Sunday, September 8, 2013

Manila Malls -- A Primer Guide

Met up with a falcon to check out the local scene and used it to test some PUA and so I write about my findings here. We went to three different malls so I could show my friend the different economic strata of Philippine society.


The mall of Asia is home to mostly lower to middle class; however, there will be a sprinkling of other types of girls in the crowd. This is a huge mall so the sample sets would be huge. Since the girls are mostly “masa” then it follows that their approachability index is high. Since the sales ladies are also “masa” type then it makes little difference to game them here. There are some lookers here and young school girl types. I would definitely recommend this place to foreigners.

Approach Technique: direct as fuck. Do not give a fuck as there are other (million?) chicken heads in the area.

“Hi! Picture?????? NUMBER!!!”


Don’t be alarmed to see mongers among the crowd. Intercontinental Hotel (locally famous for monger heaven) is close-by. The crowd depends on what time you go. There are cute Sales girls but one should really stop focusing on these girls as it is bad game form. Go for real girls. The layout is narrow so a sea of faces should give one ample pickings.

Approach Technique: Mention something then close as you would any American dumb cunt states-sides.

“Hi! I saw you listing something down earlier – what are you listing --  are you a cop?”

There is an area for rich people shopping by the park plaza. Ignore the Chinese and Korean immigrants -- they are usually stuck-up (not apply if you are white) and are not as pretty. Approach  Filipinas with tact. Between 5-7 the office workers will be finishing their shift and replenishing the mall with foot traffic. They will mostly meet with other friends in cafes or bars. Since these are normal girls, best if you can get a job in the local area or just go to out on the clubs on the weekends.

Approach Technique: Like a boss Inquire about shopping for a sister/girlfriend/mother.
“I like your pants.. I want to get my sister pants like those.. ok.. do you think that is good idea.. that seems great.. do you have another suggestion?”

Alabang Town Center

ATC is a small Spanish style mall that is outside of Philippines premiere gated community. It is hardly known to foreigner PUA types but since I cannot stop the onslaught of foreigners to virgin ground then why not?

The foreigners here are usually white collared Americans, German engineers, and old Jesuit brothers… and the lost foreigner that people ignore. The thing about Alabang is that the girls will mostly have more money or have traveled more or are more educated yet they still retain their traditional Filipino cultural values unlike their Makati counterparts.  

There is heavy Spanish ancestry here mixed with the Chinese. The only real way to test for true “Alabang girl” quality is the accent. Alabang girls will talk Tagalog with an accent and it translates to their English which is usually flawless.

Approach Technique. Wait.. what approach? There really is none here. Everything is made by connection. Maybe a PUA can come here and start harassing the locals until they hit the wrong one. 

Technique: befriend the local MALES and don’t show that you are girl hungry (desperate much?). Have a contribution to Philippine society (they love accomplishments here like how black people like FChicken). For God’s sake don’t mention you are from New York thinking she will be impressed (local joke here). Dress simply (over the top is Makati so do not look rich instead look clean). I would not bother at all here unless I was staying long term.  

a personal tour was requested 4rm this young-buck

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