Saturday, March 22, 2014

For Asian-American guys

Poster in another forum asks,

What about Filipinas and Chinese/Taiwanese guys? I don't have money, status, nothing. I'm shy and it takes time for me to open up. If I go to the Philippines, will I score well with a good lady? Do they care that much about age differences? 

I like girls that are kind, sweet, and caring, but also someone that I can talk to and really have conversations. 

Should I switch to another country or keep Vietnam and China? 

For Asian-American guys 

Listen to me on this. I have the means to guide you correctly. I am partly Chinese whose ancestors moved when the British started going crazy. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find Filipinos without Chinese ancestry. That is a proven fact with science behind it. 

Here are the facts

- It will not matter much what Asian-American ethnicity you are (minus the revered Japanese), they will just lump sum you. 

- You are not white. But American. That counts. It puts you automagically to upper-strata and open up the girls in that strata. 

- What are you looking to get? A wife? A girlfriend? What is your station in life? I need more statistics. Who you are determines who you get. It isn't magical place where the universe rewards you with a quality female. 

The easiest way: go to whore-city Angeles and get a desperate Filipina. This is the easiest way but it will BITE you in the a**. You have been warned. 

- You can do online dating. And masturbate yourself to death talking to girls who are obviously talking to other men. Go on week long trips to the Philippines and bang as much as you can as possible. This leads to more despair, bro. 

- The path of most reward: you stay in Manila, find a supporting gig, and a quality chick will soon follow. 


I'd design you a program if you email me. Chinese-American and Filipino-Chinese are two different things you will find out. With the latter more Filipino than they are Chinese. 

I opened up a thread on my site for Asian-American men and offered to act as wing to those who come here as part of my karmic mission. Others who need advice get at me there too. I teach Korean kids and they are about to go on Summer break so I'll be putting energy to this venture. 

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