Monday, October 28, 2013

4 Quick Tips on Transitions Abroad

When you are in a transition period in a foreign land, you are in a state of incomplete information so you should follow some of these tips. 

A lot of men who are going abroad will only be staying there for a short time. What they see is only the surface of society not the underlying themes that play beneath it. When you are visitor, not an expatriate, what you are is clueless.  That is how most men from USA who move to Asia are: clueless. I too from my first weeks here was clueless.

If you had charged me Php100 peso for an orange? I would not have questioned you.

If you had taken me to a fancy restaurant to take my cash. I would have unknowingly paid for it.

If you had asked me what I do for a living within 5 minutes of meeting me. I would have not thought malice.

If you were being aggressive of being my girlfriend. I would have made you mine without consulting my dating market value.

There are lessons to be learned from moving overseas. There is a transition period where your information is incomplete and things are not what it seems. As time goes by you start to acclimatize to the local vibe, the local aura. You will be a man whose environment only plays part to his purpose.
So what are the lessons? 
  1. Keep your cash tight – as time moves, you will develop a natural inclination for the economics of the prices of goods that you require in your target coutnry. Internet expensive. Fish? Cheap. Fruits? Cheap. Restaurant with php700 per plate. Expensive. Taxi wants to do a contract. Do not let him. Bar charges too much for drinks. Locals prefer this over this. You should keep your cash tight and your spending to a minimum. After getting your bearings is when you should let the dollars flow.
  2. Ask questions – locals are helpful. They have perfect information of the market and an inkling into what consititutes a bargain. Ask them where they hang out. Ask them what they do on the weekends. What is important is that you ascertain the lifestyles of the locals. Ask them their opinions on certain things. They provide valuable information. 
  3. Do not over-game – I know American women are the suck but don’t  go crazy with gaming girls here. They have a metric of how long a foreigner has been overseas, and generally, the shorter staying expatriate is fresh meat. Start with going on some dates. See what dates revolve around. Maybe office hours ends late due traffic so dinner is not an idea. The clubs are open late. Maybe malls are there for a reason, maybe there are other day gaming venues. Who are these women? What is my value as a male in my new environment?
  4. Focus on your work – the anchor of man is his work. The environment only poses a challenge into whether it is suitable for you to do your work. You must always find time to focus on the things that will give you income and not just hedonistic pleasures of women. If you are still trying to launch something, spend your time with the launch instead of working on it when you have free time. Make your money making activities take the majority of your time.
The important thing to remember is that during a transition, or a quick stay, your information will be incomplete making you vulnerable. Reading information online helps and having your trip and your work already structured makes things easier.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

When East Meets West

>Establishing telepathic link to girl at the kids table.. waiting.. waiting..
> connected!

I see you glancing at me. A young girl of only 19? You have been charged with keeping the kids, as we dine in this fine upscale Chinese restaurant. You are playing with the kids at the kids table – a fine mother you will become. I am entertaining my side, my cousins from Europe, half-mutts with the dad the Filipino. Grandma was right the circle does indeed complete itself.

Do you like Chinese food? Our families had dined here for years, on occasions such as this, much like our ancestors. You belong to a political clan now. I belong to the free-thinking clan. Both old families. I am from the 6th generation and you are already from the 7th generation. Steeped in the old ways you are, but you are still a child. Most people do not even get us, but we understand each other perfectly.  Is that why we intermarry? 
But alas. A union between you and I is an impossibility. You see first and foremost, I am an American and do not follow the old conventions established by the old order. I will only ravish you as I care not about social conventions. What I have is game and understanding of the female energy. And unfortunately, I have a western concept of love and tradition. Today, I must save my face as it is a requirement in the protocols as when our families meet. See? The old ways are not lost to me.

You are glancing at me again. Does your parent’s even know this about you? Let’s not get into this. We both know this is a bad idea. For one thing when these types of love are concerned, I call it matters of the familial heart. There is a part here where I am a representative. You are quite a looker, you already know that, many guys will die to be with you. Why me? Ah! For the same reason that our kin has married each other? The reason we are here eating. This is a dangerous game we play. This is not the American way.

Ok. Next time I look, I will wait for you to break the eye connection. You held it for 7 seconds. That’s 7 generations our influence should last. I like that about you. A woman who knows what she wants.  Your feminine instincts are highly developed, girl. But seriously, this is a bad idea. I do not want to get into these types of agreements. I am an independent man not a familial member to be absorbed. I will get far in life if I marry you, but I care not for it. I am individualistic and you will learn to hate it. I move alone and I risk it all alone. I am from the west  and you are from the east. Maybe, just maybe, the circle will complete itself. 

> session ended.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anatomy of Leaving. Chapter 1: A Night in Phils

It starts with a night out in Phils. I don’t mean Philippines, I mean Philadelphia.

I was in Frankford terminal at 4AM. Amidst drunkards and drug addicts tweaking, there I was. Gotham city in real life. I just got to the bus station from a night of Salsa. My last ever Salsa night in the USA. It was disgusting to see the girls and the desperate men who had to learn the craft to sleep with them. There was a time I enjoyed the scene and had good many females, but that was a different time, a different place, and a different me.

Nevertheless, I was there, in one of the highest crime areas in the whole of USA. The reason I was staying there was because I had no place to live. I had moved out of my tiny Boston apartment and had sold every last possession that I had. Everything that I owned would need to fit in my luggage for my one way ticket to Manila. Everything was gone and I was just a ghost in a city of ghouls.

I was always the guy everyone felt safe to talk to. I also prided myself of navigating the world of streets, as I had been in an ethnic enclave in California. But at 4am in Philadelphia this would test my limit. I knew I was target and any sign of weakness would be quickly exploited. This is the way of the declining west.

A young black man sat beside me as I had the taken the best position in the area to survey my surroundings. Instinctively I knew he was an ally and I knew he knew we were on the same spectrum.

“got a light?”

I asked him. This had always been a tactic of me to keep a spare cigarette in my bag as to be used when the situation warrants.

“sure” here it is.

As if on cue, a white guy with tatooes all over his eyes with a baseball cap came up to us.

“got a cigarette?”

A fckin beggar. In the land of the plenty here this guy was asking a young black man for a cigarette.

“it’s a dollar a piece” the young black man said.

“naaaaah……. I’m cool”

“fucking crackhead got money for crack and aint go no money for my cigs” my cigarette vending
hustler friend whispered to me.

While watching each other’s back, we talked about his business, and I told about some of mine (I sold electronics on ebay when I was teen). We were both children of struggle this boy and I. Maybe his life is somewhat harder than mine because of his environment but I could tell he was nice inside

just a soldier lost in the struggle.

The bus arrived and we boarded. I could tell he was interested in what I have to say so he sat beside me.  A young white girl sat in front of us and started talking to us. She too, was a survivor. She sat beside us to get some protection. I smiled my non-threatening Asian smile. We were now a wolf-pack.

The black guy told me about his life. I already know the story. Young black man, very little opportunities, bad parenting, in a city of crime, got a girl knocked up, had to pay child support, and now slanging cigarettes in the bus station to make do while waiting for his army enlistment form.

“why don’t you leave the USA?” I said non-threateningly.

Suddenly his face lit up. He has not considered this before. He became full of hope of knowing another life lay wait for him in the corner.

“yeah” I told him, “my friend moved to Brazil”

The idea of him leaving the USA to a foreign land to meet foreign girls entered his cranium. It was an idea so simple but in effect so powerful.

“listen,” I started to tell him “others have done this from the same situations – why do you put up with this? “

I didn’t have the heart to tell him his statistics. I knew he faced a hard road in front of him. He is also indoctrinated by the mainstream, just like a long-term prisoner is afraid to enter the light of the world as a free man.

“but how will I make money?” he asked.

“well.. you can teach English for starters”

“well I don’t have money to pay for ticket”

“well.. then you can save up”

He ponders it. I continued,

“ionno.. hustler.. maybe you can even open a credit line, buy the electronics I was telling you about, then dump it in the ground once you’re there.. it’s called an arbitrage.. just like selling cigarettes”

His stop was coming up.

I continued, “ok so maybe think about it – I leave in approximately one week to do the exact thing I was telling you about. I’m done with this country. I aint taking this shit. I’m moving out”

He seemed deep in thought, as if he were actually considering it. He was an intelligent mind!

“then check this site and see for yourself. Give me your phone and I’ll write the URL”

I gave him the address.

He got down. Shortly, I also got down at my stop. Amidst Mcdonalds and Burger Kings with the cool summer air of the east-coast I started walking. This was the last time I passed here. Last time I got out and enjoyed the night life. That guy was my last American friend.

In a week’s time I would have left. I would have said good bye to the system and institutions that marked my life. It was like I was leaving plato’s cave. I’ve read all about overseas and exploits and a better life. It was a developed idea in my cranium and it had manifested. I was happy to have at least shared it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

7 Ways to Spot a Filipina Chicken-head

Read the following link first to understand what a chicken head is.

1.) A HS Graduate But Not Taking Part-time Classes.

Almost every girls I've met are taking part-time classes. They take these classes even after  a long shift from working the department store or where-ever. 

2.) Dresses Too Slutty.

This screams bar girl mentality. Remember, that Philippines is a conservative country so girls who post photos whoring it out is going against a strong social convention.

3.) English Skills is Severely Lacking.

While English fluency is not required. Girl must still be able to coherently form a sentence. Check her profile for coherence or observe how she replies via texts or messages. Best to do this by skype. English is taught by even the most ghetto schools as it is now a spring board to call centering careers.

4.) Not Current in News.

If you are more knowledgeable about Phil geography and current events than her, she is a chicken head. Ask her "what is the smallest unit of government in the Philippines" (ans: barangay (wiki)) and if she doesn't know... well it's like asking about electoral college system.

5.) Watches Filipino Soap-opera or Game Show TV obsessively

This is a sure thing. You are dating a masa person. The content of these shows is insulting to the intelligence. She probably thinks you will uplift her.  Prepare for the masa mentality!

6.) Uses Whitener on her Brown Skin

Well this one shows that she has an insecurity. I like tanned features, I also like light feature. I hate fake light features. The product works but it leaves the skin looking damaged. It's like when a plastic surgery is not quite right and you can tell it was done.

7.) Is Not Working.

The Philippines actually has a low unemployment rate and employment is not hard to find, especially in the NCR (wiki). A girl who goes to Manila from the provinces can easily move up ranks, as evidenced by HB7 who started of as a factory worker and now makes P40k/month ($1k) in her office job as an entry level.

Does Your Lover Have a Third World Mentality?

I don’t want to be mean, but there exist an element of decreased mental faculty that is found in the third world masses. I am warning western guys about this occurrence, especially when shopping for companionship. Most western man’s only concept of ghettoness is probably from bitchy black ladies in check cashing place in urban city of an American inner city. This is a different beast altogether and must be accounted especially when seeking a wife or in game.

I describe this “lower IQ” as lacking of the spirit to exercise reason to solve problems. As I am getting into business ventures and other professional activities, I am observing that the masses which I define as subsistence to up to sales clerk (blue collar) are either unable to exercise the faculties of reasons to define and determine the correct course of action.

Chicken Or Egg?

The implications ofcourse is that you must exercise more of your logic to “share” to the masses as to uplift the situation.You a forced to micro-manage. I’ve observed how successful friends treat their workers. Training skills is what a man needs. You cannot be beta. Here, you must be a leader or have incredible patience.

The rich or middle class (25%) do not exhibit such symptoms. They can climb and get out of the depth life has thrown at them. You can distinguish the gap in mentality once you have spend some time here. The reason of the difference I suspect is lack of education and difference of “culture” – whereas the goyim masses do not value independent thinking or self-sufficiency.

This mentality is what I suspect is found in dating sites that permeate the web – especially those geared towards the western man and marketed as Asia love bonanzas. I just want to urge the guys here to be aware of this problem before you jump the gun to marriage. This may cause problems in the long run.  You are marrying into a poverty mentality set by centuries.

The only benefit that I can think of is that the Filipinas have transmuted the logic brain into a bigger heart. Trust me on that. The masses are nice people – and maybe they truly are the blessed ones. The more successful types (like yours truly with writing guides like this in inet) are more fcked in the head by our western orientation.

Lastly in PUA game, be aware that you are probably gaming a chicken head even if it is a pretty chicken head. The challenge of gaming chicken heads is very low. It is like a half-step over the non-pro. Personally, I would not count a chicken head as a notch. Shit don’t count b. I would suggest to use chicken heads to further your agenda economically while concentrating game to those residing in the top echelon of Philippine society.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Resort World and Female Friends

If you must go for an upscale date, then I suggest watching a play at Resort World which is a casino type place. 

There is a club there called OPUS which I do not suggest you go to (inundated with foreigners) and people who want to be seen. Not my scene. 

I also ran I have two tickets game -- do you want to watch it with me? on the girls there and came off with a number. All this while I was waiting for someone in the bathroom.  I believe the whole complex is monitored closely so I would not recommend gaming here. lolz. 

Had free wine and appetizers! lots of ladies in lovely dresses. This is definitely a world away from mongering. lol
oh hello

opus is not that great, but I suspect lots of action here

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pretty Chick

So what are pretty chicks like?

Now observing the psychology of pretty chick. Pretty chick is pretty. She reminds of the actress that you see on TV. I would share photo of pretty chick but someone might end up knowing her as she is pretty chick. So i'll share our skype session.

She works in one of the most upscale residential places in the country. Rich folks get to look at her face before they head off to whatever they need to do.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013

goes to the collection

American men en masse are flocking to the Philippines as cultural refugees.

But why are they flocking to the Philippines? Surely there are better places for their first world sensibilities. 

Are they the next Koreans? Another large immigrant group? Although the country had strong ties to America, there had nothing been anything like American men en masse are flocking. 

The infrastructure is shit here in the Philippines. You might even get robbed. It is hot. Dry goods are expensive. It is truly third world. 

Yet, why are Americans dying to come here? Particularly, the American males. Notice that there few American females here. 

As I pondered this question amid newly erected skyscrapers while German telecom companies hook up optical fiber to support the burgeoning BPO industry. I stopped by a fish ball stand and purchase street food from a poor man. On earth would they move here? 

One needs to have lived in America to understand that it is a culture devoid of human connection. It is a great place for business and career -- no disputing that. However, through American eyes there is endless competition and striving for more and more and more, worshiping Ayn Rand's objectivist philosophy, it affects every facet of their lives including their soul. 

Feminism. There's one reason. The American female had been corrupted by materialism. They are no longer feminine. Without quality females, the men are starved. It is not normal. They start to develop a masculine complex. 

Materialism. You are bombarded by advertisement. They build your ego. Sooner you have the career-industry complex and an ego to support. Your value becomes skewed. Then there's the falling dollar, increasing taxes, volatile financial markets, and focus on mediocre goods. 

Government. Refer to snowden. 

Over in the Philippines, it seems that people are nicer, kinder, and more concerned about the well-being of their fellow men. It is surreal how people can be like this -- especially viewed from the American lens. I am still getting used to it. People are genuinely nice. I'm still looking for an angle, but sometimes there is none. It remains to be seen if modernization will destroy the niceness. 

Now the Philippines is far from perfect. This is third world and will continue to be third world. But why this country? English? Nah, too superficial. It could be the culture. They love the girls that's for sure. It is a culture that could be strong enough to absorb that which is all American and forgive it. Like the warmth of a p***y, able to absorb all the aggression. haha. 

edit//I'm overanalyzing this: the answer is p***y. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Aggressiveness of Western Game

"you American men have too much testosterone"

Did she mean more masculine?

The longer I stay in Manila the more I have to tune down my game. The reason is not that I am not getting good results (I am) but rather I have started to feel like I am seeking validation. I find myself asking: what is the reason that American men seem to be able to pull a large quantity of notches in the Philippines?

Is it game? Or is it a psychological complex?

Consider that minimal game is needed. What is it that fuels the accumulation of notches just for the sake of accumulating notches?

What had started as an activity of exploring sexuality had become an American man's complex. I remember reading roosh's Bang guide in the local library, with Benjamins Franklins stone head ominously watching me, and doing my cold approaches in the impersonal streets of the northeast. I had subjected myself to rejections to put myself in love situations. Then I got adept at it. Then I started to travel. Then I found my niche. I am at the climax of my game, through years of study (!) of the principles of love.

Was that even normal?

I'm looking at the Filipino men and it doesn't seem like they really care about notches. The colombian men were also similar. Maybe that's what she meant, that American men had more testosterone -- they care more about it.

It is not the game that is being practiced anymore but an expression of a deeper factor, a malaise. Something had morphed the western male ego and now it games.. and it manifests as aggressive game.


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