Monday, November 25, 2013

3WH goes to a KTV bar

My date night didn’t pan out right so I was stuck in the innards of Manila until sunrise to wait for the jeepney ride back home. So I entered a KTV bar. This was a local KTV bar unlike the ones in Makati filled with foreigners. Upon entering I caused a commotion. It was my first time. J

I guess they have not seen anyone as good-looking as me enter their fine establishment. Actually, the establishment was dingy as fuck and had a depressed air to it.

I sat down. I was unsure how these things worked. A lady walked up to me. She said hi’s hello’s and then she brought me girl. This girl was not my taste. I signaled the lady to get the girl out of my side! I was annoyed bc I bought her a beer. So the lady then bought another girl to me. I still was not pleased! I told her to give me someone that is my level or I leave.

Finally an 18 year old girl was brought to sit next me. I wondered how I should proceed? Should I put my arms over? Grab her ass? Grab her tit? I didn’t really know. So I talked to her and did the cube game! Haha! I did the cube game on a bar girl! Needless to say, the bar girl was mesmerized. She gave me her number (against the rules) and I still don’t know what to do with that thing. Do I call her for sex? Am I going to date a bar girl? WTF do I do with this.

Another girl sat next to me. I blew her off. This thing continued for 3 more girls until their top earner sat next to me. She was wearing a red dress. I was told I could bring her to private room. I didn’t want to go that private room as the public room was dingy enough. All eyes were on us now. Good looking (compare to all the loserfucks drunkards in the bar) young guy meets top earner who has looks.

Felt awkward. I liked top-earner as she just talked and talked. Our conversation was merely an information dump about what the bar scene was all about. You would have thought it were two business partners talking. Haha! She told me how the guys who went there were all stupid losers. That I was stupid for going there! Haha! I wanted the experience and could probably start one if I wanted.

I felt I had to touch her ass so I grabbed her ass. But it got boring so I tried grabbing her pussy. Then realizing that many guys have gone through that, I backed out of it. The girl was actually good looking. Top-earner was a good looking bar girl with curves and I say this having dated model quality girls. She gave me a peck on the lips before leaving. I didn’t ask for it or wanted it. Top-Earner will always be there in my memory.

All in all I spent 500pesos on the deal. I don’t think I will ever come back. First of all 500 pesos gets me laid with a normal chick. It all felt depressing as shit. The whole atmosphere was just drunk loser guys and poor girls. I don’t want to give them hope, cuz I really won’t EVER EVER date a bar-girl, they could be a friend or a business partner but I cannot take these girl seriously.

After I got home, I showered a shit lot. 

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