Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Girl at the Station

The Sigma had been scouring the area for a place to put a business venture. There in a terminal he happened by chance to talk to a security guard when suddenly a girl also asked for directions.

“Sirrrr, where can I find the hospital?” She politely asked.

She was wearing her work uniform of slacks and top. She was cute girl and I would not mind getting to know her better.

“Ok. I will show you where it is” I told her.

“??????” Was her reaction but I led her anyways.

We talked. We were just two random strangers of two different worlds colliding and sharing our space and moment in time in between the stalls of the chaotic market of the universe that surrounded us.

She was 22 years old she works in SM as a sales lady in the men’s department and goes to school at night. She’s from the province of Nueva Ecija where she is the eldest of 5 (!!!).  She got bit by a cat at home so work sent her out to get rabies vaccinated. She was a glumly girl but I was fascinated. She had an awesome pearly complexion and a cute smile.

She seemed to not care that I could be a total creeper. She was nonchalant the whole time.

“let’s take the trike” I told her. “I don’t want to see you suffer” I followed with a gentle laugh.  

I took her to the hospital. Even if it was my first time there I was able to navigate the bureaucracy quickly. She had already sensed that I am quite different. I told her I was from the states but I got the impression that she could care less. Wow… this girl is something else! I felt in-love for a bit there.

“Ma’m” I politely inquired to the admin nurse “could you help my wife?”

Even calling her my wife didn’t budge her. She was solid, but attraction was building I could tell. There was something here that isn’t right.

After she got the price of the vaccination she decided she didn’t want to get it. I was seriously thinking about paying the damn vaccine to give this girl a break from life, but I knew, this was not my struggle.

“What is it? -- Why don’t you like me?”
“I have a boyfriend”

Ah! It makes sense now. Damn, she was so cute when she said that. I waited for her to get vaccine next hospital then kissed her in the cheek and wished her a good life. Later on, I stopped by station and talked to a girl I saw earlier – she was still shopping. I offered to bring her home. She said yes immediately. Yet, she was not who I wanted. I wanted that girl with a stolid face that got bit by a cat. My phone didnt even save the picture that I tried taking of her. Below is the other girl. Oh well..  Life moves forward. 

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