Sunday, October 20, 2013

Does Your Lover Have a Third World Mentality?

I don’t want to be mean, but there exist an element of decreased mental faculty that is found in the third world masses. I am warning western guys about this occurrence, especially when shopping for companionship. Most western man’s only concept of ghettoness is probably from bitchy black ladies in check cashing place in urban city of an American inner city. This is a different beast altogether and must be accounted especially when seeking a wife or in game.

I describe this “lower IQ” as lacking of the spirit to exercise reason to solve problems. As I am getting into business ventures and other professional activities, I am observing that the masses which I define as subsistence to up to sales clerk (blue collar) are either unable to exercise the faculties of reasons to define and determine the correct course of action.

Chicken Or Egg?

The implications ofcourse is that you must exercise more of your logic to “share” to the masses as to uplift the situation.You a forced to micro-manage. I’ve observed how successful friends treat their workers. Training skills is what a man needs. You cannot be beta. Here, you must be a leader or have incredible patience.

The rich or middle class (25%) do not exhibit such symptoms. They can climb and get out of the depth life has thrown at them. You can distinguish the gap in mentality once you have spend some time here. The reason of the difference I suspect is lack of education and difference of “culture” – whereas the goyim masses do not value independent thinking or self-sufficiency.

This mentality is what I suspect is found in dating sites that permeate the web – especially those geared towards the western man and marketed as Asia love bonanzas. I just want to urge the guys here to be aware of this problem before you jump the gun to marriage. This may cause problems in the long run.  You are marrying into a poverty mentality set by centuries.

The only benefit that I can think of is that the Filipinas have transmuted the logic brain into a bigger heart. Trust me on that. The masses are nice people – and maybe they truly are the blessed ones. The more successful types (like yours truly with writing guides like this in inet) are more fcked in the head by our western orientation.

Lastly in PUA game, be aware that you are probably gaming a chicken head even if it is a pretty chicken head. The challenge of gaming chicken heads is very low. It is like a half-step over the non-pro. Personally, I would not count a chicken head as a notch. Shit don’t count b. I would suggest to use chicken heads to further your agenda economically while concentrating game to those residing in the top echelon of Philippine society.

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