Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Understand Manila's Political Society with Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, and Elves

This is a non-PC article on the the inhabitants of Manila society. This is a who's who of the inhabitants of middle earth.. I mean Manila, Philippines.

The Goblins

The Goblins are the de-facto most numerous segment of the population. They represent 70% of the total Manila population. They live in slums and dilapidated squalor conditions. Life is harsh to them. One thing to note is that they breed exponentially. Baby factories located in slums keep the Goblins in squalor while their leadership exploits them. They also have limited education and limited opportunities for advancement. They are so poor and disorganized that life revolves around selling goods in street corners. Prostitution, alcoholism, and theft is a way of life. Dirty water is a luxury. Water is piped in community wells, sewage is almost none existent. Their life in the streets browns their skin to shade of the Navajo Indians. They wear tattered clothes or the men simply remove their tops. They spit, they shit, and they rob. Like the Navajo, the men resort to drinking, gambling, and the vices that keep the goblin horde “happy” but ultimately desperate. Their power is in their numbers and their affinity to chaos. Theirs is a sad story.

The Goblin King

The Goblin King is personified with one man. The Goblin king is actually a half-mutt that parades himself as the rest of the Goblin horde. He champions the vices that Goblins love: womanizing, alcoholism, and most astutely theft. The Goblin king sits on top of the great Goblin society and controls the electoral votes of his underlings. He wields power over the slums, through numbers, and through chaos. Manila is under his reign as its Mayor. Under the Goblin king are an army of other Goblin officers, but due to their cunning and intelligence they will be considered a separate class.. they are the Orcs.


The Orcish class is a class that used to be Elves. But through their need for survival and their thirst for power, they have allowed immorality to lead them astray to lord over their domains and territories. The Orcs are found in the political class of the dynastic families and empires that span provinces to provinces, barrios to barrios, police districts to police districts. Manila is their center. They are usually quite adept survivalist and organized into families and into fraternal brotherhoods. They are the old boys clubs of the Philippines. They will kill when crossed. The Orcs are seen as warring among themselves on National TV. Through slander, scandal, and threat, they keep the change of power dynamics at bay. The Orcs are clannish in nature and operates on a Hierarchical pyramid. There are several chieftain of the Orcish class – with each specializing in a necessary evil to keep Philippine machinations humming. The time of the Orcs is threatened by the return of the Dwarves.


ms. anti goblin culture - Bianca Gonzales

The Dwarves are the middle-class to upper-middle class Filipinos. They have introduced order into their lives. They are roughly 20% of the population scattered world-wide. They carry a different set of values than the Goblins and through it they rise in rank into comfort and stability. They have almost been wiped out with the ascent of the Orcs in the 80’s. Driven away under threat or pressured to leave for greener pasteur’s. But the winds of economy are giving rise to the new generation of Dwarves. The Dwarves holds the Filipino culture and society in positive light. The majority of the Dwarvish class live overseas where they monitor and hold intellectual arguments over the plight of their country. The new generation of Dwarves are learned in both the old and new ways. They are great at running businesses, new operations, and establishing new legitimate institutions. They challenge the existing order held by the Goblins-Orc . The age of Dwarves has not come, but slowly the Dwarves are gaining traction. The Dwarvish girls are pretty, refined, with a strong sense of honor, and strongly nationalistic.


The race of men are the foreigners. Beings from foreign places, usually developed nations, these men have a role to play in the development of Philippine society. The answer lies in their thoughts and in their hearts. Their natural understanding of “the ways of men” makes them especially valuable to the introduction of new materials, thoughts, and operations vital to the continued survival of the Philippines. They come from across the globe, an army of fresh arrivals seeking new life in the pearl of the east. The men are usually weary from battle and seek refuge in the Philippines. One thing to note. They are easily corrupted, for they seek power above all else. But hope lies in them.


The great kingdom of the Elves. They are few and almost forgotten. They belong neither to the Philippines nor to any other nations. They are beautiful and gifted. They are also ruthless and deadly. They are remnants of the oldest order. A class that holds the values of the ancients. The elves are full of wisdom, but they are old, and the world is changing. They hole themselves in beautiful hallways lined with gold and silver. They produce offspring’s that shine with light and order and beauty. Yet, the Elves are only concerned for their own continuation. They care nothing about the plight of others. The Elves are unheard, unseen, but where they cast their interests sway the definitive path of the Philippines. They will not return to glory for they have opted to leave instead of battle.

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