Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Race, the American Dating Taboo Topic

Race is considered a taboo topic in most dating/PUA websites. Americans are not fond of bringing the topic of race especially in dating. It is considered a taboo topic. However, race is a factor in dating economics in north america. There is statistical proof of this from okcupid that is backed by statistical data from large sample sets.

okcupid study

If you don't believe this study, you can even run your own experiments. I will personally help you design the experiments to satisfy basic statistical rigors. But why bother? There are tons of other academic studies of this issue.

chicago board of economics study on racial preferences in dating.

Yet, bring the topic of race in most gaming/dating websites and you will get banned. Why?

I suppose it is self-defeating attitude. There is really no way around it... or is there?

From my anecdotal experience in a free RSD seminar, the heaviest purchaser of gaming instructor products are ethnic men. The clients of these gurus are ethnic men. I have a friend who purchased one of their hot seats (at $350), still couldn't hack it, and was left defeated and married an Indian woman from his hometown.

From an economics perspective, these gurus would lose profit margins if they acknowledge race in dating. Instead, they will retort to the usual, "you have not approached enough" and you need to work on your self, the usual ahole track they like to spit-out. I don't see an argument why a man should not work on himself, but at least acknowledge that factors like height or race is part of the function. Try being black in the racist south and see if working out for the next zombiepolaypse will net you a southern belle. Painful but at least it is the truth.

At the same time, there are dating websites that have taken a location solution approach. These men are traveling all over the world and sharing their experiences. However, most chatter from the forums are from white men and are not applicable to minority men. There are countries that would not be advantageous for certain ethnicities. Why sell in a market where the buyers are not interested in what you're selling?

Lastly, there is a the trolling issue, like the IRT (Indian Race Troll). A guy who basically trolls to find whether there is a place in the world where his color helps him. I don't support trolling, but every ethnic guy starts like the IRT. Why not? Wouldn't it be shangri-la to find a place with dating leverage? Posters here, through online research, have relocated themselves to better dating environments (ie. black guy in north Brazil).

Here is a conversation with an annoyed guy about all the racial talks.

To be honest he is just another one of the posters of HA that LOVE to go on and on and on about "race issues"... It´s really boring and not really topic of HA. This is about global dating and not about which race is best and why race XYZ is terrible and race ZYX is best
 My reply

Race is an important factor when considering global dating. I would not suggest some countries for some posters in this forum. Why would they go to a country when there is a little demand for what they are selling? 
Maybe you don't see this as you are white? However, if global dating does not consider race (which is global concept to begin with) then we might as well head to rooshs site and accept the maxims of PUA game. Brushing race topic under the bed does not make it go away and some posters have actively found their current relocation based on socio-racial dynamics of their new target country
Other posters chimed in shortly before guy who does not want to talk about race got banned (imagine that!)
Well yes...This forum used to be good. Now it´s full of people crying about being a minority in the US. Ohh black people have it so hard... Ohh asians have it so hard...Ohh latinos have it so hard...Ohh Indians have it so hard. Whats next?? This forum right now is mostly discussing how minorities are disadvantaged in the US. I dont know what this has to do with global dating? 
And most of the people that whine about racism in the US will be very surprised when they encounter a really racist society in Asia and Latin America. 
Why are you even insulting me? And you are racist to me as well... And you are a moderator here? WTF?? You should ban yourself

Some of us have actually lived abroad for a significant amount of time to be able to judge for ourselves which societies are better or worse. The fact is minorities do have it harder in the U.S. when it comes to dating. It's not even something that should be questioned at this point. If you don't like this forum go to lonelyplanet forums "thorntree" and post on there. It's full of positive thinking white liberals who have a rose tinted picture about the world. 
 happyabroad rules.

score one for minority men.


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