Sunday, September 29, 2013

Filipina Lawyer Chick

Morning Boyfie!J

I received the text in the morning. My mind races to the previous day’s events, scanning where in time did I become a boyfriend to yet another girl.

There in a restaurant, eating tuna sisig, I was sitting in front of a law student. This law student, who works for the office of the president, was squeezing calamansi on my sisig. As I sip on the red horse beer (which she said she liked men who drank red horse) I was admiring her 25 year old slim frame. At 5’7 she is a tall Filipina chick. Her tactful mini skirt/dress hinted at the long legs and a nice round ass. She wore a ribbon at the waist.

Damn. She was telling me about Divorce laws in the Philippines, acting as if we were conspirators. She could hold moral logical arguments like American lawyer girls, probably even better. However, unlike western lawyer girls, she was very feminine. I didn’t detect any masculine energy or even her need to win arguments. It was always about me, never about her. I even teased her that law made her less sexy to me. She never retorted with anything mean.

It was probably the red horse that got me executing again. The red horse kicks inhibition out the window. I wanted a lawyer friend. I wanted to hang out with her as a friend. Wtf was going on with me.  

I wanted to stop.. or did I?

It was a rainy night, and because I am carless, she had me to drive me home. We parked in a street. It was raining hard. She had already told me she liked me from the moment she saw me.

She gave no resistance. I was also not having any resistance. I bust a nut in her mouth. This lawyer chick.

If she were in America, guys would clamor all over her. If she were Americanized she would have expected so many more things from me. Here she was, someone who was concerned with my well-being and my intentions were not good.

But God, it feels so good.

I’ve been doing some thinking. It seems that America had starved me. Now I’m in a different environment I need to scale my game down. I want a chill life here. In either case..

Play on player.

Morning girlie! J

//costofnotch = P500 ($13.50) my contrib to drinks lunch which was split

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