Sunday, October 20, 2013

7 Ways to Spot a Filipina Chicken-head

Read the following link first to understand what a chicken head is.

1.) A HS Graduate But Not Taking Part-time Classes.

Almost every girls I've met are taking part-time classes. They take these classes even after  a long shift from working the department store or where-ever. 

2.) Dresses Too Slutty.

This screams bar girl mentality. Remember, that Philippines is a conservative country so girls who post photos whoring it out is going against a strong social convention.

3.) English Skills is Severely Lacking.

While English fluency is not required. Girl must still be able to coherently form a sentence. Check her profile for coherence or observe how she replies via texts or messages. Best to do this by skype. English is taught by even the most ghetto schools as it is now a spring board to call centering careers.

4.) Not Current in News.

If you are more knowledgeable about Phil geography and current events than her, she is a chicken head. Ask her "what is the smallest unit of government in the Philippines" (ans: barangay (wiki)) and if she doesn't know... well it's like asking about electoral college system.

5.) Watches Filipino Soap-opera or Game Show TV obsessively

This is a sure thing. You are dating a masa person. The content of these shows is insulting to the intelligence. She probably thinks you will uplift her.  Prepare for the masa mentality!

6.) Uses Whitener on her Brown Skin

Well this one shows that she has an insecurity. I like tanned features, I also like light feature. I hate fake light features. The product works but it leaves the skin looking damaged. It's like when a plastic surgery is not quite right and you can tell it was done.

7.) Is Not Working.

The Philippines actually has a low unemployment rate and employment is not hard to find, especially in the NCR (wiki). A girl who goes to Manila from the provinces can easily move up ranks, as evidenced by HB7 who started of as a factory worker and now makes P40k/month ($1k) in her office job as an entry level.

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