Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jeepney Test

The real down to earth test for the Pinay is the "jeepney" test.  If your girl is ok riding in a jeep, she is keeper material. This is especially true in Manila or big cities.

A good looking jeep riding girl is who I really want to meet. Not these uppity non-tagalog speaking daddys-girls who hangs out in seen-to-be-seen bars.

I want simple but beautiful pinay, not a corrupted one. I can pick her up in a car yes, but to get her to ride a jeep with me? Priceless.

This should be a test for a man here in the Philippines. If she is good she will ride, if she has elitist mentality, she will scoff at the idea. Fck her then.

as the hot manila air plays with hair of the young woman' silhouette

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