Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Filipina Beauty: Bea

There are two types of people in Manila. Those who have money and those who do not. Typically there shouldn't be any difference between their looks – they all belong to the same Filipino stock after all.

Have you seen anything that you like?” My friend asked me.

We were at a market. If indeed it can be called a market. A more proper description is a place where the rich kids set up shop as to test their entrepreneurial ventures. Never mind the markup, this is mostly a community event.

Yeah bro, can I get the lechon?” I pointed to the crispy fire roasted bits of succulent pork flesh.

My friend, a scion, proudly gives me a plate of his new offering. The current scandal with almost $200 million dollars taken from the Philippine treasury as “pork” barrel somehow affects his family. In actuality, it affects everyone at one form or another in this place. However, I’m sure there would be no one prosecuted in this crowd. This is the survivor class. My friend had been surviving and survival is what everyone specializes here.

thanks bro” as I bit into the pork fat. It would probably be the last time I eat pork I thought to myself. Fuck this food I want to live -- I want to survive.

In the corner of my eye I spotted a girl. Same complexion as the workers who are working. Yet, the beauty was officially that of a Filipina beauty.

It would be hard describe someone like Bea. In one hand describing her is akin to the masses of people. Yet, there is something about her that makes her different. There is something about the way she moves, the way she talks, and an Tagalog accent that is uniquely upper class.

I thought to myself: so how does one discern the two types of Filipinos anyways? The poor and the rich? Are the rich beautiful because they have been selectively breeding? In Bea’s case, it would appear so.

Artista yan” (she’s an actress) my friend whispers in my ear.

I notice her greeting people. The delightful grace of a cultured Filipina. There are countless protocols in Filipino society, and the women navigate it with ease. There is a softness in them that is markedly different than American girls.

Curiously how was I able to determine that this girl is a rich girl? She was surrounded by the helper class yet my eye automagically transfixes to her as if she commanded it.

And here I was looking at this cute girl. I was certain as certain can be that she was among the cute ones. I cringed to think a foreigner would try to “game” someone like her. They would screw up so much. I cringe to think of Roosh and his ilk in this market trying to pick-up girls. It is a behavior that is not allowed. It is frowned upon. That shit is taboo. To talk to girls like this girl requires a different approach, a tactful and respectful approach.

Hi! So my friend told me you’re an actress?

She shot a glance at my friend.

Not true!!!!!”  she exclaims with a cute smile.

She also sings” my friend quips.

We laugh. She laughs. I see a dimple on the side of her cheek. Filipinas outside this little society is generally easy, but girls like this one would be hard. These types are long term investments. Girls like her are the prize.

Hey, Bea, meet my friend from the states” my friend barks.

I respectfully smile.

She smiles. 

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