Sunday, October 6, 2013

American men en masse are flocking to the Philippines as cultural refugees.

But why are they flocking to the Philippines? Surely there are better places for their first world sensibilities. 

Are they the next Koreans? Another large immigrant group? Although the country had strong ties to America, there had nothing been anything like American men en masse are flocking. 

The infrastructure is shit here in the Philippines. You might even get robbed. It is hot. Dry goods are expensive. It is truly third world. 

Yet, why are Americans dying to come here? Particularly, the American males. Notice that there few American females here. 

As I pondered this question amid newly erected skyscrapers while German telecom companies hook up optical fiber to support the burgeoning BPO industry. I stopped by a fish ball stand and purchase street food from a poor man. On earth would they move here? 

One needs to have lived in America to understand that it is a culture devoid of human connection. It is a great place for business and career -- no disputing that. However, through American eyes there is endless competition and striving for more and more and more, worshiping Ayn Rand's objectivist philosophy, it affects every facet of their lives including their soul. 

Feminism. There's one reason. The American female had been corrupted by materialism. They are no longer feminine. Without quality females, the men are starved. It is not normal. They start to develop a masculine complex. 

Materialism. You are bombarded by advertisement. They build your ego. Sooner you have the career-industry complex and an ego to support. Your value becomes skewed. Then there's the falling dollar, increasing taxes, volatile financial markets, and focus on mediocre goods. 

Government. Refer to snowden. 

Over in the Philippines, it seems that people are nicer, kinder, and more concerned about the well-being of their fellow men. It is surreal how people can be like this -- especially viewed from the American lens. I am still getting used to it. People are genuinely nice. I'm still looking for an angle, but sometimes there is none. It remains to be seen if modernization will destroy the niceness. 

Now the Philippines is far from perfect. This is third world and will continue to be third world. But why this country? English? Nah, too superficial. It could be the culture. They love the girls that's for sure. It is a culture that could be strong enough to absorb that which is all American and forgive it. Like the warmth of a p***y, able to absorb all the aggression. haha. 

edit//I'm overanalyzing this: the answer is p***y. 


  1. Yeah you spent all that time trying to explain why, the answer is easy...

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