Sunday, September 1, 2013

Philippine Malls

With the US malls becoming more obsolete as American consumers buying online, the opposite is true in the Philippines: more people are going to the malls. There are now countless of behemoth super structures containing a plethora of shops packed with the most amount of Filipinos. The reasons why Filipinos flock in malls are simple. 

A lack of public parks
Rising consumerist mentality
Free AC

The AC part, I suspect have most to do with mall visits in the Philippines. As a facet of everyday Philippine life, a visit to the mall is a must. There are various malls located in Manila. They are all packed with people during weekends. You will see thousands of Filipinas streaming against you like a never ending black haired school of fish. 

There are countless opportunities to get to know a Filipina in the mall. I think asking for directions is a good way to get to know Filipinas in the mall. Filipinas are generally helpful so they will be receptive to strangers asking them benign questions; it is part of the culture to be nice. 

If one is going to Manila then here are some of the malls. Go here:

Glorrieta -- Located in Makati. This is an upscale mall. There are high number of  upscale shops. The clientele will be 30% upper middle class and 70% Masa class. One should target a browner type girl first to calibrate to their warmness. The only downside are there is a pepper of foreigners in this mall. The type with ugly helper looking girlfriends. 

If you are non-asian looking try this:

"Where is the food court?" "I want to try pansit" "Where can I go for pansit?"

SM Malls. -- SMs is a chain of super malls owned by one of the most influential Filipino-Chinese families. Notorious for turning over employees to avoid paying benefits, this mall caters mostly to the Masa class. I actually found some cute workers here. The type that would pass as a "6" in the USA. 

I suggest SM malls if one is going for quantity. There is the SM mall of Asia, where it is logistically perfect (outside is a fair), but further away from the city should be better. SM malls are not full of foreigners. 

Star Mall -- Star mall is the bottom mall. It has 99.99% masa class. The shops are outlets. The shoppers are usually blue collared workers. Approaching here is very very easy bc these girls really have nothing to lose. 

I suggest mall approach for guys under 35. Just take a taxi from wherever you are staying and ask them to bring you there. 

BTW, taxis start at P40. Meaning getting on is already P40 ($1) then the meter runs. 

The reason why malls is easy is because of 1.) The amount of Filipinas during weekend is stagerring and 2.) The culture promotes being helpful and kind. 

It is easy I promise. :)

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