Thursday, December 26, 2013

Can Love Exist Between A Playboy and A Kindergarten Teacher?

It was a strange face that poked me in the jeep. She asked if she could sit next with me. Bitch, this was the front of the jeep (see jeep guide) and I am a resident of the village.

She was cute so I let her.  

I started talking to her. Building comfort. I am quite good with navigating the culture now. Expert level. She was a kindergarten teacher in an exclusive school for the rich kids. She was cute. You had to be cute for that.

I met up with her in the park. I did all the psychological test on her. All my “game” psychology tricks. Amazingly, she passed it all with flying colors. I was shocked. Never had anyone demolished my test as she did. I’m talking about samples of hundreds of girls across the globe. And only now did I get a consistency of answers.

27 years old.. cute as a button.. Kindergarten teacher in an exclusive school. Graduated magna cum-laude. Oh shitzz. This could be serious material.


She told me her story. She has a kid.


But in fairness, it was a really a sad story. Please give me time before passing judgment.
She had a kid in marriage. She is married but her husband passed away.


Dilemma. I had never experienced this before. I wasn’t sure. I'm still not sure. For one thing, I am already a player and this girl is a fragile creature.

Anyways.. I didn’t have an answer of what to do. So I kept in contact with her. She was hesitant.. like she knew the deal. I kept meeting up with her after her class and we would walk together to the van service.

I liked our time together and I felt getting more and more emotionally attached to her.



Bizarre story to say the least. So I pushed and got her to go on a movie date with me. Desolation of Smaug. If you’ve been reading this blog you know I love the Hobbit. The thrill of the battle between good and evil. The philosophy that lies in the nature of good and evil.

She fell asleep mostly.

But not until I made my moves.. and locked a kiss.

Now.. if Bilbo was me? What would he have done? Would he have let the smaug creature, the greed inside men consume him?

Should he have let her go? Or ride it until the wheels fall off? All this game is suddenly becoming philosophical. What would you do?

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