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mguy Does Manila

There's two parts to this. Part 1 I wrote in the Philippines. Part 2 I wrote in the USA weeks before going back to Philippines. 

Part 1

MGuy goes to Philippines. I am Fil-Am so this is my perspective. 

This city is in boom times baby. 

The amount of white guys with Filipinas is at epidemic proportions. If you are white over 40 with a Filipina then prepared to be stereotyped. This is business. Yes, Filipinas want your money first, then your love -- tough pill to swallow but swallow it anyways. 

You can roughly divide the society to 

A (oligarchs) .05% 
B (upper middle class/non-money sensitive) 10% 
C (Blue collars/shop clerks/low trade) 49.95% 
D (Subsistence) 40% 

You will most prob date the C level if you are over 30. The Bs have investments which when pooled solidifies their B status. Big Money revolves in Manila but it does not trickle down. 

The foreign novelty is dead, especially in Metro Manila (Fort or Makati). 

If you are Filipino-American you will get first dibs, if you are Fil-Am with good looks you will obliterate it. If you are Asian-American you will do very well. If you are white guy younger than 35 you will do well. If you are over 40 and white, they will get your money and wink at each other while they empty your wallet with meals and shopping. If you are over 40 and white, it is still a good deal but expect gold diggers. Only younger guys 30 and below can date Bs (see chart). 

Manila is rather expensive. Average salary for call centers would be at P30K. I was offered at P60K. Monthly lodgingcould be had for 15k (condo apartment studio). If you are white and not street smart do not f**k around here at night or get lost. Manila is a "bruja", an unruly witch which can only be tamed to a comfortable level with money. You can choose to live dirt poor here, but don't push it and only settle where foreigners are (i say this having traveled extensively in third world lat-am). 

Expect to be culture shocked. How these peeps can emanate such a helpful/joyful aura when their fellow peeps are dying of starvation defies explanation. An ancient devil lives here, so prepare to dance with it. Filipino males (some) are notorious womanizers, but Filipinas keep falling for them anyways. Expect your Filipina to have gone through the alpha Filipino circuit before deciding to go foreign. Some Filipinas make their career to get a foreigner (you do not want to deal with these types). Maybe i'll write a guide on how to spot these. 

I did not understand how some of the foreigners go for ugly Filipinas (on average as per population), but I think it boils down to economics. The pretty ones goes to neighborhood player early on, the smarter ones make money for themselves, leaving the rejected or chicken heads to zoom past their primes and into desperation. But don't worry - the population is still unmanageable leaving surplus females available for export -- and also they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure there are provincial types, but they are not to my liking.. they also have this provincial mentality which irks us city folks. 

I probably would skip this city unless it clicks with your vibe. I am not talking about hoes here, I am talking about normal "non-pros". Money and status is king here, just like everywhere else. I will only date 1 in 10 of females in this population based on looks, I consider my taste average.

Part 2
This point will be 4 months after my trip ended

I am now a couple weeks away to a permanent relocation to the Philippines. I guess in my case this would be considered a repatriation.  In terms of dating, it turns out that I am quite a catch in Philippine society. I am near 6ft tall with attractive features to Filipinas. 

In the USA, I had success but it was a tough game that I had to play. The pool was too small, the competition was too high, and I was not holding the winning cards. I would come home some nights and think that I deserve this one girl b/c we have the same attractiveness rating. However, it turns out that everyone is going for a Mr  ideal type guy and I am not close to him in terms of physical looks. Even girls who I thought were uglier than me would sometimes be non-receptive.  

It became apparent to me that my value is skewed in the USA. Through my dating experiences there, it has also become apparent that dating American sloots with princess attitudes is bad for mental health. Below is girl of 19 years of age who has not yet been completely spoiled by American bias. Later in life she will think highly of herself and not be open to advance from someone like me. She has already started exhibiting the princess behavior but I am experienced enough to handle it. 


The HB8 that I had met in the Philippines is now my current girlfriend. She is quite an HB8 and I say this because she models for a living. She actually gets paid to do some shows that are non-nude (car-shows, festivals, designer launch)

I met her while wake-boarding. We were stranded in the the other side of the mechanical pulley system and I talked to her. I asked for her number later and then it turns out she was just graduating college. We went around the Philippines travelling. She paid for hers and I paid for mine. 

There was a bit there where we went to the beach, and there was another HB8 that wanted me! I wont get into too much details but i'll say that sashimi is best near its source. Asides from the occasional glances, I would also go to clubs and meet hotter stock girls consistently. These girls didn't know I was American at all. I would say that after the fact if at all. HB8 did not know I was American until weeks later I had met her. 

I'm not entirely sure if HB8 and I will stay together to be honest. I'd settle for HB6 or 7s, not too concerned about that. What concerns me more is knowing that I can get that quality, the knowing part gives me a sense of peace and sense of self-esteem. The ego-boost from being seen as a prize feels good. It is food for the soul kind of good. That's how white guys in the US must feel like. I could easily see it as the reason why they have that confidence essential for success. 

When I got back to the states, I just couldn't bare being in this environment with sub-par women. The women were fat, the people were isolated, the pretty ones would not entertain me. I suppose the only reason to be back in the USA is money. Well, in terms of money, I would rather live my life in a healthy environment with young beautiful girls than old and rich later banging whores. I think I can live in the Philippines even as an expat while I get my papers. I'll figure it out eventually.  Gives me more to write about. 

This is her

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