Monday, August 26, 2013

Filipina in Qatar

I missed my connecting flight so I got rerouted to Doha, Qatar.

I had six hours to kill in Doha airport. I saw a cute Filipina girl standing in the corner charging her phone. She was posting in the corner, a strikingly feminine pose with her pink carry on.Well what the hell.. might as well get started with this after all. I already had my newest pickup line and I wanted to test it out. I walked straight to her and locked her eyes and said

 “I think you’re cute”

“Excuse me?” unsurely she answered.

“I think you’re cute” I repeated with a smile on my face.

“oh.. thank you..” she was looking at her phone and was not sure how to proceed.

“are you Filipino?” I asked because she could pass for another Asian girl

“yes I am. Are you Filipino too?” she responded with a slight smile

“yes I come from America…. So how many cats did you kill to get your sweater?”


Insta-rapport was built. We had an instant connection. It turns out she was a nurse in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. 26 years old with a cute smile and nice eyes. I had a hard on on various times while talking with her.

We spent the next 3 hours chatting and trading information. How she works for a rich hospital and what her life was like working as a nurse. She recounted how strict dating was in Jeddah. How she can’t be seen with any boys holding hands in public. She told me she was dating a Chinese boy. How she already knows that I’m a womanizer. I shrugged.

The conversation was getting stale so I suggested we walk around because I wanted to check out the duty free store. While walking, I teased her about her pink hand carry and about her being girly girly. I asked about what she told me about not being allowed to be holding hands in Jeddah in public. Then I grabbed her hands. She hesitated and pulled it away. I grabbed it and put my fingers in between her smooth silky fingers.

I bought some chocolates  and led her to the window overlooking the night desert runway. Put my hands on her waist. She pulls away.

“I know what you want” she said sheepishly
“I want you.. I think”

Then I did my signature move. Grab the back of the neck. Went for the kiss. She pulls away.


I didn't let go and went again. We locked lips as the airport window reflects a plane zooming across the black desert runway horizon of this mysterious land and into upward oblivion. She responds by kissing back gently. She bites my lower lip. Why do Asian girls always kiss aggresively I thought to myself.

I grab a tit.

Then security comes and suddenly asks about our flight. It was obvious that we were being watched and our public display of affection isn’t sitting well with the Arabian overlords. Maybe they saw me approach her earlier and thought I must be harassing her. They left. We parted ways.

Fuck it. There will more to come I thought to myself. I got the number and will see what happens as she is here in Manila vacationing. 
she was updating her fb in the exact moment I approached her

i have a new fb friend! lol

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