self, the usual ahole track they like to spit-out. I don't see an argument why a man should not work on himself, but at least acknowledge that factors like height or race is part of the function. Try being black in the racist south and see if working out for the next zombiepolaypse will net you a southern belle. Painful but at least it is the truth.

At the same time, there are dating websites that have taken a location solution approach. These men are traveling all over the world and sharing their experiences. However, most chatter from the forums are from white men and are not applicable to minority men. There are countries that would not be advantageous for certain ethnicities. Why sell in a market where the buyers are not interested in what you're selling?

Lastly, there is a the trolling issue, like the IRT (Indian Race Troll). A guy who basically trolls to find whether there is a place in the world where his color helps him. I don't support trolling, but every ethnic guy starts like the IRT. Why not? Wouldn't it be shangri-la to find a place with dating leverage? Posters here, through online research, have relocated themselves to better dating environments (ie. black guy in north Brazil).

Here is a conversation with an annoyed guy about all the racial talks.

To be honest he is just another one of the posters of HA that LOVE to go on and on and on about "race issues"... It´s really boring and not really topic of HA. This is about global dating and not about which race is best and why race XYZ is terrible and race ZYX is best
 My reply

Race is an important factor when considering global dating. I would not suggest some countries for some posters in this forum. Why would they go to a country when there is a little demand for what they are selling? 
Maybe you don't see this as you are white? However, if global dating does not consider race (which is global concept to begin with) then we might as well head to rooshs site and accept the maxims of PUA game. Brushing race topic under the bed does not make it go away and some posters have actively found their current relocation based on socio-racial dynamics of their new target country
Other posters chimed in shortly before guy who does not want to talk about race got banned (imagine that!)
Well yes...This forum used to be good. Now it´s full of people crying about being a minority in the US. Ohh black people have it so hard... Ohh asians have it so hard...Ohh latinos have it so hard...Ohh Indians have it so hard. Whats next?? This forum right now is mostly discussing how minorities are disadvantaged in the US. I dont know what this has to do with global dating? 
And most of the people that whine about racism in the US will be very surprised when they encounter a really racist society in Asia and Latin America. 
Why are you even insulting me? And you are racist to me as well... And you are a moderator here? WTF?? You should ban yourself

Some of us have actually lived abroad for a significant amount of time to be able to judge for ourselves which societies are better or worse. The fact is minorities do have it harder in the U.S. when it comes to dating. It's not even something that should be questioned at this point. If you don't like this forum go to lonelyplanet forums "thorntree" and post on there. It's full of positive thinking white liberals who have a rose tinted picture about the world. 
 happyabroad rules.

score one for minority men.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

mguy Does Manila

There's two parts to this. Part 1 I wrote in the Philippines. Part 2 I wrote in the USA weeks before going back to Philippines. 

Part 1

MGuy goes to Philippines. I am Fil-Am so this is my perspective. 

This city is in boom times baby. 

The amount of white guys with Filipinas is at epidemic proportions. If you are white over 40 with a Filipina then prepared to be stereotyped. This is business. Yes, Filipinas want your money first, then your love -- tough pill to swallow but swallow it anyways. 

You can roughly divide the society to 

A (oligarchs) .05% 
B (upper middle class/non-money sensitive) 10% 
C (Blue collars/shop clerks/low trade) 49.95% 
D (Subsistence) 40% 

You will most prob date the C level if you are over 30. The Bs have investments which when pooled solidifies their B status. Big Money revolves in Manila but it does not trickle down. 

The foreign novelty is dead, especially in Metro Manila (Fort or Makati). 

If you are Filipino-American you will get first dibs, if you are Fil-Am with good looks you will obliterate it. If you are Asian-American you will do very well. If you are white guy younger than 35 you will do well. If you are over 40 and white, they will get your money and wink at each other while they empty your wallet with meals and shopping. If you are over 40 and white, it is still a good deal but expect gold diggers. Only younger guys 30 and below can date Bs (see chart). 

Manila is rather expensive. Average salary for call centers would be at P30K. I was offered at P60K. Monthly lodgingcould be had for 15k (condo apartment studio). If you are white and not street smart do not f**k around here at night or get lost. Manila is a "bruja", an unruly witch which can only be tamed to a comfortable level with money. You can choose to live dirt poor here, but don't push it and only settle where foreigners are (i say this having traveled extensively in third world lat-am). 

Expect to be culture shocked. How these peeps can emanate such a helpful/joyful aura when their fellow peeps are dying of starvation defies explanation. An ancient devil lives here, so prepare to dance with it. Filipino males (some) are notorious womanizers, but Filipinas keep falling for them anyways. Expect your Filipina to have gone through the alpha Filipino circuit before deciding to go foreign. Some Filipinas make their career to get a foreigner (you do not want to deal with these types). Maybe i'll write a guide on how to spot these. 

I did not understand how some of the foreigners go for ugly Filipinas (on average as per population), but I think it boils down to economics. The pretty ones goes to neighborhood player early on, the smarter ones make money for themselves, leaving the rejected or chicken heads to zoom past their primes and into desperation. But don't worry - the population is still unmanageable leaving surplus females available for export -- and also they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure there are provincial types, but they are not to my liking.. they also have this provincial mentality which irks us city folks. 

I probably would skip this city unless it clicks with your vibe. I am not talking about hoes here, I am talking about normal "non-pros". Money and status is king here, just like everywhere else. I will only date 1 in 10 of females in this population based on looks, I consider my taste average.

Part 2
This point will be 4 months after my trip ended

I am now a couple weeks away to a permanent relocation to the Philippines. I guess in my case this would be considered a repatriation.  In terms of dating, it turns out that I am quite a catch in Philippine society. I am near 6ft tall with attractive features to Filipinas. 

In the USA, I had success but it was a tough game that I had to play. The pool was too small, the competition was too high, and I was not holding the winning cards. I would come home some nights and think that I deserve this one girl b/c we have the same attractiveness rating. However, it turns out that everyone is going for a Mr  ideal type guy and I am not close to him in terms of physical looks. Even girls who I thought were uglier than me would sometimes be non-receptive.  

It became apparent to me that my value is skewed in the USA. Through my dating experiences there, it has also become apparent that dating American sloots with princess attitudes is bad for mental health. Below is girl of 19 years of age who has not yet been completely spoiled by American bias. Later in life she will think highly of herself and not be open to advance from someone like me. She has already started exhibiting the princess behavior but I am experienced enough to handle it. 


The HB8 that I had met in the Philippines is now my current girlfriend. She is quite an HB8 and I say this because she models for a living. She actually gets paid to do some shows that are non-nude (car-shows, festivals, designer launch)

I met her while wake-boarding. We were stranded in the the other side of the mechanical pulley system and I talked to her. I asked for her number later and then it turns out she was just graduating college. We went around the Philippines travelling. She paid for hers and I paid for mine. 

There was a bit there where we went to the beach, and there was another HB8 that wanted me! I wont get into too much details but i'll say that sashimi is best near its source. Asides from the occasional glances, I would also go to clubs and meet hotter stock girls consistently. These girls didn't know I was American at all. I would say that after the fact if at all. HB8 did not know I was American until weeks later I had met her. 

I'm not entirely sure if HB8 and I will stay together to be honest. I'd settle for HB6 or 7s, not too concerned about that. What concerns me more is knowing that I can get that quality, the knowing part gives me a sense of peace and sense of self-esteem. The ego-boost from being seen as a prize feels good. It is food for the soul kind of good. That's how white guys in the US must feel like. I could easily see it as the reason why they have that confidence essential for success. 

When I got back to the states, I just couldn't bare being in this environment with sub-par women. The women were fat, the people were isolated, the pretty ones would not entertain me. I suppose the only reason to be back in the USA is money. Well, in terms of money, I would rather live my life in a healthy environment with young beautiful girls than old and rich later banging whores. I think I can live in the Philippines even as an expat while I get my papers. I'll figure it out eventually.  Gives me more to write about. 

This is her


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