Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Young and Pretty Filipina. Why She Has Problems Dating And What You Can Learn From It

So explain to me why it’s hard for you to meet guys here again?”

I asked her. I could a feel tinge of sadness in her voice. This girl was in her late 20s and a pretty mestiza hybrid.

It’s really like that over here… what about you?

My head ponders that this chick would not last 1 month in America or UK before being fenced in by a man who would have thought he had won the dating lottery.

Oh.. well you know.. dating is not a really problem for me here” I quipped.

It’s true. Unlike her I don’t need strategies and tricks to land a quality partner.  She knows it. And she knows deep in her heart that the dating world for a female is skewed up over here. She has thought long and hard about landing a quality guy in Manila.

Well.. what about the US navy guy?

The US navy guy is this American who works at the local embassy. She had swallowed the pill and joined an online dating service, changed her location (to make her unsearchable), and started seeing this American guy who roughly makes php90k a month.

Well.. he doesn’t make enough” she exasperated!

What do you mean he doesn’t make enough? He makes roughly twice of the average Filipino!

I knew there was something there. I kept pressing.

Well.. it’s just that.. well there are the Havana girls

The Havana girls. That’s what they call them here. The Filipina version of the gringo hunters. If you read the ebook, you can learnwhere to meet them, how to spot them, and how to filter them. They are kryptonite to the upper/middle class girls.

There are Havana girls after him and I don’t want to go that low!!

Something sociological there. What is happening? The rise of the Havana girls is the current dating shift in the sexual market in the Philippines. Basically, these girls who are from modest means (masa strata) who are exclusively targeting foreigners. They dress slutty, act slutty, and are basically a quarter-millimeter step-up from prostitutes. But they definitely pass the boner test!

haha! I know what you mean girl” I said as I bit my lip to prevent telling her about my experience with them.

So what should I do?” she asked inquisitively almost desperately.

Should I go do masters in the USA to get a boyfriend?

This chick, obviously rich, with a cute chinese-mestiza face asking me for dating advise. I’ve met these types in the USA before. But what I saw was the end-result, and what I was witnessing now was how it got to that point. She wants to leave Manila because she can’t land a quality guy!

She continues, “well I already went to the college in London and these guys would message me endlessly! I had a date everyday all day!

Oh yes, I am sure you did” I calmly said.

It was making her miserable. Funny how our sexual dating market value is now the polar opposite. She schemes of landing a date very much how men in America do! What a mindf*vk.

However, I know for a fact the shift of her dating value in the USA will corrupt her. I’ve met countless of these rich Asian girls in American universities taking their masters (codeword for looking for a man). She would be corrupted and seduced by the throngs of the desperate western men. In one year Americanization would be spreading in her body.  

They think Asian girls are exotic!!” she said.

I know they are. In a different world she would have had me going nuclear on scheming how to date someone like her; she would probably deny me then. However, in this world the balance of power is tilted in favor of the men.

Well.. I don’t know.. I think there are options” I said with an assuring voice.

What options am I talking about? All the good men in her strata are taken. Leaving the undesired local men and the local Alpha bad boys who are dating numerous girls in a perpetual rotation. What options does she have really?

Bluntly I said, “well I think you should date down

What I really meant to say is that maybe she could continue to date down a strata (what is a strata? why is it important? Find out in the ebook).

I don’t really care if he has money just as long as he’s real!

My mind instantly flashes the Eminem’s Superman song.

uhhh yeah girl run that game Uhhh rotten pieces uhh that’s great.

She’s in a tight spot.  She knows it. The dating market world in the middle-upper strata are locked tight. She’s tried everything – she has even approached local guys in clubs.

Well that Navy guy is not rich according to you!” I retorted

But the Havana girls.. I don’t want to go that low! I can’t compete!

Wow. She said she can’t compete. Actual words. So sad. But sadder that it’s true. Her strata had locked her in. She faces a dilemma. If she dates the Navy guy she risks social suicide. One post in facebook with him and then he dejects to these Havana girls and people find out he dates Havana girls, people would associate her with a Havana girl. She would immediately be completely locked out from the upper strata dating. Tough spot to be in.

Thankfully, she has a dating expert in me. I already told her she was lucky to have met me. Maybe unlucky because she wishes to be with me but can never have me. I digress. She’s lucky I have traveled and studied the arts of seduction. I gave her one piece of advise that is prescribed to the girls trapped in her dating quagmire.

you should run a marathon

It’s true. It would probably change the trajectory of her romantic life. Something so obvious but it isn’t. But one arrives of these solutions only when one has completed many dating missions in different countries and has developed the “read” an eye for the dating scene.

if you get into the health scene you would meet quality men

I didn’t want to explain it. I felt I should charge. But I wanted to save her parent's money.

Upperstrata men, and foreigners, enjoy a huge sexual market value in Manila. The end result is basically they are able to date a SHIT LOAD of girls. In cases where you can date a shit load of girls, you learn to discriminate. Along with no divorce laws, locals learn to assess quickly for quality. Sexy looking bar sluts are nice to look at but they don’t make for serious material. You start to emphasize values and “realness” of girls.

One of the most effective ways of discriminating and filtering for quality is the health circuit. There are many reasons asides from ensuring females have healthy physiques and are health focused. Local men have many of these filtering strategies, a survival strategy meant to filter for quality girls. Expats are already learning to implement them. I wrote about another simple but powerful filtering strategy for foreigners in theebook.

I added “you meet them Sunday morning, not Saturday night

Why the hell did I help this girl? She should have just figured it out herself. But my time was short and I had more to do. I already have a date with another girl who is waiting to show me her massage skills. In a way I feel bad for these girls.. well.. not really.

well.. listen..  I have to go. So Saturday you bring me out right?” I said to signal that our time is up.

yeah.. I’ll pick you up at seven


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