Friday, November 15, 2013

How Game is Helping Me Pay for Expenses Overseas

I’ve been spending time working on projects so that I could stay overseas for an extended time. I did recently receive a work-permit; however, I am not too keen in going back to the corporate world and giving my time and abilities (however little they  are) to enrich another. I am a generation Y millennial and am pretty jaded about  the corporate sector and the cost-benefit associated with it. I could go back and get a premium salary as an American but that I don’t really want to yet. So how do I make my money?

I teach English. How I happened to teach English involves a failed pick-up. I talked to a girl in a jeepney and she turned out to be a helpful character. She’s an English teacher who just got back from China as an ESL teacher. One day she messaged me if I wanted to teach English. I said yes. So I went to a house, a Korean house and taught some Korean kids some English. It’s fun. But it’s not great. It stems the flow of expenses somewhat. I get paid $10 an hour because I have an American accent and I have experience doing this when I worked in Guatemala working in a Spanish school for room and board. Korean girls are cute.

I sold flowers. One of the Filipinas I started hitting on hinted that I have not bought her flowers. It’s  true. I have not bought her flowers and she was starting to resent it. I thought about it and I decided to buy her and TEN more Filipinas that I’ve been seeing some flowers. So I went to the mall and my balls fell-off seeing the price of flowers. So I did research.  I went to the flowers market in QC and got really good prices. I got somewhat entrepreneurial and bought a whole lot of flowers, paid a fee in a barangay Christmas bazaar, a guy to stand there selling flowers from a bucket, a jeepney to transport it. All in all I cleared good coin for a whole weekends work.

I’m now getting into exploring if I could do more of selling goods. I actually bought a license for a food franchise and should be putting it all together for a soft launch sometime next year. I have to get lots of documents like clearances just to set-up that small kiosk. It’s good experience though, and I hope I can make some good cash flow doing that.

The online work has been largely time consuming and still has not paid off. I am still learning about this avenue but it is something that is more in tune with my goals and where I want to take my life (an iterant traveler). Since my life theme has been dating (success and failure)  I decided to start a site regarding this. This is partly why I left. This still been considered a taboo topic. Check out my site here. It was quite a technical challenge for someone who is relatively new with technology. However, it was something I wanted to do so I did it. I’ll be diving in to more e-commerce related ventures when I have enough information and organization. I wish I had started this sooner.

This is the best part of my expatriation journey. I am doing what I like which is starting and launching projects. My costs are so low so my opportunity costs are balanced. I have complete control over my time and the directions of where I want to go. I think of myself as going Sigma. Like how 50cent saved enough locked himself in the apartment to make music. Like a start-up guy who has bootstrapped himself to the kilt. It is fun and it is exhausting. I will do this lifestyle for a year, a dream chaser if you will. I will by the end of it all have done something worthwhile.

The chasing poon gets old and I will only dabble in gaming Filipinas once I really get horny (that is how strong my pull is here) as I am sure I can get good poon or a girlfriend if I wanted.  If I decide to go back to corpo work, I believe my social reach will explode and I will be fully integrated into society, but I don’t want to do that yet. I still want to enjoy this time starting projects that are worthwhile.

she helped me
franchise seminar = time to mack

my life is increasingly turning into this. in front of a computer working. sbux was a splurge.
Holloween as the "Sweetest Guy" - Handing out lollipops to girls! haha! Yes I did!!

Made her cry. :(
Flower Market in QC. If you need directions here (to score some with  ur Filipina for cheap!) msg me

Flower vendor lady

Expats shopping
Distraction -- A Third World Problem


  1. Hope you can make some money there. Your blog is interesting. I'm planning to apply for a peace corps assignment over in the Philippines in a year or two for the same reason you went to the Philippines. Chinese men don't do well dating in rural southeast United States.

  2. Thank you very much. Asian American will do extremely well here for reasons that I will divulge in time. It is a worthwhile destination. I hope I can make cash too! :)

  3. I am planning trip over in April. I have been doing online marketing for 3 years, I will be happy offer some free advice over a beer when I get there. Thanks for the advice on the SOGO motel... I never found out about that place when I visited in 2009.

  4. Also there is some good info here about mongering is that your sort of thing

  5. I am not a monger but mongering is a fact of life here in Manila. It is "tolerated" not "accepted" like in Thailand. Maybe I will write about the faux pas that mongers do in Manila.

    I will be publishing my own dating guide to Manila. It is geared towards acquiring non-pros and screening out the pros. Basically how to get quality Filipinas.



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