This guy likes to think he is a good looking mofo, in actuality, he is an average joe in the USA.

He stands at 5'11. 160lbs.

This guy is ethnic hailing from the streets of immigrantville of the Bay Area, California. This guy finished his studies in one of the universities there where he was locked up by his ex-gf. This guy graduated in the eve of the most fcked up recession known to the history of the USA. This guy tried traveling to central america to wait it out but found he had done quite beautifully by securing a job, learning a skill, and eventually landing a virgin latina mestiza among his many conquests of the European nation.

This guy, instead of heading back to the west, he went to the east coast, first settling in the tri-state then moved up to the Asian-Female/White-Male capital of the world: BOSTON. He likes to make bets how many AFWM couples he will pass on the way to the grocery (3AFWM per 10 minutes).  It was here that this guy dove right in to PUA. This guy started macking on girls like a deranged lunatic because the PUA guru's said so. It was then that this guy fell into Salsa and started refining his game.

This guy was not truly happy in the USA. He made good money but he died a little everyday. With Salsa, game theores, and his increasing exposure to white women, this guy realized that American women were not really all they were cracked up to be. Experiences would later tell this guy that he would not even consider marrying an American woman (whatever color), nor does he feel inclined into an LTR with American women. In fact, he noticed that most of his relationships were from international crowd. In the USA, he seemed to be a second-class citizen in the world of dating and the pickings were slim. If he isnt happy with the females here, then what does he have going for him here?

This guy bought a ticket to South America to Colombia and see how he would fare against the PUA from the forums. It was good. This guy then realized how these guys are going all the way to bumfck Colombia just to get good options. The Colombian men could see right through it! In fact, this guy envied the Colombian lifestyle and pitied the American/European men that had to go through all this. This guy realized that he also had a Colombia, a south America. He quit his job and now relocating to Asia.

What will this guy do in Asia? This guy will get into aquaponics or some shit like that. This guy in reality might work in a call center where he will lose all his dignity. One thing is for sure. He is getting HB8s in Asia.

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