Monday, August 12, 2013

Pre-Move: Adopting a positive attitude

Thoughts of a man leaving USA for good soon.

The key difference in finding happiness abroad, or just finding happiness in the comfort of your living room lies in setting positive mind set within the individual.

Most of the analytic readers here have been subjected to humiliating defeats brought on by the highly unequal dating platform of the current modern world. Yet, out of all this, we have the positive gain of the proliferation of ideas and perspectives from individuals who now guide each others thoughts and prejudices. For every negative force, there is an equally positive reaction through the universal force that which permeates all known space. Call it Karma.

Mr. Winston, a flag carrier in the movement, certainly held onto beliefs that happiness lies in finding oneself in a different environment that is conducive to self-growth and honest introspection. As result most of the men reading this forum are disgruntled from their experiences and look to him as an inspiration -- and as a model solution.

However, in grand scheme of things what we have here is not a crises in society but a crises in the individuals manifestation of their objective definition of happiness. There is no global dating solution, there is only global dating. And I will let you in a little secret. Global dating has not been proven to increase the satisfaction of males. If anything, it had led to a decline to overall happiness by hinting at the idea of a solution that could somewhat alleviate the pain caused by suffering rejection.

Again, global dating is not the solution. What it is, and I say this with certainty, is that it provides the individual to come to grasp with himself. The moment you leave, once the initial rush subsides, the monotony entrenches itself, then you are left with a confrontation with the self. Maybe then the problem is not wholly societal maybe the problem... is you.

Directly, an ability is needed to be injected to the men on this forum. This ability is to adopt a positive attitude while they are still at home waiting to leave. The attitude hedges the bet. The attitude is the thing in itself. The shift in attitude is what leaving is for. It is best for it to occur now and here, not there and later. This is the solution, this here and now, not the there and later. IT is the happy in the happy abroad -- the positive mindset.

In all honesty, most men in the forum will not even get to a point that I am in now. G-Minus days to departure -- staring it square in the eye. What I see through all this is myself most of all. I have to confront myself now, the man who has forsaken millions of dollars in unearned income from a lifetime to subsist at a third world country. Don't worry, I'm buying a scooter and will be video'ing all this shit.

rotten banana on a bike soon!

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