Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Leave the USA and Live the Life You Want (My Story)

Leaving the USA is a difficult undertaking. Many men have tried to leave the USA but only a few succeed. Why? I believe expatriation is akin to losing-weight and building muscle. It is a product of years of work.  My story started after my repeated burns in US society. I took upon myself to work on my expatriation. It took me a total of 7 years to get to leaving. The road was ambiguous but along the way I had learned Spanish, developed a bank roll, made good friends, collected and compiled information, and I actually left.

I could have done it in less time than that. However, the idea was not formed yet. After college I still didn’t know enough of the world; I didn’t not know what soul crush the professional world. I did not know about feminism and racism and the effects of this in my well-being.  I was inexperienced about the world and had to go through the process of being pwned by the real world before exploring the options. Looking back, I’m thankful for all that as it have me a deeply rooted idea of why I left.

Yet, what is it that set the successful escapist from the rest? In my humble opinion, it is the willingness of the individual to exist outside of his comfort zone. I got so much flak from family for going back to the motherland. The idea of extended travel is nothing but existing outside your comfort zone. It is living outside of your bubble.

As an example, I am still reminded of my former life. 

I am still reminded every time I check my email and see recruiters eager to hire me for another white collar job sucking me back to my cozy northeastern existence.

I am reminded of the waste of time I put into my professional specialty just to see it unable to fruit. I die a little when I think about it.

I am reminded by my current lack of social capital. All those friendships I left that will not blossom anymore and the idea that I am a perpetual new-comer.

There are plenty more that remind me of how uncomfortable my path outside the USA.

Yet, it has taught me the power of ideas. Going abroad all starts in the mind. This idea needs to be organically grown in the mind. It could be any guy heading to Brazil, China, Africa, Russia and any other place that they want to go. It all starts with the mind.

When my friend left for Brazil I knew his idea had formed.  My idea would take another two years to fruit. He was the catalyst to the idea of me leaving. Why were my friend and I able to leave the USA?
We both had the same idea. The same idea, at different times, given to different men. We had the mindset that the taboo leaving is actually doable. He studied Portuguese, I saved my cash, did many readings, and started short traveling.

What we had was the idea of being happy abroad. It was not popular. It was an uncomfortable idea and it made me miserable at times knowing that I’d rather be out there.  Thus the lesson is that when you have an idea, you run with it, sleep with it, fly with it, and live with it.. no matter how uncomfortable it becomes.

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