Sunday, October 27, 2013

When East Meets West

>Establishing telepathic link to girl at the kids table.. waiting.. waiting..
> connected!

I see you glancing at me. A young girl of only 19? You have been charged with keeping the kids, as we dine in this fine upscale Chinese restaurant. You are playing with the kids at the kids table – a fine mother you will become. I am entertaining my side, my cousins from Europe, half-mutts with the dad the Filipino. Grandma was right the circle does indeed complete itself.

Do you like Chinese food? Our families had dined here for years, on occasions such as this, much like our ancestors. You belong to a political clan now. I belong to the free-thinking clan. Both old families. I am from the 6th generation and you are already from the 7th generation. Steeped in the old ways you are, but you are still a child. Most people do not even get us, but we understand each other perfectly.  Is that why we intermarry? 
But alas. A union between you and I is an impossibility. You see first and foremost, I am an American and do not follow the old conventions established by the old order. I will only ravish you as I care not about social conventions. What I have is game and understanding of the female energy. And unfortunately, I have a western concept of love and tradition. Today, I must save my face as it is a requirement in the protocols as when our families meet. See? The old ways are not lost to me.

You are glancing at me again. Does your parent’s even know this about you? Let’s not get into this. We both know this is a bad idea. For one thing when these types of love are concerned, I call it matters of the familial heart. There is a part here where I am a representative. You are quite a looker, you already know that, many guys will die to be with you. Why me? Ah! For the same reason that our kin has married each other? The reason we are here eating. This is a dangerous game we play. This is not the American way.

Ok. Next time I look, I will wait for you to break the eye connection. You held it for 7 seconds. That’s 7 generations our influence should last. I like that about you. A woman who knows what she wants.  Your feminine instincts are highly developed, girl. But seriously, this is a bad idea. I do not want to get into these types of agreements. I am an independent man not a familial member to be absorbed. I will get far in life if I marry you, but I care not for it. I am individualistic and you will learn to hate it. I move alone and I risk it all alone. I am from the west  and you are from the east. Maybe, just maybe, the circle will complete itself. 

> session ended.

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