Friday, March 14, 2014

Jeep Files: Multiply Positivity

  • //the jeepney files is a collection of articles written and posted inside a jeep by a man who calls himself third world hero1

The real benefit of life is to be able to be in the service of another. As the last bit off accumulated American negativity bleeds away, I realize that the mission is not just freedom but to help as many people in this lifetime as possible. Maybe I am now in a different aspect of living abroad, I feel as a whole stepping into the positive.

 Life is too short to be living in the negative light. I don't exactly know if it was America that was making me negative or if it was just me. I think it was both feeding each other. I had to leave the toxicity. If reader doesn't know my story, I am a late 20s america who even with a safe secure life, felt unhappy and generally miserable in America.

 Looking back this misery had been a blessing as it allowed me to push myself to become a better version of myself. Thanks to american classism, racism, bigotry, and general evil I am a much better person.

Concretely, if i hadnt experinced all that shit i probably would not have been able to travel, speak Spanish, landed a virgin latina, had awesome friends ( sup skate!! ) around the world, developed a business, became excellent with women, got into body building, took risks. In all honesty I would have been typical ethnic American man always bitching, stuck in the enclave with a crew on the weekend. I really am pretty beta inside. We all are.

So here we are in a cross roads. How exactly do we spread posivity? Well the only thing I'm decent at is landing quality pussy and traveling to exotic lands. On that note I'm making my book free(email me if interested this is temporary). I hope to take make it easy for you, and get people away from destruction that is mongering which is prevalent here.

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