Friday, October 4, 2013

The Aggressiveness of Western Game

"you American men have too much testosterone"

Did she mean more masculine?

The longer I stay in Manila the more I have to tune down my game. The reason is not that I am not getting good results (I am) but rather I have started to feel like I am seeking validation. I find myself asking: what is the reason that American men seem to be able to pull a large quantity of notches in the Philippines?

Is it game? Or is it a psychological complex?

Consider that minimal game is needed. What is it that fuels the accumulation of notches just for the sake of accumulating notches?

What had started as an activity of exploring sexuality had become an American man's complex. I remember reading roosh's Bang guide in the local library, with Benjamins Franklins stone head ominously watching me, and doing my cold approaches in the impersonal streets of the northeast. I had subjected myself to rejections to put myself in love situations. Then I got adept at it. Then I started to travel. Then I found my niche. I am at the climax of my game, through years of study (!) of the principles of love.

Was that even normal?

I'm looking at the Filipino men and it doesn't seem like they really care about notches. The colombian men were also similar. Maybe that's what she meant, that American men had more testosterone -- they care more about it.

It is not the game that is being practiced anymore but an expression of a deeper factor, a malaise. Something had morphed the western male ego and now it games.. and it manifests as aggressive game.

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