Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Third World Startup

/written in a jeep

The 3 immutable rules of 3rd world startup

1.) Though shall live like a local, not like an expat
2.) Though shall make income the mission, not slaying poon
3.) Though shall believe in yourself

The importance of planning your day

To increase the odds, you will be concerned with efficiency. You will plan the day in advance (50% work + 50 % travel/fun). You will have your targets prepared the night before. You will hit your targets before doing anything, even before price cruising or day approaches.

Price Cruising and Approaches

To relax and enjoy your life, you will go around your city exploring. What I like to do is check prices. I call this price cruising. This is when I do approaches.

For example today, I needed to replace a belt. So I cruised for a belt. It had been my mission to find a belt. I now have a belt is the best my money can get. I also have 2 new numbers, and have new areas that I have explored. In process of looking for a belt I stumbled to the biggest app hawker lol. I will be searching for apps to buy from him at 1/100th price.. Maybe a game.

What is the perfect business?

This is up to you. Its not called startup for nothing. You can either had figured this out beforehand or not (like me). You will be surprised what desperation can do to your creativity and focus. Not many people know but I had done the exact thing while in guatemala. I lucked out with being a school admin and created the registration system for students to pay before heading out to Guatemala, which I receive commission.

The perfect business, IMO, is something that can be done online. You should ideally allocate an entire year for the entire startup project. You should look at it as an opportunity not a vacation. You can think of it as an adventure because that's exactly what it is. An adventure wrapped in an adventure. I digress. One of the important aspect of your venture is your speed to execution. Which means you will pump out your idea into form as quickly as possible. If it works great, if not, then at least you didn't lose time. Ideas are your bullets and execution is the gun.

How about poon? 

The interest for poon will dry down and you will realize exactly how the first world had made you a sex starved maniac. When pussy is plentiful you don't think highly of it. But females are fun! I swear I know what you mean. Do your approaches as they are superior to online dating. I keep my dates to once a week. I now have a chick and she was on TV last night, I swear I am not making this up. Do not monger: it is bad juju for the soul and it will destroy you.

What exactly do you need?

You will need a lot less than you think. Learn to live like a local. Your first six months will screw your numbers as you acclimatize. My friend skate does it for less than 500 and I believe mine will be around that area. The longer I stay the more the monthly costs goes down.

You will need a laptop, (or android tablet) a phone, a place to stay. Most important is that you must believe in itself to make it worth. The jeep is almost here so I gtg...


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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. This post was full of tips and recomendations. A smartphone is for sure a good thing. I think most girls use apps such as Viber, Line, Whatsup, Wechat and Skype. The story of the belt was perfect. You had a little mission. Ended up with a belt and 2 new numbers. You belive in yourself and you are creative. Keep up the great work.

  2. Wechat was great in Thailand, but I can only think how awesome it would have been in China.

  3. Whatsup for Philippines. Some android ship with app. There's a huge under-class here that still use GSM for instant-messaging.

    If you can create a device, cheap enough for them they could use whatsapp and save money. They would still need internet.. so I suppose offer a per data/bit plan for them that runs on wimax that has a per message sent that is significantly priced lower than per-text.



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