Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Giggly Filipina in a Day Trip

Imagine a world where the Sun rises at the exactly the same time every day. In this world, the sun sets the rhythm of life.

Welcome to the Philippines.

The heat and the noise give way to girls with sweaty breasts. The sight is of warm developed cleavages and small youthful school-girl chests sitting around me in a cramped Jeepney. From my seat I peered inside a loose shirt spotting large brown round juggs and the edges of dark areolas. She is a woman of 30. Too old for me. I smirk when I remind myself of my sex-starved American brothers who will not skip a beat wifing this specimen. She must be a helper at some rich house inside the village.

We got down. I waved her to come near me and asked for directions. She smelled like some flower. Must be her shampoo. The Filipinas are particular about their smell unlike their American counterparts who do not exude any feminine fragrance. I could do better, I thought to myself.

The mall, ah yes, I need to pick up supplies.

My beauty standard still has not set. I am still in the phase where an average looking girl looks pretty. The common Filipina looks mouth-watering. As time passes, as I become more accustomed to the faces of the local talent, I should be better able to discern who is pretty.  

After I finished shopping for initial supplies, I gravitated to a small kiosk selling beauty accessories. I locked eyes with the sales lady.  She is 5’2 23 year old with pale white skin with a powdered face, chinky eyes, and full red lips; average looking with a petite slender body and very bangable.

She grins and I know instantly what it is.

“I’m here to shop – do you have anything for me?” I asked.

“Siirrrrr????” she addressed me with the polite tact of a Filipina. She giggles more and so her co-worker approaches.

“Do you have something for my hair?” I tried to keep my smile.

“Yes. We have it here.. please look“ said the giggly girl who mustered enough calm to say it.

I peered at the selection: a bunch of headbands of the girly sort with flowers adorning it.

“Are you kidding me?” I smiled at the giggly girl.

Suddenly she does the Filipina thing of laughing with her hands to cover her mouth. The she smacked my arm in a sort of teasing way but it was hard enough to sound.  I don’t think she meant it to be that hard.

“Why did you hit me?” I asked.

The girl was still giggling. I know what this is. Typical Filipina behavior. She’s being playful because she likes me. She’s like a child. This is the essence of their femininity I thought to myself. It is pretty big change display of femininity from American girls with their scowl faces.

My mind races to the hypothetical. So maybe I can bang her. This one already? Should I? I could get one of those motel deals for P700 ($10). I could ask her to take a break (her co-worker already suggested it) and I would use it to for a meet-up rendezvous when she gets off. Maybe in the future I could just get a van and park it and offer to take her home and bang her there in the parking lot?
Uncertain of what to do and thinking it was too early for this type of missions. I should just get her number.

“Put your number on my phone” I told her directly.

But she was still in a uncontrollably love-shy state from realizing she showed too much interest by hitting me and giggling like retarded school girl with her back against me while throwing furtive glances. And now I’m asking for her number.

Her co-worker who had asked me all of the basic questions (married? girlfriend?) put her friend’s number on my phone.

“Goodbye” I said to the still giggly girl as I felt my hard-on brought-on from imagining the possibilities subside.

That night when I got home, I started thinking if whether it would be useful for me to get an operation with my sperm. It might be prudent to get spermicide for me in this country: I already had a new number and there was also another girl, a young morena with a slender body and a cute face, who gave me her facebook who offered no resistance at all. Moreover, there is still my HB8 who will be coming back tomorrow from a convention.

Should I get the sperm operation now? Wow. To think that I was struggling in the states for dates.  I shrugged. Tomorrow is another day. The sun will rise again and will set the new rhythm of my life.

Welcome to the Philippines. 

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