Friday, February 28, 2014

Third World Dating Totem Pole


The Europeans enjoy the highest SMV. They are seen as classy and sophisticated. They are quite selective in their dating and romantic life. They are image conscious. They are quick to adopt local cultures and follow with tact thus a lot of intermingling occurs at the upper levels. Swedish and Germans have local presence and run respectable businesses; they are seen as catches. I think culturally the upper-strata and Europeans have a lot in common. If you meet enough expats you will meet European men with European girls which is an abnormality in Americans. They are fit and healthy and know how to run the social scene like champions.


American men used to enjoy the highest SMV leading all the way to the end of 90s. Now the bright star is dimming. American men are still desired but there are sociological forces that are pushing for the medellinification ©  of the third world. The American men image equity is now on a downward trend.

While European men get magnetized towards the top of society most American men cling to the bottom looking for their gems. American men could get a quality girl if they knew what quality means. Instead they focus on quantity (with dubious quality) and without consideration on the image equity of their brothers are affected.

There is also a problem with mongering. Mongering is hugely associated with fat balding American men and has a confirmed blowback in the dating world. American men are seen as retirees and mongers.

Fortunately the younger American cats are a breathe of fresh air! They are known to be fun playboys and are still highly desired! Youth negates a lot of the stereotype for an American. I suggest to come here when you are still young to get all the leverage possible. 

For older men, your play will be to distance yourself from the mongering crowd, be sure to establish this first and protect your image by not committing faux pas.  


One could easily make a case that Australian men have a higher a SMV than American men. Australians are known to run world class operations in BPOs, thus it is synonymous with professionalism and rational climbing. Australians are not as numerous as Americans which is surprising given that they are much closer. Australian men will typically go to the provinces, like Europeans, and engage in water sports or beach trips.

Asian Americans

Asian Americans are the wildcard. They are seen as brothers and also as foreigners. There is a huge mongering community of Japanese and Koreans, but the American side of the Asian-American makes them highly desired. They do not stand out, but that is their strength. They can go faster and penetrate social circles to increase their influence quickly. Building rapport is their advantage. There is an upward trend here as Asian Americans are investing in assets around the SEA area; they are cash loaded. 


The black man could belong to any group. I’m sorry brothers but the third world is not nice towards dark skin. There is no other way to put it. I was an Asian guy in states so trust me I can relate to this. You can still get pussy, no doubt about it but I wouldn't recommend this place for you. Go to Germany or some place else as there will be no leverage here for you. There is however increasing African population (Africa from Africa) who are mingling with the masa. I see them hooking up. 

Middle Eastern

The lowest of the low in third world dating are the middle eastern. Not to be confused with Indian men, Indian men will have a lot more SMV than a middle eastern. I’m talking about arabs. The typical female will envision herself as a sex slave sold to jabba the hut. There is a huge strereotype here against middle eastern men. They are also known to be hairy (which is negative manly trait here) and are sex weasels. The legendary mongering exploits of Arabs are fodder for local humor.

Manila Clubbing: Crazy 3rd World Hero And Cute Asian Girl

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Obliteration of The American Work Force

As I sit here typing this word document, in front of me is coffee, beside me is a glass pane, and outside lies a city designed for one purpose: the obliteration of the American work force. I know this may seem hard to the reader, so you might want to ignore it, but make no mistake, there is a massive labor transfer occurring from the first world into the third world.

To explain the scene to my American readers (or European) think of a football field. Now imagine 10 football fields. That is my current downtown location. In this area, there are 10 buildings under construction. The skyline is littered with these cranes that are being built to add capacity to the current business infrastructure. This is not the only city, there are other cities being built across the nation to feed on to this business. So what is the business? The business is EVERY SINGLE JOB that can be taken away from America.

You think that may be old news. OH BOY! YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET!!!

Each building is approximately 20 stories and would house thousands of workers when complete. They will be connected with specialized fiber optic lines that would traverse the pacific and ultimately back to the American shore. Think of it as a satellite office, another branch, but located across the sea and backed by an endless supply of cheap workers. Ok.. I said cheap. This is not true anymore.

Let me take you back to the café. In front of me is coffee, to my side the city, and behind me is an interview. You can barely escape these recruiting agents. The companies they are working for are getting desperate to acquire the labor. They have stationed recruiters to post on the street offering a free meal and coffee, a gift check redeemable at orientation, and a contract worth php20k ($1000) just to start. That $1,000 is a lot for a person living here. However, the employees are now starting to reject it. Even a higher than average income is not enough anymore. Why would it be when American companies will save a whole lot more from hiring the local guy than an American in American soil with no noticeable difference to operations? The American company will have more than a 50% cost saving. The employee knows this and bargains for more. I hear bargaining process (you can also learn how to bargain located in the free trailer of the ebook) table while drinking coffee.

What has happened to America? We could go on and on about economics behind the obliteration of the American workforce but I think it lies in an idea: the American workforce is simply not viable anymore. What does that mean? Well, America is really good at one thing. Innovation. In fact it gathers a lot of new businesses from the creation of these innovating enterprises. But there is a dark side of having an innovation based economy.

Technology replaces the need of humans.

America is not there yet where it could totally replace its workers. However, it is markedly taking this direction. All around you are the signs. An unemployed person is common in America while a recruiter bangs her head in a third world country bc the local employees are becoming choosier. Technology is what allowed this to happen. That fiber optic underneath the ocean is what is to blame for the continued future loss of American jobs. It’s not slowing down and it will actually accelerate. It’s bleeding jobs away through the fiber link at light speed. That accent reduction software that changes the accent of the employee to 90% reflect that of the American is one example that aids it.

I dare the reader to name me one job that cannot be outsourced in the future. Think of robots? We’re already in the drone stage. Location jobs such as: bus drivers? post delivery man? miners? After the market acclimatizes to new ways of doing things these jobs will be on the chopping block. Why the need for a teller on location when you can get a flat panel screen and a pretty girl running scripts? America is the first to adopt and implement these technological changes. The American government is powerless to stop it. Stop innovation? Yeah right. What America counts and values is the bottom line. The bottom line of big businesses to be exact. The bottom line is all America cares about.

I take a sip of my coffee. I realize I don’t even want to mention the exportation of skilled labor. Whereas an American would go to debt to acquire the specialized skills like nursing or engineering, over here the educational process is cheap and streamlined with a visa application locked in a lucrative contract waiting at the end. English and low costs cannot be found anywhere else. China already has manufacturing.  India is already refusing these BPOs because it is transitioning to the research based economy. How can an American compete under these conditions? Superior customer service? A friendly smile? “thank you for you patronage?” These are useless words. What America cares about is the bottom line. And the bottom line plugs directly here in one of those buildings being erected outside this window pane.

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