Friday, September 20, 2013

Just a typical flirty chat

Met her in a small space in a public gathering in amidst the towering buildings of The Global City. She turned out to be of Japanese ancestry. We had been chatting and it had been mostly fun. 

her: I did not cheat. i have not taken the boards yet :P so i am just a dental student who graduated from dentistry. a peacock lays.... blue eggs.
me:I think yours looks cute. You have a nice smile, but you might be masungit in person. Hard to tell too early. 
her: well. i have not dated in a long time. masungit? is that how most girls here strike you?
me: how is dating like her in Manila? I need a guide... will you do extra if I get my teeth cleaned? :)
her: dating in manila... is nice if you are a guy with standards :)
me: Are you saying i don't have standards with you? That is a mean thing to say
her: nah.
her: i think i phrased it wrong.
her: the dating scene is nicer to guys because there are more single women here :)
her: hot ones too
her: it's just a durn pity my friends all went back to their respective motherlands after graduation.
me: why are there more single women? what happened to the guys???? oh noooooooo
her: i don't have a clue.
me: would you date me?
her: i think you will not have any problem finding dates. you seem like a happy lad.
me: where would you take me on a date?
her: i should ask you the same question   
me: candy store  

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