Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Negging" is Ineffective on Non-American Girls

Neg -- A light insult wrapped in the package of a complement. (urbandictionary)
Why does the "neg" work so perfectly towards American women and fail so miserably else where?

I think this has to do with not just the ego of the females, but the ego of a nation. I think in America people are extremely careful of crafting and protecting their unique personalities and identity. The idea of the mercantile west is the idea that I am better than you.

Almost every facet of western world is predicated on this idea that we are better. This manifests as competition, and foster competitiveness in the citizens, which in turn leads to a cold sterile environment. This is why there are hierarchies in the west, a pecking order.

This "I" has a concern for only the survival of the self. Thus, it will sooner or later exploit anything that is exploitable in its environement.

American girls reflect this. They are blatantly hypergamous, but that is beside the point. The point is why negs work for American girls?

I think it is because of their American egos. The idea that they are better. PUAs exploit this ego and what these girls get is a dissonance. Filipinas and Latinas (same thing happened to me in Colombia) view the neg as a rude thing to do. It is pretty rude to neg somebody you just have met when you think about it. Negging is really just demolishing an ego by being an asshole. In places outside the USA, being an asshole is being an asshole and you will get flak for it.

So there you go. The neg.

"Works perfectly for American girls, fails for non-American girls." 

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  1. "A little bit of knowledge is dangerous." True negging is only applied to self-important girls who need to be taken down a notch. It is not a war-club -- it's a rapier, for popping her balloon.

    Your mention of 'ikawa na' in Filipina Dating Guide is an example of a neg-hit. The very fact that it's a Tagalog phrase shows that negging DOES work, if you know how to work it. Same goes for 'sungit'.



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