Monday, September 30, 2013

Filipina on a Jeep

There was once a Filipina on a jeep
Pearly white skin she had
a sharp nose and c cups tits
the bag was gucci but the slippers were fendi
excuse me miss, how does it feel?
to be a pretty chick? with your pearly white skin
sharp nose and c cups tits?
How lovely it is that you are on a jeep!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Filipina Lawyer Chick

Morning Boyfie!J

I received the text in the morning. My mind races to the previous day’s events, scanning where in time did I become a boyfriend to yet another girl.

There in a restaurant, eating tuna sisig, I was sitting in front of a law student. This law student, who works for the office of the president, was squeezing calamansi on my sisig. As I sip on the red horse beer (which she said she liked men who drank red horse) I was admiring her 25 year old slim frame. At 5’7 she is a tall Filipina chick. Her tactful mini skirt/dress hinted at the long legs and a nice round ass. She wore a ribbon at the waist.

Damn. She was telling me about Divorce laws in the Philippines, acting as if we were conspirators. She could hold moral logical arguments like American lawyer girls, probably even better. However, unlike western lawyer girls, she was very feminine. I didn’t detect any masculine energy or even her need to win arguments. It was always about me, never about her. I even teased her that law made her less sexy to me. She never retorted with anything mean.

It was probably the red horse that got me executing again. The red horse kicks inhibition out the window. I wanted a lawyer friend. I wanted to hang out with her as a friend. Wtf was going on with me.  

I wanted to stop.. or did I?

It was a rainy night, and because I am carless, she had me to drive me home. We parked in a street. It was raining hard. She had already told me she liked me from the moment she saw me.

She gave no resistance. I was also not having any resistance. I bust a nut in her mouth. This lawyer chick.

If she were in America, guys would clamor all over her. If she were Americanized she would have expected so many more things from me. Here she was, someone who was concerned with my well-being and my intentions were not good.

But God, it feels so good.

I’ve been doing some thinking. It seems that America had starved me. Now I’m in a different environment I need to scale my game down. I want a chill life here. In either case..

Play on player.

Morning girlie! J

//costofnotch = P500 ($13.50) my contrib to drinks lunch which was split

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jeepney Test

The real down to earth test for the Pinay is the "jeepney" test.  If your girl is ok riding in a jeep, she is keeper material. This is especially true in Manila or big cities.

A good looking jeep riding girl is who I really want to meet. Not these uppity non-tagalog speaking daddys-girls who hangs out in seen-to-be-seen bars.

I want simple but beautiful pinay, not a corrupted one. I can pick her up in a car yes, but to get her to ride a jeep with me? Priceless.

This should be a test for a man here in the Philippines. If she is good she will ride, if she has elitist mentality, she will scoff at the idea. Fck her then.

as the hot manila air plays with hair of the young woman' silhouette

Saturday, September 21, 2013

An Insightful ONS (a Manila epilogue)

The atmosphere was jovial, yet I was still tense. Too much PUA programming and dealing with western women have left me passive-aggressive. She was in front of me sitting in a stool, hitting her knees with my knees, a sure-sign that she wanted me. It was raining, a monsoon outside was forming, hitting land as how she was touching my knees with hers. 

All the attraction signs was in order. Her breasts even looked larger. She had no ulterior motive. She was just a bubbly girl who had wanted a night out to show me her personality. She was not struggling financially. She admitted she didn’t find “Americans” attractive. I thought about it, then realized that she meant the Anglo-Saxons in the bar in which I took her. I was just another person here. 

In two hours I would be in her condominium and she would be telling me to hit it harder. A one night stand. These things were happening more frequently. I spent $20 or P800 for two pitchers of beer – I think one would have sufficed as I drank most of it towards the end. 

What had happened? And why did I wake up feeling remorse? This female was but a diversion for me. I enjoyed her company, but she would have been better of as a friend: I truly liked just hanging out. It seems that I went on auto-pilot, executing PUA principles without much thought. I had become a womanizer. 

Maybe it’s the beer in me that is making me feel blue. I hate consuming alcohol; I hate myself for it. There is even my girl issue, her hotness would not be pleased if she had found out how I spend my time. 

I guess living in a western country had made me drunk even before I got here. It feels like I was starved for femaleattention – no wait – make that feminine presence. Now I have it, now I’m normal. I’m realizing that girls are just a diversion. My friends do not even seek females that much compared to the nuclear amount of scheming their American counterparts do. My friends have their families, friendships, and careers to attend to. American men seem to have put women front and center: I am now realizing there is more to life. 

My phone, my game phone, is loaded with girls, and my mind ponders vasectomy. I do not want girls to be central in my life here in Manila. It shouldn’t be. They should just be a diversion, something that enriches me (and her) and not a conquest to be had one after the next.

Dedicated to these Girls I have met here there and everywhere.. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Just a typical flirty chat

Met her in a small space in a public gathering in amidst the towering buildings of The Global City. She turned out to be of Japanese ancestry. We had been chatting and it had been mostly fun. 

her: I did not cheat. i have not taken the boards yet :P so i am just a dental student who graduated from dentistry. a peacock lays.... blue eggs.
me:I think yours looks cute. You have a nice smile, but you might be masungit in person. Hard to tell too early. 
her: well. i have not dated in a long time. masungit? is that how most girls here strike you?
me: how is dating like her in Manila? I need a guide... will you do extra if I get my teeth cleaned? :)
her: dating in manila... is nice if you are a guy with standards :)
me: Are you saying i don't have standards with you? That is a mean thing to say
her: nah.
her: i think i phrased it wrong.
her: the dating scene is nicer to guys because there are more single women here :)
her: hot ones too
her: it's just a durn pity my friends all went back to their respective motherlands after graduation.
me: why are there more single women? what happened to the guys???? oh noooooooo
her: i don't have a clue.
me: would you date me?
her: i think you will not have any problem finding dates. you seem like a happy lad.
me: where would you take me on a date?
her: i should ask you the same question   
me: candy store  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Girl at the Station

The Sigma had been scouring the area for a place to put a business venture. There in a terminal he happened by chance to talk to a security guard when suddenly a girl also asked for directions.

“Sirrrr, where can I find the hospital?” She politely asked.

She was wearing her work uniform of slacks and top. She was cute girl and I would not mind getting to know her better.

“Ok. I will show you where it is” I told her.

“??????” Was her reaction but I led her anyways.

We talked. We were just two random strangers of two different worlds colliding and sharing our space and moment in time in between the stalls of the chaotic market of the universe that surrounded us.

She was 22 years old she works in SM as a sales lady in the men’s department and goes to school at night. She’s from the province of Nueva Ecija where she is the eldest of 5 (!!!).  She got bit by a cat at home so work sent her out to get rabies vaccinated. She was a glumly girl but I was fascinated. She had an awesome pearly complexion and a cute smile.

She seemed to not care that I could be a total creeper. She was nonchalant the whole time.

“let’s take the trike” I told her. “I don’t want to see you suffer” I followed with a gentle laugh.  

I took her to the hospital. Even if it was my first time there I was able to navigate the bureaucracy quickly. She had already sensed that I am quite different. I told her I was from the states but I got the impression that she could care less. Wow… this girl is something else! I felt in-love for a bit there.

“Ma’m” I politely inquired to the admin nurse “could you help my wife?”

Even calling her my wife didn’t budge her. She was solid, but attraction was building I could tell. There was something here that isn’t right.

After she got the price of the vaccination she decided she didn’t want to get it. I was seriously thinking about paying the damn vaccine to give this girl a break from life, but I knew, this was not my struggle.

“What is it? -- Why don’t you like me?”
“I have a boyfriend”

Ah! It makes sense now. Damn, she was so cute when she said that. I waited for her to get vaccine next hospital then kissed her in the cheek and wished her a good life. Later on, I stopped by station and talked to a girl I saw earlier – she was still shopping. I offered to bring her home. She said yes immediately. Yet, she was not who I wanted. I wanted that girl with a stolid face that got bit by a cat. My phone didnt even save the picture that I tried taking of her. Below is the other girl. Oh well..  Life moves forward. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

First Filipina Date: Jollibee

Jollibee, a fast food chain, is the symbol of the masses and a way to screen Filipinas. 

Since you are already a foreigner, bring her to Jollibee on the first date. 

Do not spend more than P150 ($3.75) on food on her on the first date. 

This is what standard Filipinos will pay for a date so you should not pay more especially if you had met her online. She will expect you to pay, you should pay. 


Her mission is to extract as much from the foreigner.
Your mission is to limit the amount she extracts until sex.

The fire of their loin translates to gold coins

Once she gives it up, the balance of power shifts to the guy. 

Be extremely frugal with your spending. Filipinas will be testing the foreigners purchasing capacity and they are experts at this. They might suggest expensive restaurants or hint at going to a trip. Deny immediately so she learns. She knows you are not poor (poor is Philippine poor) but failure to do so will result in a greedy Filipina that will empty your wallet. 

If you dont have time for this and just want to spend, just get a hooker/bar-girl 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Manila Malls -- A Primer Guide

Met up with a falcon to check out the local scene and used it to test some PUA and so I write about my findings here. We went to three different malls so I could show my friend the different economic strata of Philippine society.


The mall of Asia is home to mostly lower to middle class; however, there will be a sprinkling of other types of girls in the crowd. This is a huge mall so the sample sets would be huge. Since the girls are mostly “masa” then it follows that their approachability index is high. Since the sales ladies are also “masa” type then it makes little difference to game them here. There are some lookers here and young school girl types. I would definitely recommend this place to foreigners.

Approach Technique: direct as fuck. Do not give a fuck as there are other (million?) chicken heads in the area.

“Hi! Picture?????? NUMBER!!!”


Don’t be alarmed to see mongers among the crowd. Intercontinental Hotel (locally famous for monger heaven) is close-by. The crowd depends on what time you go. There are cute Sales girls but one should really stop focusing on these girls as it is bad game form. Go for real girls. The layout is narrow so a sea of faces should give one ample pickings.

Approach Technique: Mention something then close as you would any American dumb cunt states-sides.

“Hi! I saw you listing something down earlier – what are you listing --  are you a cop?”

There is an area for rich people shopping by the park plaza. Ignore the Chinese and Korean immigrants -- they are usually stuck-up (not apply if you are white) and are not as pretty. Approach  Filipinas with tact. Between 5-7 the office workers will be finishing their shift and replenishing the mall with foot traffic. They will mostly meet with other friends in cafes or bars. Since these are normal girls, best if you can get a job in the local area or just go to out on the clubs on the weekends.

Approach Technique: Like a boss Inquire about shopping for a sister/girlfriend/mother.
“I like your pants.. I want to get my sister pants like those.. ok.. do you think that is good idea.. that seems great.. do you have another suggestion?”

Alabang Town Center

ATC is a small Spanish style mall that is outside of Philippines premiere gated community. It is hardly known to foreigner PUA types but since I cannot stop the onslaught of foreigners to virgin ground then why not?

The foreigners here are usually white collared Americans, German engineers, and old Jesuit brothers… and the lost foreigner that people ignore. The thing about Alabang is that the girls will mostly have more money or have traveled more or are more educated yet they still retain their traditional Filipino cultural values unlike their Makati counterparts.  

There is heavy Spanish ancestry here mixed with the Chinese. The only real way to test for true “Alabang girl” quality is the accent. Alabang girls will talk Tagalog with an accent and it translates to their English which is usually flawless.

Approach Technique. Wait.. what approach? There really is none here. Everything is made by connection. Maybe a PUA can come here and start harassing the locals until they hit the wrong one. 

Technique: befriend the local MALES and don’t show that you are girl hungry (desperate much?). Have a contribution to Philippine society (they love accomplishments here like how black people like FChicken). For God’s sake don’t mention you are from New York thinking she will be impressed (local joke here). Dress simply (over the top is Makati so do not look rich instead look clean). I would not bother at all here unless I was staying long term.  

a personal tour was requested 4rm this young-buck

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Filipina Beauty: Bea

There are two types of people in Manila. Those who have money and those who do not. Typically there shouldn't be any difference between their looks – they all belong to the same Filipino stock after all.

Have you seen anything that you like?” My friend asked me.

We were at a market. If indeed it can be called a market. A more proper description is a place where the rich kids set up shop as to test their entrepreneurial ventures. Never mind the markup, this is mostly a community event.

Yeah bro, can I get the lechon?” I pointed to the crispy fire roasted bits of succulent pork flesh.

My friend, a scion, proudly gives me a plate of his new offering. The current scandal with almost $200 million dollars taken from the Philippine treasury as “pork” barrel somehow affects his family. In actuality, it affects everyone at one form or another in this place. However, I’m sure there would be no one prosecuted in this crowd. This is the survivor class. My friend had been surviving and survival is what everyone specializes here.

thanks bro” as I bit into the pork fat. It would probably be the last time I eat pork I thought to myself. Fuck this food I want to live -- I want to survive.

In the corner of my eye I spotted a girl. Same complexion as the workers who are working. Yet, the beauty was officially that of a Filipina beauty.

It would be hard describe someone like Bea. In one hand describing her is akin to the masses of people. Yet, there is something about her that makes her different. There is something about the way she moves, the way she talks, and an Tagalog accent that is uniquely upper class.

I thought to myself: so how does one discern the two types of Filipinos anyways? The poor and the rich? Are the rich beautiful because they have been selectively breeding? In Bea’s case, it would appear so.

Artista yan” (she’s an actress) my friend whispers in my ear.

I notice her greeting people. The delightful grace of a cultured Filipina. There are countless protocols in Filipino society, and the women navigate it with ease. There is a softness in them that is markedly different than American girls.

Curiously how was I able to determine that this girl is a rich girl? She was surrounded by the helper class yet my eye automagically transfixes to her as if she commanded it.

And here I was looking at this cute girl. I was certain as certain can be that she was among the cute ones. I cringed to think a foreigner would try to “game” someone like her. They would screw up so much. I cringe to think of Roosh and his ilk in this market trying to pick-up girls. It is a behavior that is not allowed. It is frowned upon. That shit is taboo. To talk to girls like this girl requires a different approach, a tactful and respectful approach.

Hi! So my friend told me you’re an actress?

She shot a glance at my friend.

Not true!!!!!”  she exclaims with a cute smile.

She also sings” my friend quips.

We laugh. She laughs. I see a dimple on the side of her cheek. Filipinas outside this little society is generally easy, but girls like this one would be hard. These types are long term investments. Girls like her are the prize.

Hey, Bea, meet my friend from the states” my friend barks.

I respectfully smile.

She smiles. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Philippine Malls

With the US malls becoming more obsolete as American consumers buying online, the opposite is true in the Philippines: more people are going to the malls. There are now countless of behemoth super structures containing a plethora of shops packed with the most amount of Filipinos. The reasons why Filipinos flock in malls are simple. 

A lack of public parks
Rising consumerist mentality
Free AC

The AC part, I suspect have most to do with mall visits in the Philippines. As a facet of everyday Philippine life, a visit to the mall is a must. There are various malls located in Manila. They are all packed with people during weekends. You will see thousands of Filipinas streaming against you like a never ending black haired school of fish. 

There are countless opportunities to get to know a Filipina in the mall. I think asking for directions is a good way to get to know Filipinas in the mall. Filipinas are generally helpful so they will be receptive to strangers asking them benign questions; it is part of the culture to be nice. 

If one is going to Manila then here are some of the malls. Go here:

Glorrieta -- Located in Makati. This is an upscale mall. There are high number of  upscale shops. The clientele will be 30% upper middle class and 70% Masa class. One should target a browner type girl first to calibrate to their warmness. The only downside are there is a pepper of foreigners in this mall. The type with ugly helper looking girlfriends. 

If you are non-asian looking try this:

"Where is the food court?" "I want to try pansit" "Where can I go for pansit?"

SM Malls. -- SMs is a chain of super malls owned by one of the most influential Filipino-Chinese families. Notorious for turning over employees to avoid paying benefits, this mall caters mostly to the Masa class. I actually found some cute workers here. The type that would pass as a "6" in the USA. 

I suggest SM malls if one is going for quantity. There is the SM mall of Asia, where it is logistically perfect (outside is a fair), but further away from the city should be better. SM malls are not full of foreigners. 

Star Mall -- Star mall is the bottom mall. It has 99.99% masa class. The shops are outlets. The shoppers are usually blue collared workers. Approaching here is very very easy bc these girls really have nothing to lose. 

I suggest mall approach for guys under 35. Just take a taxi from wherever you are staying and ask them to bring you there. 

BTW, taxis start at P40. Meaning getting on is already P40 ($1) then the meter runs. 

The reason why malls is easy is because of 1.) The amount of Filipinas during weekend is stagerring and 2.) The culture promotes being helpful and kind. 

It is easy I promise. :)


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